Intrepid learners! We have updated our course info, **please note** that the exam for Part 3 of The Fundamentals of Neuroscience will open January 11th for one month. To tide you over, we present a special animation by Andrew Benincasa that brings you on a journey through the auditory system, one of the sensory systems you can learn about in Part 3 of our course. Watch below and check out more here:!/staging/the_brain/audition

The final lesson of Part 3 is live and ready for you! Learn about subcortical structures in the brain that drive our behavior and day to day existence. There's also a bonus interactive anatomy lesson to help you learn about all of the anatomy we cover throughout the 5 lessons. The exam period for the entire Part 3 course will be from 1/11/16-2/11/16, so you have plenty of time to look over material. Make sure to register for Part 3 of the course on edX if you plan on taking the exam and want a certificate:…/fundamentals-neuroscience-part-3-brai… Check out all the Part 3 Content: And enjoy the last video of our poetry of perception series by the amazing animator Daniela Sherer!

Announcement for Part 3! Lesson 5 will be delayed until next Wednesday, December 2nd. Never fear! We will have enough material to satiate even the hungriest. We apologize for the delay. We will be giving folks an extra week of exam study time as well. Thank you all!

For those of you in Estonia, the animated series of MCB80x will be screened at the Animated Dreams Festival in Talinn. There will be a visiting neuroscientist to introduce the pieces.

Nothing helps the brain learn better than a good old visual aid, so what better way to tackle Harvard’s online neuroscience course than to watch these clever animations. Using whimsical characters and real-life scenarios to explain happenings in the brain, the Fundamentals of Neuroscience videos ent…|By Development by Opacity