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This week Derek decides to get a bit nostalgic and brings you a classic interview from the Skepticality archives. Back in 2005, our first year of the show, Swoopy and Derek had well known author, Tom Flynn, on the show for an interview about his book, 'The Trouble With Christmas'. Since it is the holiday time of year again, find out why so many people seem to find Christmas so troublesome as you unwrap your gifts this year.
Show Notes

– Date – December 23rd, 2014
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Skepticism, Past and Future [1:25]
– The full list of 2014 obituaries is available at the Insight blog. Here are the ones discussed in this podcast:
Victor J. Stenger (Jan 29, 1935—Aug 27, 2014) Physicist and atheist author, the “Fifth Horseman”. Author of "God: The Failed Hypothesis” and other books.
Edwin Kagin (Nov 26, 1940—Mar 27, 2014) American Atheists national legal director, co-founder of Camp Quest.
Jean Dommanget (1924—Oct 1, 2014) Astronomer, long-time head of Comité Para in Belgium.
Jack Friedman (Oct 26, 1925—Jul 31, 2014) Past president of NCSE Board of Directors, helped found the organization.
Charles M. Fair (Sep 18, 1916—Jul 28, 2014) Early CSICOP fellow, author of "The New Nonsense”.
Warwick Don (1933—Nov 11, 2014) Past chairman of the New Zealand Skeptics, author of "Ants of New Zealand”.
Fred Phelps (Nov 13, 1929—Mar 19, 2014) Founder of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.
Masaru Emoto (Jul 22, 1943—Oct 17, 2014) "Water doctor" featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know?”.
Joan Quigley (Apr 10, 1927—Oct 21, 2014) Astrologer to Nancy Reagan.
Claus Fritzsche (1964—Jan 14, 2014) Promoted alternative medicine on German CAM company payroll.
Eric Broze (Nov 9, 1970—Feb 22, 2014) United Church of Bacon, Coming Out Godless project.
Diane "Kit" Moser (Feb 13, 1944—Apr 14, 2014) Science author & educator; co-founder of Sacramento Org. for Rational Thinking (SORT).
Rob Nanninga (Aug 6, 1955—May 30, 2014) Editor of Skepter, webmaster for Stichting Skepsis (Netherlands), author of "Parariteiten. Een kritische blik op het paranormale." (1988).
Frederick Green (Mar 29, 1963—Oct 22, 2014) US Air Force, Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, Guerrilla Skeptics, Camp Quest Chesapeake, Independent Investigations Group.
Mick Sievers (Aug 3, 1970—Oct 23, 2014) Australian skeptic.
Steve Walker (Jul 23, 1945—Dec 11, 2014) Sydney magician who supported the Australian Skeptics and often performed at their events.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [6:10]
Michael Steinkellner – GWUP conference.
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Skeptical Humanities [28:25]
Ark Encounter Discussion.
Mike Wynn, Courier-Journal: Ark Encounter won't get Ky tax incentives.
– Ruth, Ravve, Fox News: Religious group threatens to sue over tax credit denial for Noah's Ark-Themed park.

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The Odds Must Be Crazy [35:30]
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Interview: Tom Flynn [43:23]
– Author, Tom Flynn.
– Get your copy of 'The Trouble With Christmas'.

Outro Music [1:27:03]
– Special Christmas Outro Music By Slau and George Hrab!

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