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    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy told CBC she was already delighted her movie A Girl in the River was effecting change regarding honour killings.

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    Congrats to on her 2nd Academy Award!

  3. It's my imaginary boyfriend at

  4. I keep trying to find a clip of talking about house living vs apartments.

  5. *shovels snow in t-shirt* *rewards self with glass of Crown Royal* Wow, I'm a Canadian cliché today...*sips rye*

  6. Shovelling snow with big boots and ski pants, but just a T-shirt and mittens above the waist.

  7. Put on big boots, snow pants, and 2 layers under my big coat, but there was so much snow to shovel that I got too hot.

  8. The media section of my Twitter has too many Mr. Darcy gifs. Sorry, not sorry.

  9. Wish I could magically choose brown or blonde hair each morning.

  10. Pixie cut was much easier, but I want to keep growing my hair long.

  11. MyHometownIsWeird: it's called Kirkland Lake but there is no lake, they accidentally paved the road w/ gold, and Alan Thicke is from here.

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    How these 8 iconoclastic scientists are shaping our future:

  13. Congrats, everybody, on the success of this project. There was a lot of teamwork on my part.

  14. Freshly baked synonym puns 🍴

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    • @Black_Mangaka

      Sick pen tip and a flick of the wrist. Ya boi is a grand artist of sequential art. Go head' and peep.

    • @JohnBoyega

      Dream and work towards the reality

  16. All I want is a YouTube style haul video of the characters from showing off their plunder. Like and subscribe, or die!

  17. Dear , please make an ad that is Utred and his buddies making a haul video of their plunders. Please.

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