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Knock Chip Off the Block

by Mark Edward, Apr 06 2012

On the Road and Coming to a City Near YOU

Ghosts are big business and now Chip Coffey is on the road with his own version of a carny side show called “Coffey Talk.” I mentioned this grief vampire before in a past blog (“Chipping Away at the Other Side”, Sept. 12, 2009) when he first came out with his “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal “ television program, whereby Chipper traveled around the country extolling his virtues to everyone with:
“PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL™, profiles children who live with an incredible secret: they have psychic abilities. Feeling scared and isolated, these kids have nowhere to turn…until now. Help is on the way in the form of psychic medium Chip Coffey.”
Helping may not have been the accurate word for those of us who have yet to know what a ghost or “psychic ability” actually is. Believe me when I say I have sincerely tried to understand and find a way to define this dilemma for over thirty years without success. Looking into such mysteries can be a mildly diverting pastime, but encouraging pre-teens or even younger children to listen to weasels like Coffey is tantamount to child abuse. Jen says it best from a Skepchick blog:

“If there ever were a case that screams exactly what the harm is in letting psychics go unchallenged, this is it. Not only are kids and their parents getting sucked into believing things with no solid evidence, but targeting children with documented psychological problems and giving them bogus solutions precludes them getting professional medical therapy and assistance they obviously could use. Even worse, televising the entire process normalizes the idea for the audience, which might include other troubled kids and parents who decide to try the same “solutions” with even less-scrupulous paranormal experts who aren’t being held to even the low standard of honesty television documentation imposes.”

Teaching Your Troubled Kids to Scam







So now Chipper is on the road touting his new book “Growing up Psychic.” It should be titled “Growing Up Crooked.”

Several of the L.A. IIG crew showed up for his “show” on April 3rd at The Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles.* In our hastily assembled show of disgust, we nonetheless managed to let Chip know that he wouldn’t go unchallenged. There were security guards aplenty and I could see from Chip’s first furtive glances around the outside of the entrance to his show room that he clearly was not flaunting the kind of happy delirium normally associated with someone opening a national book tour. He’s on edge folks. And who wouldn’t be if you knew you were scamming the public? Dressed in a long-sleeved white pullover and his trademark loosely open draped red scarf, he seemed to be suggesting the guise of a Catholic priest with his vestments. Sorry, I wasn’t buying it Chip. I had about all I could stand listening to Chip’s warm-up of showing a folksy slide show of his family. I ended up being personally escorted from the building by two burly security guards after confronting one of Chip’s minions who unwisely pointed a video camera on me. In what was obviously a surprise to this devotee, I love being on camera and without going into the details of what was said, suffice it to say it was deemed “causing a disturbance” by the goon squad.  I soon found myself outside on the street feeling like a criminal. I really don’t like feeling this way.  It got me a bit down until I realized (as I have in past activist situations) that we often live in a world where the lunatics are unfortunately running the asylum.  The old phrase, “you have to think like a criminal to catch a criminal” may have to be modified in today’s jacked-up world to something like: “you may have to be seen as a criminal to make the public aware of the real criminals.”

One of the things we learned is that Chipper has now taken the art of cold reading to a new low. Instead of risking a chance of missing or coming off vague like his contemporaries Edward, Browne and VanPraagh, Chip eshews the age-old calling out of of initials or fuzzy visions and cuts right to the chase:  He tells the audience at the get go:

“…I’m not going to guess, so I want each of you I give a reading to, please tell me the name of the departed person you want to get in touch with, what they died from and what you want to know from them.”

Brilliant. I have to hand it to him. This is something new and fresh in the con artist world that rivals Geller or Madoff in its brazen simplicity. Chip Coffey has now descended to a level of abject laziness in direct proportion to the public’s gullibility.  Can it get any easier?

What really got me was the rah rah mentality that started this pageant of deception. Chip comes on stage as if it’s a high school football rally and at the L.A. show, introduced some guy from a local ghost hunter show who happily skipped up to the stage to huge applause. It’s as if these exploiters of comic book nonsense are saying;  “Hey, we like dead people! And talking to them!  Ghosts are everywhere! Talking and hanging with dead people is all the rage! Cool! Isn’t this fun!”

It’s unbelievable that this is the world we live in. Is this the 12the century or 2012?

So, Chip’s coming your way. Here’s the list of shows:

April 6 – San Francisco, California
April 19 – Las Vegas, Nevada
April 20 – Phoenix, Arizona
April 22 – Dallas, Texas
April 23 – Austin, Texas
April 25 – Houston, Texas
April 26 – New Orleans, Louisiana
May 14 – Atlanta, Georgia
May 16 – Coral Gables, Florida
May 18 – St. Pete Beach, Florida
May 21 – Greenville, South Carolina
May 22 – Charlotte, North Carolina
May 24 – Louisville, Kentucky

If you feel like I do about these people, PLEASE  DO SOMETHING! Anything to keep them off center will do. Remember: You probably won’t easily change the minds of  any believers.  After all, it’s their money and right to support whoever they want –  it’s the psychic and his or her handlers we want to send our message to. The Psychic Bingo Card strategy works if you can get them into the hands of the crowd before the show starts.  See my previous blog: “Edward to Edward” June 23, 2011 for the card template and tips on how that worked with John Edward.

