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Asst. Prof. of Critical Thinking and First-Year Studies. I specialize in WWII vets' writings, conspiracy theories, and extraordinary/paranormal claims. Yep.

Galloway, NJ
Joined December 2010


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  1. 1 minute ago

    Funny that, given how they want us all to have cancer. Oh well. Must not think too hard, lest it shake up my preexisting beliefs.

  2. 4 minutes ago

    This is the building where they keep the chimps with the enraged zombie monkey virus.

  3. 7 minutes ago

    Before you can enter the premises of the FDA, you must kiss the bare backside of a bronze statue of Morris Fishbein. Weird.

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    2/ Sessions is also reportedly helping select the next person who will head the investigation that he had to recuse himself from. ¯\_(👀)_/¯

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    56 minutes ago

    In the Times Higher Education supplement, , author of TWITTER AND TEAR GAS, talks about the power of reading:

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    9 hours ago

    Current/ex-FBI officials: Comey didn't request Trump dinner, would never have told him he wasn't under investigation

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    Trump's latest, translated: if you keep talking about our lies, maybe we'll just stop having press conferences entirely!

  8. 28 minutes ago

    Today I'm at the FDA demanding that Big Pharma check I've heard so much about.

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    1 hour ago

    What the panel is struggling not to say is that the Left has been 100%, we-fucking-told-you-so right about the Right all along

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    13 hours ago

    It is clear the (1) President lied, (2) Vice President lied, and (3) Attorney General violated the terms of his recusal. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

  11. 9 hours ago

    The AC at my hotel goes down to 55. I may die of hypothermia, but it will be totally worth it. God, I love hotel AC.

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    DJT- inviting Russia to the WH the day after firing FBI direct investig Russia, & excl US media cuz Putin said so, maybe crossed the line🤔

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    70% of Trump voters thought firing of Comey was unrelated to the Russia probe. (Trump now admits it was connected.)

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    Bob Woodward on why W. Mark Felt, a top FBI official, became Watergate source, 'Deep Throat’ & helped topple Nixon

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    We asked all 38 members of the Texas congressional delegation about Russia & Trump. Many Republicans wouldn't talk.

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    12 hours ago
  17. 11 hours ago
  18. 11 hours ago

    Do you think that has signed a billion year contract?

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    11 hours ago

    May 16: Come to a free panel discussion to witness behind-the-scenes of an upcoming exhibit…

  20. 11 hours ago
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    ...and you see it in his conspiracy theorizing and his stories of his own grandeur. The difference was L Ron was functionally literate.

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