Welcome to The Secular Directory. This is the site that will tell you “where to go” if you are seeking to meet others of like mind and interests or want to find organizations that can give you a larger voice in our culture.

In the navigation bar, above, you will find links to a wide range of groups and organizations that make up the vast and growing community of reason. These include atheist, agnostic, bright, freethought, humanist, naturalist, skeptic, and others. They range from local to national to international. And they include groups that, by their activities, can be defined as charitable, congregational, educational, philosophical, political, social, student, support, or more than one of these.

You can also find links to a variety of online and print media such as audio programs, blogs, books, journals, magazines, and videos. Moreover, there are online celebrant services (for non-theistic weddings and funerals), educational resources, forums and discussion boards, and social networks.

Finally there are listings for state, regional, national, and international conferences and conventions. One may be taking place near you.

So we welcome you to explore this directory to familiarize yourself with the rich selection you may have never realized you had. And we encourage you to return again and again, not only for the latest updates to our data, but to see what new features we have added. This is a new and growing resource that we anticipate will become the go-to information site for those seeking involvement in the community of reason.