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    17 minutes ago

    So gender bias in case reports at big medical journals is a thing. Also, my goodness NEJM has a lot of case reports!

  2. 13 hours ago

    Note - this quiz is about renting. Because you can’t afford to buy in Seattle anymore. Median home price is 720K. MEDIAN.

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    16 hours ago

    When I look at what crap gets green lit or renewed, meanwhile was cancelled...

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    22 hours ago
  5. 17 hours ago

    This is what BLOTUS thinks is like? My copay has never been as low as $15, even when I was 20. This is how delusional he is.

  6. 17 hours ago

    “..$15 a month for the rest of your the time you’re’re still paying the same amount & that’s really .” What??

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    May 10

    This is extremely troubling and we need more coverage// Census Director to Resign Amid Worries Over 2020 Head Count

  8. 23 hours ago

    I don’t think its a stretch to start worrying about manipulation of the next that could lead to MORE gerrymandering.

  9. 24 hours ago

    I think we should also be concerned that only one of them has any education in health or has worked in healthcare, and there are no POC.

  10. May 11

    . “Throwing verbal rocks at these mediocrities.” your way out...

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    Not sure where a word or phrase comes from? Look it up.

  12. May 11
    Replying to

    It worries me that we’re dealing with too many crises to pay attention to this. While at they are filling the collapse with dirt.

  13. May 11
    Replying to

    It worries me that the head of the Department of is not a scientist and doesn’t know anything - about most things.

  14. May 11
    Replying to

    So we should be paying attention to this . It worries me that the head of the Department of has no experience.

  15. May 11
    Replying to

    is a Superfund site in cleanup since 1989.

  16. May 11
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    Anecdote isn’t data. But every person in my family, all Downwinders from SE WA have had cancer, thyroid disease or both.

  17. May 11
    Replying to

    Downwinders have been in constant limbo in the courts over radiation exposure and high rates of thyroid disease and cancer

  18. May 11

    Most people don’t know about I grew up downwind of there, so I do. Lots of people from SE corner of WA worry about it.

  19. May 11

    How fast they rebuilt that stretch of is a new benchmark. No longer will excuses suffice for years long road repairs.

  20. May 11

    If this much hate speech & bullying is what BLOTUS thinks is okay when everyone is watching - what does he he do in private?

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