Dr. Joseph Mercola


Osteopathic physician, health activist and founder of the #1 natural health site, . I advocate dietary & lifestyle approaches to health.

Chicago, IL
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  1. One of the best tools that you can use for some in-home exercises is your own bodyweight.

  2. Stop using commercial antiperspirants & deodorants if you want your armpits to smell better.

  3. Fact: are the breeding ground of countless bacteria & diseases.

  4. How to Make the Most of Leap Year

  5. New Studies Prove Organic and Grass-Fed Are Worth the Price

  6. Are Egg Yolks Good or Bad?

  7. Did you know that coconut oil can replace dozens of beauty and personal care products?

  8. Instead of drugs, manage by eating foods that can help calm your nervous system.

  9. These 4 dietary and lifestyle factors can make you sick and shorten your life.

  10. One more reason to optimize your vitamin D levels: vitamin D may save you from diabetes and dementia.

  11. Numerous studies show ’s amazing health potential in nearly every area of your body.

  12. Would you still eat instant ramen after seeing what happens in your stomach when you eat them?

  13. This is what could happen to your metabolism in just 5 days of eating a junk food diet.

  14. Reduce your breast cancer risk by avoiding certain chemicals in common products.

  15. Don't miss out on the health benefits of essential oils. Always keep your favorite handy in case you need them.

  16. Would you believe that feeling sad can literally turn your world gray?

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  19. Today, we're ending our celebration of GMO Awareness Week. Thank you for your donations!

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