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This episode Derek has a conversation with Tini Howard, writer of graphic novels and former comics contributor for Paste Magazine and Teen Vogue. Just a couple weeks ago Tini released her newest comic book series 'The Skeptics'. The series is a political adventure about a pair of hip, clever, teens who fool the world into believing they have superpowers. Loosely based on the real events surrounding 'Project Alpha' and other skeptical investigation tales.
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– Date – November 15th, 2016
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– More about Susan Gerbic.

Interview: Tini Howard [xx:xx]
Tini Howard’s Website.
– Writes for Paste and Teen Vogue.
– Started out in comics as a winner of the 2013 Top Cow Talent Hunt.
– And Wrote ‘The Skeptics’ Comic/Graphic Novel Series.
– Saw in one of your video interviews you mentioned that you used an artists from India. Funny that the look is very ‘retro’.
– She got her story idea from things like James Randi’s Project Alpha.
– Working on Barbie: Starlight.
Find your local comic book store and ask for ‘The Skeptics’! (They should be able to help you.)
– You can also find Tini on Facebook, Twitter, her website.

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