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Skepticism, though unnatural, is a virtue.
The Critical Thinker's Dictionary: Biases, Fallacies, and Illusions and what you can do about them By Robert Carroll
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'Know Thyself' advised the ancient Greek sages who defined us as rational animals. Rationality, they thought, could be achieved by controlling the emotions and avoiding logical fallacies. We now know... More > that the brain is a great deceiver. Unconscious biases drive us to believe and do things that the conscious mind explains in self-serving stories, making us appear more rational to ourselves than we really are. Modern science has taught us that rationality involves much more than just controlling the emotions and avoiding fallacies. Today’s rational animal—what we call the critical thinker—must understand the unconscious biases that are directing many of our most important judgments and decisions. The Critical Thinker’s Dictionary explores the insights of ancient and modern philosophers along with the latest findings in such fields as neuroscience and behavioral economics to lay out the many obstacles and snares that await anyone committed to a rational life.< Less
Mysteries and Science: Exploring Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters, the end of the world and other weird things By Robert Carroll
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Mysteries and Science is for kids 9 and up. It takes a look at weird things from abracadabra to zombies. What does science have to say about things like astrology, Bigfoot, dowsing, ESP, ghosts, and... More > monsters? These and other similar topics are covered here, including predictions of the end of the world, palm reading, and vampires. In all, Science and Mysteries takes you on a journey through fifty chapters. Some chapters deal with weird things, some deal with how scientists think and what kinds of tools they use to investigate things. We may not always agree with scientists, but they make us think. And thinking is always a good thing.< Less
Unnatural Acts: Critical Thinking, Skepticism, and Science Exposed! By Robert Carroll
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Unnatural Acts is for people who want to improve their thinking, become more accurate in their beliefs and more reasonable in their actions, and who are tired of being fooled by others. The book is... More > about natural and unnatural thinking, and how the way we think affects everything we do. Natural thinking is instinctive, intuitive, quick and dirty. It works pretty well most of the time, but it can get us into trouble. We can deceive ourselves into believing what’s not true or even what goes against our own self-interest, if we’re not careful. And manipulators who understand natural thinking can use that understanding to hoodwink us into believing what isn’t true or doing what they want us to do. You can reduce the chances of being duped by learning how to think in unnatural ways.< Less