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Welcome Skepticator

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 26, 2010

Let us all welcome a new addition to the skeptical blog family….kinda. Called The Skepticator this is a feed aggregator which gathers entries from all kinds of skeptical blogs into one feed for people to peruse, kinda like Skepfeeds just much bigger and automated. Of course here at Skepfeeds the selection of entries from other blogs we link to is done by a human ( Holy Me!) and is not automated, so the selections is much bigger at The Skepticator. You can subscribe to it’s feed into your favorite RSS reader and voila, you’ve got all the skeptical entries of the day into one feed. Neat, although it needs a bit more work, hopefully future versions will fix some bugs. BTW, Skepfeeds was just added too, waiting for it to pick up my entries. Welcome Skepticator!

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  1. […] the slides for Tim’s talk can be seen and read at this link.Tim has been keeping tabs on all sorts of online skeptical content.You can see Tim’s run-down of how much skeptical podcasting is being produced is here.If you […]

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