Psychics Are New Therepists for Celebrities

Posted on 06/15/2012
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Celebrities have money, fame and good looks, but many of them seek for a psychic to take a look into their future, or even talk to the dead. Many of famous people are gladly opening their wallets to the people who can tell them more about their lives.

It is not a secret that many people are interested in paranormal and possibility to see the future or even communicate to the departed ones. Movies like "Afterlife" and television shows such as "Ghost Whisperer" and "Medium" have held many an audience captive with their tales of precognition and spirit interaction. Skeptics doubt the legitimacy of the telling and even judge people in their belief. Celebrities are roll models to many. Everyone would like to be them and some will approve their obsession and some will find it silly. But, hey they are just humans as we all are.

The Real Housewives of New York are known for for having good time and like everything what's new, so it is not surprising to find them on the list of celebrities who visit psychics.

In 2010, the blonder half of "Speidi" fired her psychic and manager Aiden Chase. The relationship between two of them was as short as her career. I guess she regrets sacking him.

Brad Pit has been known to visiting Ron Bard, psychic to the stars. Ron is very silent about Brad's future. I am sure Angeline would like to take a peak into his life, just to be sure.

Brett Butler is a likeable comedienne whose biggest claim to fame was the 1990s sitcom "Grace Under Fire." Butler has apparently tired of her comedic roots and has instead turned to the world of psychic phenomena. Still don't know when she will hit the list of popular ones.

Late Patric Swayze, when his marriage ended turned to the psychic in order to find out something what is expecting him in his career.

Sarah Jessica Parker has three children with Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick. It is known that she turned to a psychic in order to save her marriage. I am not sure if this is working for her, maybe she got the wrong reading about her career instead of bonding.

We're not sure what Cameron Diaz really needs to be asking a psychic: "How long will I continue to look 24 years old?" "When will I ever develop cellulite and be forced to put away my short-shorts for good?" "Is there a single Hollywood hottie that I can't get a date with?" Despite all her perfection, Diaz apparently still has questions about her love life, which has previously featured long-term stints with Matt Dillon, Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto. Maybe she will get an answer in when she will find the love of her life, all that pack family, children and that stuff.

Chelsie Header, professional funny girl isn't all about the laughs. As it turns out, she sports a significant serious side, since one of her older brothers died when she was a child and her mother passed only a few years ago. Of course, being a famous comedienne and talk show host to boot, Handler has access to the best clairvoyants in the industry. World-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh has communicated with spirits on Handler's behalf both on and off her cable talk show, "Chelsea Lately." In June 2011, Van Praagh did a reading for Handler, emphasizing that she won't get pregnant (much to her relief). He also said that her mother continues to watch over her.

Angelina Jolie and Denise Richards are both well-known, devoted mothers to their adopted and biological children. Both women were heavily influenced by their own moms, each of whom has now passed. It is even a little sweet how these two girls were devoted and great daughters who had great relationship with their mothers.

Tori Spelling, the former "90210" star, reportedly visited her psychic medium with surprising results. The starlet-turned-reality-TV-figure asked the medium to contact her late father, famed producer Aaron Spelling. Apparently, he was too busy to come to the psychic phone, as Spelling claims that Farrah Fawcett (the star of one of her father's most famous shows, "Charlie's Angels") crashed the party instead. Fawcett had critical information to relay to her family and chose Spelling for her psychic connection. Spelling later parlayed the info to Fawcett's longtime lover Ryan O'Neal in a written letter.

George Clooney is handsome, talented and political, so it only makes sense that he's also in touch with his psychic side. The leading man reportedly visited a psychic medium to reach out to a deceased loved one. Clooney's crossover experience was designed to reacquaint him with his beloved pot-bellied pig, Max. His pet for 18 years, Max was Clooney's constant companion until his death in 2006. In fact, the two were so close they often shared the same bed.

As you can see, for some people these days, going to a psychic is about as normal as going to a yoga class. Though experts say psychic readings are a means of skirting problems, they might actually be better for some than a session with a lousy therapist.