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Dan Loxton
 Guests: Pat Linse and Daniel Loxton
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This week on Skepticality, Swoopy talks with a true skeptical original: Skeptics Society co-founder Pat Linse, co-publisher and Art Director of Skeptic magazine. She is among skepticism's most influential pioneers — and yet, she has rarely stepped into the public spotlight. Among Pat's many groundbreaking innovations was the creation of Junior Skeptic (the 10-page kids' critical thinking insert bound within Skeptic magazine). Joining Pat in this interview is current Junior Skeptic editor and illustrator Daniel Loxton, here to talk about their latest creation: a full-color children's book released this week by Kids Can Press, entitled "Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be".
Show Notes

Date – January 26th, 2010 read by Derek.

– Pat Linse is the Art Director for Skeptic Magazine and the Skeptics Society.
– Works with Dr. Shermer to create the impressive work you see in Skeptic Magazine.
– Skeptics Society does all sorts of mini-events in California.
– Pat started the Jr. Skeptic content inside of Skeptic Magazine.
– You have to be truthful, yet light and friendly to get through to kids.
– Pat's favorite past Jr. Skeptic was all about Atlantis.
– Pat and Daniel now have a contract to do kids books based on their content.
– Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came To Be.
– After some small drama, the book will finally be released by Canadian publiser 'Kids Can Press'.

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