New York City's Community Biolab

CRISPR Workshop: Beyond the Hype

Are you interested in using the latest breakthrough technology in gene modification, CRISPR-Cas9, in your projects? Get started with CRISPR by learning to design guide RNAs, the crucial step in genome engineering. First session Saturday March 5th.

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Mars Ice House: A new habitat design for the exploration of Mars

Mars Ice House project proposes an autonomously 3d printed habitat for four explorers. The project has been awarded first place in NASA's Centennial Challenge Mars Habitat Competition, and is slated for a full scale prototype in the next phase.

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Enquete Gowanus

Just as Craig Venter sailed the seven seas to discover new and useful life forms, the citizen scientists of Genspace have ventured into the wilds of the Gowanus Canal to catalog and study the microrganisms hardy enough to survive in a Superfund site.

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Biohacker Boot Camp!

New Spring sessions start January 25th

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PCR & Pizza

Genspace is open once a month to the general public from 6-9PM for PCR & Pizza

Next one is February 8th!

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Student Programs

Science competitions, student internships and more!

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Genspace in the News

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Remember when science was fun?

At Genspace it still is.

Genspace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education in molecular biology for both children and adults. We work inside and outside of traditional settings, providing a safe, supportive environment for training and mentoring in biotechnology.

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