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An interview with the
Secular Therapist Project founder

Thank you for visiting The Secular Therapist Project. If you are looking for a secular mental health professional, this is the first place to look. Through this registry we hope you will find someone who can meet your needs or the needs of your loved ones. Using our system is simple and requires very little information from you. Our goal is to protect your confidentiality until you find a therapist to correspond with or to work with.

If you are a therapist, we encourage you to register with us. To make this project effective for secular clients, we need as many therapists as possible -- a critical mass -- that allows us to have therapists in every community.

There are many secular people in your community that have mental health needs. Unfortunately, many secularists report that they cannot find a secular counselor in their community. We know there are often many secular therapists, but they cannot openly advertise as secular for fear of losing clients or other negative social and professional consequences. By registering you increase the likelihood that secular clients will find you and they will be able to avoid therapists who allow their religious, spiritual or supernatural beliefs to inform their therapeutic approach.

This is a very new concept, and one that has never been tried before. Undoubtedly you have questions and concerns about how the system works, confidentiality, registration, etc.. Please read our FAQ to answer most, if not all your questions.

Thank you for your interest,

Dr. Darrel W. Ray, founder of Recovering from Religion

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This service only attempts to match you with a therapist in your community. We provide no guarantees or assurances of quality or qualifications. It is important that you do your own research on their qualifications and reputation as well. Therapists in our database agree to use secular therapeutic methods only. They promise not to recommend prayer or other supernatural methods. While a therapist may be religious, they promise to keep their spiritual / religious ideas out of the therapeutic relationship.