Workshops are separately ticketed events held before the main program begins on Thursday and after the main program ends on Sunday.
Attendees may register for workshops separately or purchase an All Workshop Pass. Workshops run in concurrent tracks.


Track A – Skeptical Education Track B – Skeptical Activism
Thursday 9:00AM: Science & Skepticism 101

The Science & Skepticism 101
workshop is your introduction to the
skeptical community. If you are new
to the movement, attending your
first TAM, or are a veteran needing
to brush up on the basics, you will
leave the workshop knowing the ins
and outs of modern scientific
skepticism. No prior knowledge of
skepticism is assumed, and only a
rudimentary interest in science is
needed. This workshop is scheduled
for the first day of the conference so
that you can be up to date on all the
topics that will be discussed as the
weekend goes
on.Presenter: Kyle Hill 


From Witch-burning to God-men:
Supporting Skepticism Around the WorldBelief in pseudoscience and the paranormal
can cause harm all over the world. In this
workshop, you will learn how you can help
promote evidence-based thinking from
a distance.

Presenters: Eran Segev, Leo Igwe,
Brian Thompson

Thursday 11:00AM: Dr. GoogleHow to find reliable health information
online and elsewhere, and skeptically
evaluate the information you find.
Workshop attendees will learn about
how professionals and non-professionals
can use information access to
improve their health care while avoiding
common misconceptions and pitfalls.

Presenters: Steven Novella,
David Gorski, Harriet Hall,
Rachael Dunlop

Promoting Skepticism at the Local LevelAt the Amazing Meeting, skeptics from all
over the world gather to recharge their
skeptical batteries, but what to do with that
enthusiasm when you return home? How do
you start a skeptical group in your area, and
what can you do to help foster critical thinking
in your community?

Presenter: Brian Thompson

Thursday 2:00PM: Astronomy for Skeptics:
Investigating “Lights” in the SkyJames McGaha uses his years of
experience as a USAF pilot and
astronomer to teach you how to
determine what those mysterious
lights in the sky really are.

Presenter: James McGaha 

The Future of Skepticism Online:
Crowd-Sourced ActivismSkeptic blogs and podcasts are plentiful
and excellent, but often end up
“preaching to the choir” of the already
skeptical. Are there ways to use other
online tools to reach out to the general
public?  This workshop will explore the
use of skeptic crowdsourcing to
accomplish that. Technologies covered
will include Wikipedia, Web of Trust,
Fishbarrel, StackExchange, Universal
Subtitles, Foursquare, Yelp and the
new tool RBUTR. We’ll also take a look
at upcoming new tools that are not yet

Presenters: Tim Farley, Derek Colanduno

Thursday 4:00PM: Investigative Methods for the SkepticJoin a panel of seasoned paranormal
investigators as they teach you the best
methods for examining extraordinary

Presenters: Ben Radford,
Karen Stollznow, Bryan Bonner,
Matthew Baxter, Blake Smith,
Carrie Poppy, Ross Blocher


Coalition Building for the Skeptical
Skepticism can be a uniting force among
groups with differing politics, social
philosophies, and mission statements.
How can these groups use skepticism to
overcome their differences and work
together to promote a common cause?

Presenters: Sharon Hill, Chris Stedman,
Kitty Mervine, Dave Silverman,
David Niose


Sunday 4:30PM: How to Tell the FutureParticipants will be instructed on how
to do “psychic” or character readings.
They will also will perform readings
on each other. The goal is not to
increase the number of cold readers,
but to show how easily a cold reading
can convince people they have
experienced the supernatural.

Presenter: Ray Hyman

Promoting Skepticism in Classroom SettingsTeachers, parents, and activists for education will
learn new teaching strategies and build
critical-thinking curricula. The workshop will
include demonstrations and lessons appropriate
for a variety of age groups and an opportunity to
discuss specific challenges with the panel and
other educators.

Presenters: Michael Blanford, Barbara Drescher,
Matt Lowry


Note: An All Workshop Pass entitles you to enter any of the ten workshops, but because of scheduling, you will not be able to attend each one. See schedule above.