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David Acer is a Canadian scientist, stand-up comedian and close-up magician.

As a magician he has performed at The Magic Castle and FISM. He has also authored numerous well respected books on magic. Since 2002, he has had a regular column in Genii magazine. David wrote 5 episodes of the 2005 series, “Popular Mechanics for Kids“.

In 2007, Acer was invited to lecture at Fechter’s Finger-Flicking Frolic, a close-up magic convention held in upstate New York (USA) and limited to fewer than 150 hand-picked attendees.

As a comedian and actor, he has had roles on the television program Mystery Hunters and in the film Levity as well as performed numerous times at Montreal‘s Just for Laughsfestival. He has also been on YTV’s popular show Prank Patrol helping out one of the young pranksters by showing her how to do some easy magic tricks.

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