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Lori Lipman Brown
 Interviews: Lori Lipman Brown and the Rational Response Squad
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On our last episode, Skeptic publisher Dr. Michael Shermer shared his thoughts about a recently televised Nightline debate between evangelical ministers Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and "Rational Response Squad" members Brian Sapient and Kelly. Brian and Kelly contacted Skepticality, and Swoopy had a chance to talk with them this week about the work of the Rational Response Squad, and about what went on behind the scenes of the Nightline debate. Most relevant to skeptics, the gang discusses Brian's recent involvement in a lawsuit against Uri Geller, who recently pressured online video host YouTube to remove a James Randi Nova expose regarding his spoon-bending psychic claims. Also, Skepticality's Washington DC correspondent former Nevada State Senator Lori Lipman Brown, the federal lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for America updates Derek and Swoopy about legislative issues pertaining to nontheists.
Show Notes

Date – May 29th, 2007 – read by Swoopy

Big Media being lame, makes Swoopy angry.
Lori Lipman Brown is a hero.
The highest elected official who is a non-theist is Representative Pete Stark (D) CA.
I'm a non-theist, and I identify as ______.
Unitarians don't have to believe in a God.
Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act is dangerous legislation.
The County of Boulder, CO is being sued because they refused zoning to a church.
This isn't the same as Eminent Domain.
The Secular Coalition for America often lobby alongside the ACLU and similar groups.
Often issues of discrimination against non-theists apply to other groups.
A 2006 study out of the University of Minnesota shows Atheists are the most distrusted minority group in the United States today. 
There ARE atheists in foxholes.
Pat Tilman was a courageous American, and hero.
Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Kauzlarich told ESPN that the Tillman family were probably having a hard time letting their son go because of their lack of faith. 
California Representative Pete Stark has been a member of Congress since 1973.
Families and school children suffer from these types of stereotypes.
Since 1954 US public schools have required children to hear "under God" every day.
Other humanist groups do some lobbying, but their tax status prevents more.
The Secular Coalition for America is a 501(c)4, most support comes from individuals.
Faith Based initiatives have grown substantially under the current administration.
The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty are for separation of church & state. 
Separation of Church and State benefits non-theists AND theists.
War funding bills, and political scandal often take the spotlight off of other issues.
Stem cell research is another important topic to keep an eye on.
Additional stem cell legislation will likely not be passed until after the next election.
Abstinence only education is now a proven failure.
Sex education should be fact based, not faith based.
The HPV vaccine will save lives.
The consequences of having sex, should not be disease or death.
Swoopy is hoping the HPV vaccine will be approved for all ages of women soon.
Yes, you have to be careful of new drugs. 
We're so glad that Lori is out there doing her dream job.
Lori was the subject of a great interview on Nevada Today.
Sign up for Secular Coalition's eAlerts to help spread the word. 
Thanks to our listeners for helping to support the Secular Coalition for America. 
Promo – eSkeptic.
In the interest of time my interview with Brian and Kelly was edited.
Get the full RRS interview HERE.
Swoopy saw the televised debate and went a little bananas.
Kelly contacted Skepticality, hoping to talk about what went on at Nightline.
The Rational Response Squad started by working with The Infidel Guy on his show.
Brian felt there should be more original atheist content on the airwaves.
At least 1600 folks have taken The Blasphemy Challenge.
YouTube often removes the videos.
Brian and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are involved in a lawsuit against Uri Geller.
The disputed footage is of James Randi debunking Gellar over the years.
Geller claims copyright infringement often when folks question his methods.
I previously speculated that the RRS are only interested in pro-atheist activism.
I was wrong about that. 
In fact the RRS discusses many topics of interest to skeptics.
The RRS hear often from theists who have decided to change their mind about God.
The Rational Response Squad do shake it up.
Evangelicals often use extreme tactics to proselytize, the RRS do the same.
The Blasphemy Challenge is what prompted ABC news to contact Brian and Kelly.
The average person probably doesn't read Daniel Dennett, but they should.
Come for the Blasphemy – stay for the intellectual content.
Guests on the RRS radio show have included Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris.
The original Nightline profile on the RRS was mostly fair and balanced.
Brian feels ABC listened to his concerns about their portrayal and were fair.
The televised portion of the debate on Nightline was a different matter.
The point was to drive people to, which is lame. 
Ray Comfort andKirk Cameron said they would prove the existence of God without referring to the Bible.
They didn't. 
The entire Nightline debate is available here.
Christians criticize Comfort and Cameron's performance on the debate.
And in Theist forums. 
You can find more information on the Rational Response Squad at their website.
The RRS also supports teens at
Comfort and Cameron preach The Way of the Master.
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network shoutout.

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