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June 26, 2012

Dear Friends and Families of September 11,

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose..."

You may recall that in March we announced that FOS11 would sunset and cease its operations completely. That time has come, and it is a time of great prospect, for as the door closes on FOS11, it opens on a new phase of the For Action Initiative.



TSA Program
A volunteer speakers program for TSA safety awareness and education.

DHS Focusing on Bolstering National Resilience as a Key to Recovery After Disasters or Terror Attacks
April 27, 2010

Implementing 911 Commission Recommendations Progress Report 2011
July 25, 2011

More Information

9/11 James Zadroga Compensation Fund Registration Now Open
November 14, 2011

Families of September 11 Board Member Attends VIIth International Congress of Victims of Terrorism
October17, 2011

Americans Remember September 11th By Serving
September 11, 2011

Family Support Center to Open at September 11 Commemoration Ceremony
September 9, 2011

Killing in the Name to Air on HBO
September 9, 2011

New Study Suggests Higher Rate of Cancer for NYC Firefighters Who Responded to 9/11
September 1, 2011

Upcoming Television Coverage for the Tenth Commemoration of 9/11
August 30, 2011

President Calls on Americans to Serve on September 11th
August 29, 2011

9/11 Families Support the September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance
August 17, 2011

PBS to Air Programs Dedicated to 9/11 Attacks
August 2, 2011

4 Action Initiative Releases K-12 Curriculum on Global Security, Terrorism, and 9/11
July 27, 2011

Deadline to Enter the Lottery to be a Name Reader on the 10th Anniversary
July 27, 2011

WTC Survivors Given Opportunity to Visit 9/11 Museum and Memorial
July 21, 2011

Manhattan and Brooklyn Community Meetings To Be Held On Implementation of Zadroga 9/11 Victims Compensation Legislation
July 19, 2011

4 Action Initiative Releases Curriculum to Assist Educators in Teaching About Terrorism and 9/11
July 13, 2011

An Overview of Proposed Rules for Implementation of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
June 23, 2011

Some Downtown NYC Residents to be Covered Under 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
June 22, 2011

Commentary on Opposing Terrorism
May 11, 2011

9/11 Museum and Memorial Finalizes the Arrangement of Names of Those Killed in the September 11 Attacks
May 10, 2011

Some Thoughts on the Death of Osama Bin Laden
May 4, 2011

Update From Global Survivors' Network
April 20, 2011

Co-chair of 9/11 Commission Testifies Before Senate Committee
April 4, 2011

Former Deutsch Bank Site to Become Welcoming Area for September 11 National Memorial
March 31, 2011

Update on WTC Site Construction Progress
March 25, 2011

Newsday to Commemorate Those Who Died on 9/11
March 3, 2011

New Study Reveals Persistence of 9/11 Related Anxiety for Survivors
February 23, 2011

Access to WTC Memorial Will Be Limited After Opening in September 2011
February 15, 2011

FOS11 Co-founder Addresses Counter-terrorism Experts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 2, 2011

U.S. Mint Issues Warning on 9/11 Commemorative Coin
January 27, 2011

Killing in the Name Receives Oscar Nomination
January 24, 2011

NYC Police Commissioner Outlines Plans For Security at WTC Site
January 19, 2011

Deutsche Bank Deconstruction at World Trade Center Site Nearly Complete
January 13, 2011

Columbia University Research Study Explores the Incidence and Impact of PTSD on Victims of 9/11
January 11, 2011

9/11 Museum to Include Stories of Lower Manhattan Residents and Rescue and Recovery Workers
January 10, 2011

Beneficiaries of WTC Settlement to Begin Recieving Benefits
January 7, 2011

Senate Supporters Struggle to Save 9/11 Health Bill
December 21, 2010

Judge Grants Additional Time For 9/11 Workers to Consider Settlement
December 2, 2010

Judge extends deadline for Ground Zero health settlement
November 11, 2010

Update on the Construction of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum
November 4, 2010

Federal Government Releases Additional Funding For 9/11 Health Studies
November 1, 2010

Senate to Consider James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act (H.R. 847)
October 14, 2010

WTC Settlement Deadline Extended
October 5, 2010

James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act Passes House
September 30, 2010

9/11 Health Bill to Receive New Vote in House
September 14, 2010

Remarks by President Obama on Ninth Commemoration of 9/11
September 13, 2010

Press Release by FOS11 Board Members
September 10, 2010

9th Annual September 11 Commemoration
September 2, 2010

Progress Update at WTC Site
September 2, 2010

Sample Lessons from the 4 Action Initiative Now Available
August 24, 2010

Second Annual WTC Run to Remember Scheduled For Sunday, September 5th on Governors Island in NYC
August 10, 2010

WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers Should Register for Workers' Compensation Benefits Before September 11, 2010
August 4, 2010

New Film Highlighting Terror Victim's Mission to Empower Survivors of Terrorism Wins Best Documentary Award
August 3, 2010

9/11 Health Bill Fails to Pass House of Representatives Vote
August 1, 2010

September 11 Deadline
July 20, 2010

Colleges Offer More Courses on Counterterrorism and Emergency Management
July 18, 2010

9/11 Health Care Bill (HR 847) Near Vote in Congress
July 17, 2010

Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Continuing Needs of Communities Affected by 9/11
July 6, 2010

Lawyers in 9/11 Health Lawsuits Reveal Range of Settlement Payments
June 23, 2010

NY Elected Officials Continue to Push for 9/11 Health Bill
June 22, 2010

9/11 Workers Attend NYC Forum on Health Settlement
June 17, 2010

Potential Conflict Seen Between WTC Health Suit Settlement and James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
June 15, 2010

