Where to Get Your Dose of Skeptic History

One of my ongoing projects is collecting historical dates of interest to skeptics. I post them daily, podcast them, and blog about them. There are no less than five different locations you can get them, and four of them are online. Here’s a rundown of where they are. Click the buttons at left to go to each one.

Twitter (daily)

Twitter IconEvery day at 9:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time (14:00 UTC, or 13:00 during daylight savings) I post a single Skeptic History fact on Twitter that happened on that day. It usually contains a link that you can click for more information, and looks roughly like this:

Jan. 1 2014 update: these tweets are now posted on their own account @SkepticHistory. I usually retweet them on my personal account, but that may not always be true, so follow @SkepticHistory to get them.

Facebook (daily)

Facebook IconI also cross-post the exact same posts from Twitter at the same time on Facebook as well. On that platform you get the preview of the link, here’s an example:
Martin Gardner Skeptic History Oct 21 2014

iPhone App (daily & more)

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) offers a free Today in Skeptic History app that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download it from the iTunes store. The historical information within comes from my database. It can pop up a daily alert that tells you the skeptic history events for that day, and you can also browse the entire database by date. You’ll see information in here that never shows up in the daily social media, and most posts have a link to read more infromation.  You can read more about the “SkepDayApp” here.

Skepticality Podcast (every two weeks)

Podcast IconThis is a three to five minute podcast segment where I try to pull together several dates that relate to each other and tell some stories. Originally it was just skeptic history, but now it is called “Skepticism Past and Future” and also contains some ideas and concepts drawn from this blog. You often hear some dates that you’ll never see on the daily posts and I go into details that aren’t available anywhere else. And of course you get the great interviews and other features that Skepticality has been producing since 2005.

Skeptical Inquirer (every two months)

This is the one place I can’t link online, because it is on paper. But starting with the November/December 2011 issue of Skeptical Inquirer, some six to ten events from my database appear under the heading Skeptical Anniversaries on The Last Laugh page at the back of the magazine.
Skeptical Anniversaries

Support Skeptic History

If you enjoy skeptic history, you can support my efforts by doing something you may do all the time – purchase from Amazon.com. Click the link below and and when you shop your purchases will pay me a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

If you need some product suggestions, I’ve curated a selection of skeptical books and videos in the What’s the Harm online store, which also works through Amazon.

Thank You!

Thanks to Swoopy, Derek Colanduno, D.J. Grothe, Bart Farkas, James Randi and Ben Radford for all their help and support in getting all of this going. Also thanks to Jim Lippard, Lei Pinter and many others who have helped me research the data.

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