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    Bat disease could have major impact on Georgia agriculture, Monday at 5 on Channel 2

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    2016 voter turnout vs. 2008: Democrats: down about 175,000 - Republicans: up nearly 300,000.

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  4. Why would I watch when I got this going on?

  5. (on learning one turkey gets pardoned, the other one gets eaten) : If the were like that I'd watch.

  6. categories for Music (Original Score) or Cinematography from 2006-2015 - 0% women nominated. Zero.

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    Flash forward 50 years to a Mexican president in front of a monument demanding "Mr. , tear down this wall!"

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    My Auntie Said If I Get A 1,000 Retweets She Would Stop Smoking Cigarettes RETWEET THIS 🙌🏾

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    If you feel a need to signal your moral virtue by ganging up on others over small or non-existent infractions - you may signal the opposite.

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    WHO DID THIS?!?!

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    Mr. David Bowie.

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    Love my sister-friend - for her brains, her heart and her generosity of spirit. fam and for life!

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    "Either you real out there or you ain't Nae" -Weebey

  14. I would agree, except superstitions from "the Middle Ages" are still with us. We haven't even gotten that far yet..

  15. Providers: is your pulling health data from wearables yet? Haven't seen it in practice, I expect lack of interoperability to blame.

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