Tim Farley


Focused on online misinformation, computer security & skepticism. Curates , and . Past Fellow of JREF.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Joined March 2007

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    Nobelist Linus Pauling later endorsed nutritional pseudoscience. b. Feb. 28, 1901 (d. 1994)

  2. Kolaches from West, TX are worth a long drive, I am learning firsthand.

  3. Moments after I got a PR of 49:31 in a 10k, decided to give me this helpful advice.

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    Rudolf Steiner created anthroposophy; Waldorf Schools. Born Feb. 27, 1861. (d. 1925)

  5. Cowtown 10k! (@ Will Rogers Memorial Center - in Fort Worth, TX w/ )

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    Wakefield's horrible MMR fraud began with a press conference on Feb. 26, 1998.

  7. Texas, I am in you!

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    Is your doctor talking about your private medical information on the Internet? Likely if you have a naturopath!

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    The Calaveras skull, supposedly from the Pliocene, was found Feb. 25, 1866. It was debunked as a hoax years later.

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  11. Latest batch of FDA warning letters seem quack-free, but I see some seafood distributors one might wish to avoid.

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    Paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren first visited the Amityville house on Feb. 24, 1976.

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    On Feb. 23, 1986 several Bay Area skeptics helped James Randi gather evidence of Peter Popoff's fakery.

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    Brian Deer's landmark investigation into Wakefield's MMR fraud was first published Feb. 22, 2004.

  15. A systematic review confirms that skeptics are right - homeopathic medicines are just placebos. by

  16. Judge orders FBI to turn over tool it used to hack child porn suspect's computer.

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    Structure of DNA was discovered on Feb. 21, 1953 and announced publicly 7 days later.

  18. According to the evidence shows that chiropractors actually do more harm than good.

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