Susan Gerbic


Skeptical Junkie , & co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics.

Joined November 2008


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    May 1

    just had this great piece on women in skepticism published in 's CSI journal

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    May 1

    Narcissistic in Chief: "He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t do drugs. His drug is himself.”

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    Apr 30

    The "opposing viewpoint" from someone who isn't a climate scientist is as worthless as the viewpoint of either of my cats.

  4. Apr 29

    I'm thrilled to be included in this drawing.

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    Apr 18

    listening to your recent episode with blogs/podcasts need a dose of guerilla tactics as well. Even 1\

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    Apr 14

    I'm speaking to the National Capital Area Skeptics in May. Come join me.

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    Apr 10
  8. Apr 14
  9. Apr 14

    I'm speaking to the National Capital Area Skeptics in May. Come join me.

  10. Apr 9
  11. Retweeted
    Apr 9

    and GSoW helps keep Wikipedia properly skeptical. Fighting fake news is their business.

  12. Apr 6

    Terrific work! Next up is to make sure the Autism Speaks WP page is in great shape, people looking for information get terrific information.

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    Apr 4

    📈'Complicit' is trending after Ivanka Trump told CBS "I don’t know what it means to be complicit."

  14. Mar 30

    Brand new page rewrite for the director of Ed Krupp created by the team.

  15. Mar 17
  16. Retweeted
    Mar 8

    . interviews Hong Kong skeptics' David Young, suffers from , they also talk about

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    Mar 4

    Maybe not as important as , but I too just identified a bug on a project with cause by > instead of >=

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    . on skeptic activism: "I want people to know our history, to be inspired by our spokespeople as I am."

  19. Feb 22
  20. Feb 21

    What fun! I have a series of these interviews out. Stay tuned, thanks Bob.

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