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Why does Australia give the world so many great skeptics? This week on Skepticality, Derek has a great time chatting with author, educator and noted Australian skeptic Lynne Kelly to find out the answer. It's been over a year since Derek and Lynne last spoke, and they catch up on topics ranging from current science, Australia's drought, critical thinking in the classroom and her latest book "Crocodile: Evolution's Greatest Survivor.
Show Notes

Date – May 1st, 2007 – read by Swoopy

We're excited to have Lynne Kelly on our show again.
Derek's last interview with Lynne can be found here.
It seemed appropriate to have Derek conduct this interview on his own.
Lynne Kelly has an impressive CV.
The interest in science is on the rise in Australia these days.
Unfortunately that interested is mostly provoked by global climate changes there. 
What is it that makes so many great Aussie skeptics?
Lynne's book  was published in 2004.
Australians do a good job of separation of church and state even in religious schools.
Intelligent Design never took off down under.
Alternative medicine and dodgy psychics are also hot button issues in Australia.
Lynne created Tauromancy as a demonstration of cold reading.
The Mythbusters are huge in Australia.
Lynne's newest book is 
Crocodile: Evolution's Greatest Survivor.
Kerry Geddes and Steve Salisbury unearthed the Isisford crocodilian over 8 years.
Their discovery changed the understanding of the evolution of crocodilians.
Thomas Henry Huxley realized his belief in evolution due to study of the crocodile.
Lynne Kelly spends a great deal of her time photographing and observing spiders.
"Who needs psuedoscience? No psychic can put on a show like that."
Crocodile: Evolution's Greatest Survivor contains many stories and myths.
Swoopy doesn't think they needed to remake Charlotte's Web, but the spider CG was pretty cool.
The chinese alligators were likely the inspiration for the chinese dragon legend.
Lynne did plenty of hands on research on crocs including touching and tasting. 
We're not found of eating croc or gator, but farming them may be good conservation.
Local to Atlanta, Dante's has alligator's in the restaurant.
Incubation temperature of crocodile eggs determines their gender.
Crocodile hearts can operate as mamalian or reptilian depending on their needs.
Similar to dinosaurs, crocodiles are closer to their bird decendents.
Super croc.
The Australian drought has been going on for 10 years and drying up river systems.
As of next year, there will be no water for agriculture in Australia.
Lynne used the study of arachnids to cure her phobia of spiders.
Lynne's next book will be about spiders.
We're looking forward Lynne's trip to the United States in October of this year.
Spider phobias are often irrational paranoias rather than logical concern for safety.
Lynne has some serious spider love going on.
Lynne broke the news that Phil Plait is moving to Colorado.
You can catch up with Lynne at her website. 
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