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This week on Skepticality, Derek and Swoopy report in from The James Randi Educational Foundation's Amazing Meeting 9 with an interview featuring well known science promoter, Bill Nye.
Show Notes

Date – August 2nd, 2011 read by Derek.

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TAM 9 was fun, but now Dragon*Con with Skeptrack is only a month away.
– As part of Dragon*Con 2011 weekend, there will be fun with Pamela Gay, Phil Plait and Nicole Gugliucci.
– You can get tickets to the Atlanta Star Party now, it is the day before Skeptrack.

Skeptic History Notes

– James “The Amazing” Randi was born August 7, 1928.
– Skeptic Dr. Robert A. Baker Jr. died on August 8, 2005.
– Skeptic Dr. Karen Stollznow was born August 12, 1976.
– Susan Gerbic-Forsyth’s blog Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia gives editing tips for skeptics.
– The first Skepticamp was held August 4, 2007.
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– Bill Nye is now the executive director for the Planetary Society.
– When people are forced to not drive their car.
– How inefficient the transportation system tends to be in the USA.
– So many cars our level of service causes carpocylpse.
– Bill was a fixture up in the Seattle area on radio.
Tide pools are just cool.
– Teach children by getting them 'hands on' to learn how nature and reality works before age 10.
– It is cheaper to get them involved early to save money. 
Astrology is a classic example to show people how woo-woo 'works'.
– Good television is fantastic to show, and teach people about the world and science.
Will we still call it 'Television' in the future?
– Watching television is good, but you still need to get 'out' and do stuff.
– The Chabot telescope above Oakland is still a great instrument even more than 130 years later.
– Using tools it is a great way to show people tons of proof of climate change and how we know it is happening.
– Nye's 'Climate Lab' project.
– The Myan culture went out of business, 2012 isn't the end of the world it was just a 'round rock'
American Express is NOT believing the end of the world is 2012
– Even with the retirement of the Space Shuttle, we will still be part of the 'Space Generation'. 
The planetary society is working hard to ensure we stay that way, the James Webb Telescope should do that.
Human exploration is still the best way to explore space, people do it faster and more efficiently.
– With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, will that free up more money to focus more on climate change.
– Instruments in space are our best instruments to measure and monitor the effects of climate change.
Science and Politics keep ending up against each other.
– We need to raise of generation of scientifically literate people, getting kids involved is the best way.
– The best indicator of someone becoming a science literate citizen is learning algebra and it is a 'cheap fix'.
– We want to save the world to save the humans.
Educator buzz-words are many, but we just need to solve the problem.
– Nye was a guest on the television show 'Numb3rs'. 
Nick and Cheryl were guests on Skepticality, and were inspired by a speech by Nye.
– He still loves his CalSci T-Shirt.
Math is inherently cool.
– Nye was awarded by the National Humanist Society.
– To make a difference we need to write your representatives.
You do not become a skeptic 'right away' you need years to go through the 'process' and requires discipline.
Sharing ideas and techniques is one of the best ways to change the world.


– Bill is educating us all about how we solve for X – makes sense to me, even if nonzero rational numbers don't.
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– You can find out more about the Plantary Society and listen to Planetary Radio at
– Find out more about Bill Nye's climate lab at chabot science center at
– Follow Bill on Twitter where he goes by @TheScienceGuy.
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