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Dr. Michael Shermer
 Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. Phil Plait
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Last week on ABC's Nightline, british journalist Martin Bashir was set to moderate a debate between members of The Rational Response Squad and Christian ministers Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Comfort and Cameron claimed that they could prove scientifically, without invoking the Bible or faith, that their god exists. Disappointingly the program that aired (after much editing) ran more like The Debate that Wasn't. Instead of letting the nonsense get to us, we called upon voices of reason and great debaters Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. Phil Plait to cheer us up, and help make sense of it all.
Show Notes

Date – May 15th, 2007 – read by Swoopy

The World is Too Much With Us.
ABC had a debate on Nightline that could have gone better.
Dr. Michael Shermer, please make sense of this for me?
We’re baffled.
No surprises in the point/counterpoint.
Rational Response Squad did the best they could, with what they were given. 
Crocoduck!? (note – interrobang)
There are theologians who present better arguments than Comfort and Cameron.
Comfort and Cameron preach The Way of the Master.
Dr. Shermer frequently does the “God debate” all over the country.
Your message gets out, just by showing up.
What are you gonna do?
Mitt Romney thinks he is discriminated against because he’s a Mormon.
It’s still designed – just not Intelligently Designed from the top down.
Why design cancer?
Debate format helps ensure that both sides get equal treatment.
If you think for yourself, we can have a discussion.
Promo – Skeptic Magazine.
Dr. Phil Plait was our first guest on Skepticality.
The Bad Astronomer is EVERYWHERE these days.
We’ve learned to share Phil.
Phil was a highlight of The Amazing Meeting 5.
Phil debated Joe Rogan about the moon landing hoax on Penn Gillette’s radio show.
You can be spanked in a debate if you don’t know BOTH sides of the argument.
“Kirk Cameron is a bone head.”
The need for the easiest answer often muddles the question.
Ice Cream helps. Root beer helps. Root beer ice cream, even better.
Stand your ground against the Tsunami of nonsense.
Act locally, think Universally.
Hal Bidlack mentioned to us he may well run for public office in Colorado.
Hal and Phil will be on the Amazing Adventure cruise to Alaska this fall.
Phil doesn’t want to play Thomas Jefferson.
Phil hopes to see the Aurora Borealis while in Alaska.
The movement of the Earth’s poles is accelerating.
Phil quits his day job to write his second book.
The book may well lead to podcasts and television shows.
Phil has five months to write his next book about Death From the Skies.
The Bad Astronomer is moving to Boulder Colorado. 
Fraser Cain knows his web 2.0
Phil’s video series on YouTube and iTunes was very popular.
If all those changes weren’t enough, Phil became a Mac user.
Phil is an excellent whore.
Lynne Kelly loves Phil, and will be visiting Colorado this year.
Phil loves Julia Sweeney, but Julia says it must remain chaste.
2006GY may be the brightest SuperNova ever.
Eta Carinae is a mere 7,500 light-years from Earth and could blow – any time. 
Gamma Ray bursts may have contributed to extinctions and ice ages. 
Swoopy says Phil will one day end up on The Daily Show.
HE1523-0901 may well be 13.2-billion-years-old. 
The earth is SO NOT 6000 years old. 
The fact that we are able to determine the age of our universe at all, is amazing.
The successor to the Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope is really pretty.
Sadly, James Doohan has gone where no man has gone before – yet.
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network shoutout.

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