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Focused on online misinformation, computer security & skepticism. Curates , and . Past Fellow of JREF.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Joined March 2007


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    May 10
    Replying to

    2/50 - is this area near Bermuda?

  2. May 10

    This triangular shaped piece of land full of industrial buildings is better known to every American by its former use as...?

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    May 7
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    Nyhan and Reifler have been very open about the limitations, and I explain in episode three of series how the backfire effect is overcome.

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    May 7
    Replying to

    There is a response in Mashable I would like opinions from you and on the M article.

  5. May 7

    Sunday fun: learn about the backfire effect via this Oatmeal comic. (Note link for classroom-friendly version).

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    May 5

    We're at Elementary School, the 1st certified school in GA for a event.

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    May 3
  8. Retweeted
    Apr 30

    So, I received a Skype call from the other day...

  9. Apr 28

    Feds launch a hotline for crimes by "aliens" on "Alien Day" and they get trolled with reports about ETs and UFOs.

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    Apr 27

    Is Ellamae Ellis League one of "the South"s best architects? Well has added her to the 16% fem biogs. thx

    , , and 3 others
  11. Apr 28

    Wikipedia humor: pro-UFO edit "it's really just aliens and this is all a load" removed with comment: "Vague, needs examples from references"

  12. Apr 27

    Looks like is making great progress on Here's a timelapse they posted yesterday.

  13. Apr 27

    Trying to do my part for , so I wrote this bio of an awesome architect.

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    Apr 26

    I love the Web (sometimes)! Great piece by () just kept me from attributing an aphorism incorrectly.

  15. Apr 27

    The unfinished glass house has an amphibian guard.

  16. Apr 25

    Another effort to tackle the misinformation deluge in our news streams - Google's "Project Owl"

  17. Apr 24

    A cartoon cuts to the heart of "alternative medicine"...

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    Apr 22
  19. Retweeted
    Apr 22
  20. Apr 22

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