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Kelly Comstock
 The truth about Bottled Water
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Put down that designer bottle of H20! Did you know that If you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend $1,400 US dollars annually? That same amount of tap water would cost about 49 cents.
Show Notes

Date – August 7th, 2007 – read by Derek

Dr. Michael Shermer will be the guest on The Colbert Report.
Because of lots of feedback on bottled water, Kelly Comstock returns. 
The controversy over bottled water has been on tap for awhile.
Dasani and Aquafina are both bottled from municipal sources. 
Listeners are concerned I believe in the 8 glasses a day myth.
Fear not.
The big bad blue jug, advertises the 8 glasses a day myth, and I drink out of it.
I should probably get rid of it.
When Summer is over.
Water in the human body is a delicate balance.
I drink a lot of water – tap water, with ice.
Kelly Comstock works for Brown and Caldwell, and environmental consulting firm.
Chlorination compounds include some suspected carcinogens.
In order to be toxic you would have to expose yourself to large doses over time.
The EPA strictly regulates the amount of chlorination byproducts to safe levels.
These substances include Chlorine, Haloacetic Acid and Trihalomethane.
You can find your local water quality report online, or request one by mail.
Oh boy. Fluoride.
The purpose of Fluoride is to strengthen enamel during tooth formation.
There are MANY conspiracy theories about fluoride added to municipal water.
The acknowledged side effect of excessive intake of fluoride is dental fluorosis.
This is a cosmetic issue, not a health issue.
One of my guilty pleasures is trying exotic bottled water.
One of my favorites is from Norway, and it's Artesian.
That's not good.
Well water is a different story.
Glacier water is marketed to be unaffected by polution. Um no. 
Some studies state that large amounts of fluroide can also cause brittle bones.
Opponents site countries like Switzerland, who do not fluoridate their water.
However, they fluoridate their salt instead for the same purpose.
A large number of groups who oppose fluoride are proponents of organic foods.
There are studies linking fluoride to thyroid disorders.
I drink a lot of water, and have thyroid disease. Discuss. 
I'll ask my endocrinologist.
The CDC and WHO, promote increasing the accessibility of fluoridated water.
Swoopy is going to do more research about fluoride. 
For interesting reading: Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb.
Also interesting, the Skeptic events at Dragon*Con 2007.
Dr. Michael Shermer, Benjamin Radford, Jeff Wagg and George Hrab will be attendance to name a few.
Smackdown: Skeptics vs. True Believers should be a great debate event.
Michael A. Stackpole will moderate the debate.
We plan to record audio and video of the debate.
Attend if you can, Dragon*Con Atlanta, Georgia August 31st – September 3rd, 2007.
Promo – Podcasting: Now and Beyond – voice of Scott Sigler.
The Bad Astronomer was so busy, he didn't have time to talk to us this week.
We like Dr. Pamela Gay better anyway, she's prettier. Also B squared.
NASA has been getting some negative press lately.
This doesn't help the advancement of science.
There hasn't been any evidence yet of drunken astronauts.
The revised climate data doesn't really change anything.
We are looking more closely at NASA missions than ever before.
That's why we're obsessed with the foam.
Two German physicists claim to have forced light to overcome its own speed limit using quantum tunneling.
This is why we have peer review.
"About" isn't quantifiable statement.
A computer model finds that cosmic dust forms helical structures similar to DNA.
This is ONLY a simulation.
Like most things in the media, critical thinking is very important when reading about new scientific discoveries.
Pamela reminds us to keep our skeptical hats on.
Dr. Pamela Gay will be at Dragon*Con 2007 discussing the Improbable Universe.
You can hear Pamela regularly on the Astronomy Cast with Fraser Cain.
Lori Lipman Brown, the best lobbyist in DC called to give us an update.
The Investigation into the death of Pat Tillman is ongoing.
There are reports of humanist groups in the military facing discrimination.
Senator Jim DeMint proposed a National Day of Prayer for the U.S. Armed Forces.
Separation between church and state and GLBT groups have common ground.
Presidential candidates are discussing their faith at length during recent debates
Former Senator John Edwards stresses that his faith will not shape his policy.
Secular Coalition members include:
American Humanist Association
Atheist Alliance International
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Institute for Humanist Studies
Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
Secular Student Alliance
Secular Web / Internet Infidels
Society for Humanistic Judaism 
Abstinence Only education and oversight of faith based initiatives are still high on the agenda in the coming legislative session.
The Secular Coalition for America has a great legislalative scorecard at their site.
We mourn the passing of Perry DeAngelis of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe.

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