Use this tutorial to master the concepts of survey design

This tutorial will teach you how to design a survey. You'll learn the latest survey research techniques...what works and what doesn't. You'll discover the secrets used to maximize survey response rates, and how to design a questionnaire that gets at the true opinions of your sample. The tutorial is packed with information! It tells everything you need to begin writing your own market research surveys right now.

Questionnaires are the most common marketing research method. They are used for structured interviews, written surveys, email and online surveys. Fortunately, good survey design skills can be learned in a short period of time. We invite you to use this tutorial to become an expert in conducting surveys. The tutorial is actually a chapter from our book Survival Statistics, where we take the mystery out of statistics and make it understandable to anyone.

This tutorial will make designing surveys easy!

The Designing Surveys and Questionnaires tutorial is over 20 pages, so it may be more convenient to download it for offline viewing. Click either link to download the tutorial

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Designing Surveys and Questionnaires

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Pretty easy tutorial, huh?

Clear. Concise. Easy to understand. Not something you'd expect in a typical statistics book. But that's exactly what the tutorial was...a chapter from our acclaimed Survival Statistics book.

And that's exactly my point. Learning statistics is just as easy as the tutorial!

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