New Agreement Reached in 9/11 Health Suit Case
June 10, 2010

NYC to Close 9/11 Mental Health Benefits Program
June 8, 2010

WTC Responder Day 2010
May 31, 2010

9/11 Health Bill Passes Key House Committee
May 28, 2010

Deadlines Approaching for WTC Workers’ Compensation, Disability
May 28, 2010

9/11 Memorial and Google Earth offer Virtual Tour of Memorial
May 27, 2010

Center For Biosecurity's “Resilient American Communities” Report
May 25, 2010

September 11 Museum Plans Tributes to Victims of 9/11 Attacks
May 13, 2010

PA Director States That First WTC Tower Will Be Ready By 2013
May 11, 2010

The World Before and After, a Webcast Produced by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum
May 3, 2010

Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate to Honor Those Who Died in Terror Attacks on or After 9/11
April 29, 2010

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano's Address on Threats and Preparedness
April 21, 2010

Essay by Former President Clinton on Oklahoma City Bombing
April 20, 2010

President Designates National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism
April 16, 2010

NYC Appeals Judge's Ruling in 9/11 Health Suits Case
April 15, 2010

The Importance of the Nuclear Security Summit in Preventing Terrorism
April 13, 2010

Global Survivors' Network Releases Statement on the Nuclear Security Summit
April 13, 2010

National 9/11 Museum and Memorial
April 9, 2010

New Security Measures To Be Instituted For People Flying Into US
April 3, 2010

Global Survivors of Terrorism Co-sponsors Event in Lahore, Pakistan to Commemorate Terror Attack
April 2, 2010

National September 11 Museum and Memorial Expects 9/11 Memorial to Open For Tenth Commemoration
April 1, 2010

PA and Silverstein Properties Reach Tentative Agreement on WTC Construction
March 30, 2010

City to Begin New Operation to Identify WTC Victims
March 30, 2010

Oral Histories of 9/11 Will Be Made Available at WTC Preview Center
March 29, 2010

Negotiations Continue on 9/11 Health Suits Settlements
March 26, 2010

Lynch Memorial Foundation Has Awarded 63 Scholarships Since 9/11
March 23, 2010

Lawyer's in 9/11 Health Care Suits Issue Statement
March 21, 2010

Federal Judge Rejects Settlement Reached in 9/11 Health Law Suits
March 20, 2010

Heart Problems in 9/11 Workers Discovered by Mount Sinai Researchers
March 18, 2010

James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act Advances in Congress
March 17, 2010

Possible Settlement Reached in 9/11 Health Suit
March 16, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Critical of PA in WTC Delays
March 11, 2010

Ground Broken for Memorial in Shanksville PA
January 3, 2010

New Global Survivors Of Terrorism Network Launched
December 11, 2009

9/11 Workers' Compensation Deadline
November 17, 2009

Curriculum on 9/11 and Global Terrorism to be Tested in NJ Schools
September 10, 2009

Families of September 11, Liberty Science Center, and The New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education to Pilot Global Security, Terrorism, and 9/11 Curriculum
September 8, 2009

Both Houses of CongressPass Bills to Create a National Day of Service on September 11th
April 2, 2009

President Signs Spending Bill Containing $70 Million for 9/11 Health Care
March 26, 2009

National Service Legislation Introduced in U.S. House of Representatives
March 10, 2009

9/11 Commission Members Mourn Loss of Activist Beverly Eckert
February 17, 2009

Leading Jurists Call for Urgent Steps to Restore Human Rights in Efforts to Counter Terrorism
February 17, 2009

National September 11 Memorial & Museum Announces New Story Corps Collaboration
January 10, 2009

Representatives of 9/11 Families Meet With President Obama to Express Concerns Over Guantanamo Closing
January 8, 2009

"Managing the Psychology of Fear and Terror", a Blueprint of Strategies for Governments, Service Providers and Individuals
January 2, 2009

Recession Will Slow Completion of WTC Reconstruction
December 12, 2008

Several 9/11 Families Criticize Military Tribunals at Guantanamo
December 12, 2008

Former Gov. Kean talks with educators about teaching 9/11
July 3, 2008

Families of September 11 Co-Sponsors Conference on Developing Curricula For Teaching 9/11 in Schools
June 30, 2008

More Headlines


Mental Health
Resources and information about mental health.

Ground Zero Health
Support resources and links to current research and relevant articles.

FOS11 Resources
FOS11 resources, newsletters and articles on wellness and healing.

Debate Persists Regarding Cancer Rates Among 9/11 Responders
March 30, 2010

President's 2010 Budget Adds $70 Million for 9/11 Health Care
May 8, 2009

Mayor's Office Releases the 2010 Annual Report on 9/11 Health
October 5,

APA Journal Special Edition Examines Psychological Impact of 9/11 Over Ten Year Period
July 25,2011

9/11 Health Bill Authors Provide Info About New Law
January 25, 2011

A summary of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
February 3, 2011

An Overview of Proposed Rules for Implementation of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
June 23, 2011

Healing and Remembrance Program Will Assist 9/11 Victims and Families During 10th Anniversary
May 17, 2011

Asthma Rate Among WTC Responders Twice That of National Average
March 23, 2010

Effective Disaster Response - How to Donate or Volunteer Successfully
January 19, 2010

Study of 'Sarcoid-like' Granulomatous Pulmonary Disease Finds Elevated Rates in WTC Responders
January 9, 2011

A Message from the Special Master for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
June 24, 2011

More Resources

9/11 Commemoration Activities and Memorials Around the Country
This September honor 9/11 and those who were lost.

More Events


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