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Get the most out of conferences and events. helps everyone get more out of professional events and conferences.

Lanyrd's mobile apps are a great way for you to get more out of the event whilst you're there. They store information about the conferences you are tracking or attending; so even when there's no WiFi available you're able to view the conference schedule and see the attendee and speaker directories.

Try it out!

We really want Lanyrd to work on your phone, even if it's so old you feel it haunts your pocket. If you experience any problems using the app, let us know at, and we'll see what we can do.

Suggested events

Sign in with Twitter and we'll show you events your contacts are going to, speaking at or interested in. The Lanyrd app works on iOS 4 but takes advantage of the Twitter features in iOS 5 for an even smoother experience.


Never miss a session, have the the schedule for the event in your pocket. Impress your friends with your knowledge of what's going on. Events with long schedules can be searched.

“Nice speedy, neat app that accompanies well and makes it easier to hang on to conference information.”

Five stars

Speaker directory

See which speakers will be at the event, see which sessions they’ll be speaking in. Speaker pages include their bio if we have it, which sessions they're speaking at, upcoming speaking engagements, and events they're attending or are involved with.

Find the correct event hashtag

Never use the wrong hashtag again, check the Event listing on the Lanyrd app to see the official hashtag and twitter account of the event.

Multiple Twitter accounts

If you’re representing your company, use the multiple account feature to make sure you don’t miss out on a networking opportunity. (iOS 5 only)

Search for specific events

Use Search to find an event you are looking for, and track or save it offline for later. You don't even need to sign in with Twitter.

Save events offline

Events you mark as tracking or attending will automatically be saved to your device; if you don't have access to the internet, you can still see crucial information.


Don't get lost before you even get there! Find the event (and the all important after party) using our maps.

Attendee directory

Check who is going to be at the event, find people to meet up with. We include information about each attendee, including their upcoming events, this provides you with more ways to connect with new people during events.

Connect with Twitter

Connect with attendees you have just met, or catch up with contacts you want to chat to. Find people to follow on Twitter and follow from within the app.


You can use the "share" button to Tweet, email or share almost everything in the app, including the events, search and session pages. This makes it easy to share cool events you've found.

See your upcoming event plans

Easily navigate to the events you have coming up, plan your professional-social-life.

Syncs automatically with your existing account

Build up a profile online of events you have attended and spoken at. Use the website to catch up on slides and video from events you missed.

See popular events on today

Observe the pulse of the world of professional events.

Now available... Lanyrd for iPad

The Lanyrd iPad app takes full advantage of your tablet's larger screen, making finding new events and browsing event schedules, attendees and speakers an even smoother experience.

Lanyrd on ipad