Nicholas Eftimiades


Author Chinese Intelligence Operations, scifi comedy Edward of Planet Earth, and Understanding Americans.

Washington DC
Joined October 2009

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  1. A galaxy of chocolate

  2. I'm not a luxury spender but I admit; if I had the money this Enterprise would be mine.

  3. I'm not a luxury spender but I admit; if I had the money this Enterprise would be mine....

  4. Dr Alessio Patalano launching the 2016 KCL Crisis Game on the South China Seas. World may end before Monday!

  5. Welcome to the face of robotic warfare of the future.

  6. China building huge telescope. Great news unless you are one of 9k villagers told to move.

  7. The 2015 Waste book: the farce awakens. Is out. Waste in the federal government.

  8. “The entire American working class has legitimate reasons to be angry at the ruling class.”

  9. There are a few things the US could learn from Japan, like to develop a unified and civilized society.

  10. Russia claims it won the space race, didn't want to spend the money on the moon.

  11. Is history repeating itself in mirror image? US ships missiles to Cuba; Cuban expat attempts to overthrow US govt?!

  12. US ships missile to Cuba. Words of the eminent scholar Bugs Bunny "What a bunch of Moroons".

  13. Star Trek The Original Series: “I, Mudd”

  14. As former students will recall, designer viruses will likely emerge as a WMD threat.

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