Welcome to a fan page devoted to June, a Chapel Hill, N.C. band from 1992-1996.

Theme of the Anti-Hero (1993 XYC broadcast)     
Stripteaser (1993 2nd single A-side)     

Kat Cook -vocals
Tricia Tuttle -guitar, vocals
Andy Magowan -bass, violin
John Price -guitar
Mathew Gross -drums, vocals (1992-1994)
John Howie Jr. -drums, vocals (1995-1996)


June was a wonderful and unique band; a fortuitous confluence of music, craft and chemistry from a special time and place. Hailing from Chapel Hill’s vibrant music scene of the 1990’s, June was never that quaint little musical mecca’s loudest, coolest, most experimental or even most popular band. But out of the dozens and dozens of great bands to spring from this nationally recognized and influential musical scene, they have perhaps turned out to be one of its most treasured.

Forging a unique blend of mysterious romanticism, sly observation, danger/chaos, artsy aesthetics and folky unpretentiousness, they served up a refreshing and original batch of songs. Buoyed by their dual-vocal attack, boy/girl band mix, British beats and a sometimes classical sensibility, they crafted odd-metered pop gems for thinkers, geeks, artists, romantics and you.

Here’s a chance to experience one of the many special indie/rock/pop bands from the fertile late-1980’s thru 1990’s period whose music is sorely under-represented, and in many cases criminally absent from, today’s online world.

There’s a lot of great material on the Music and Video pages to start you out, so dive on in. Or just take a quick listen to one of the two tunes above while you’re here today and come back for more when you’re able. You never know; your day, and thus the day of those around you, might be slightly the better for it. And after all, isn’t that the point?

As the site evolves, look for the odd rarity and/or live cuts to surface.  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the music page. Thanks for dropping in…Enjoy!