The message to the psychic, his agent and his coterie should be clear:


Keep up the pressure and let the hotel and venue owners understand you will be letting the press know they support child abuse by giving people like Coffey a soapbox.  Contact local IIG groups for tips and suggestions on how to rattle the losers who ply this sick trade.

It’s just not right Chip, no matter how much money you make.



* In what someone with a more fanciful imagination might have considered a metaphorical premonition of things to come: That night while sitting at a table in Pershing Square Plaza across the street from The Biltmore, I sat aghast watching a constant parade of six to twelve audacious black rats cavorting in and out from one metal tree grate hole to another – completely fearless…

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269 Responses to “Knock Chip Off the Block”

  1. Phea says:

    When I was a musician, there was a singer I worked with who was into Wicca and she also thought of herself as a psychic. While we agreed to disagree, I went ahead and let her give me a tarot card “reading”. When she finished, I apologized to her as my view about what she did had changed somewhat. Instead of viewing her as a quack/con-artist, I saw her as kind of a poor mans psychologist. Harmless, and maybe able to give a person a bit of self confidence, reinforcement, or motivate them in the direction they knew they should go anyway.

    Then I saw an episode of Penn and Tellers Bullshit, and my attitude changed again, at least when it comes to people who “communicate with the dead”. I had thought what’s the harm if it helps them grieve and heal. But then Penn explained that what the psychic was doing was messing with the only thing they had left of their loved one… their memories. I’d never thought about it like that, but that is a pretty despicable, evil way to make a buck.

    • Mark Edward says:

      I think I remember that show…

    • Artor says:

      Yes, Tarot reading, if not billed as “fortune telling,” can actually be a useful practice. It gets people to think deeper about issues that are troubling them, and offers a way for ideas to come bubbling up from the subconscious. I think this is a fine & useful way of using Tarot cards, even though I don’t care for them much. At all.
      But cold-reading “psychics,” are just liars. There is no excuse for taking advantage of people like that. I strongly support anti-fraud actions against any sleazebag that takes money from people in exchange for telling the future or talking to the dead.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for going, Mark. The important thing is that we maintain a presence and are available to dissuade people from becoming victims. I was stunned, STUNNED, to see that he wasn’t even bothering to do the typical cold-read fishing for info. It suggests to me that he knows his audience is really committed. So, pressure is appropriately applied to his sponsors and the people who do business with this dude.


    • Guerilla surgeon says:

      Who are his sponsors, do we know? Maybe a a write in campaign can be organised, formal or informal. Seems to have had some effect on that idiot Limbaugh.

      • Mark Edward says:

        His publisher is Three Rivers Press: a divison of Crown Publishing Group/Random House. I think the television thing has tanked for him, so he has to “go on the road” to try and make a buck. Here’s a review I found:

        “At a friend’s urging, we went to see Chip Coffey in his Coffey Talk tour. What a waste of time and money! At best, Chip is an actor who gets “lucky” in communicating with spirits and is no psychic. If you’re charging an audience to bear witness to your psychic abilities, then you better be somewhat accurate and better have something worthwhile to say! Chip’s attempt at reading people from the audience was way off and not accurate at all! It was very unsettling to watch people trying to make his “readings” fit them. Sadly, people want to believe in it so badly that they’ll try and make his readings fit, no matter how way off they are. At the end of the show we were able to stay and “investigate” the haunted facilities. What that entailed was shutting the lights out and Chip taking 2 small Mag Light flashlights, a red one and a purple one, and turning them so that they are in between on and off. He would then try to communicate with whatever spirits were in the facilities. This is where the show went from lame to ultra lame. It was a joke! The flashlights came on at random, regardless of whether or not he was asking questions. What a joke!! I was embarrassed for Chip — and his crew. And he was too. He knew the show he delivered was lame.”

        So you can see, there are probably many who go “at a friend’s urging” and may not be true believers.To them it’s like going to a freak show.Chip would be wise togo back to his so-called legit “couseling” career he started with, but he never will. He’s smelled the blood in the water, tasted the power and seen how much money he thinks he can make. It would be such a powerful thing if he turned honest – he would probably make twice as much telling the truth; but I’m not counting on it. Could you imagine what a stir that would cause? That would be a book worth buying.

      • Tanila says:

        Bravo- he is a liar and a cheat.

  3. Brian Hart says:

    I was there in the lobby as Mark and our other skeptic compatriots arrived. The Biltmore hotel is a beautifully restored hotel built in the 1920s.
    I got there earlier than everyone else including Coffey’s staff. I pretended to photograph the hotel and started taking pix of the staff and setup. As the crowd gathered, I got bolder and just started photographing them directly. Please note that I was simply using my built in droid camera, certainly nothing fancy.
    At one point, a big guy dressed in a nice suit approached me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was photographing this beautiful hotel. He demanded to know if I was with the media, and I just laughed in his face and said, “With a camera-phone? I don’t think so.” He said that I was making his staff members nervous by taking their pictures. I again told him I was taking pix of the beautiful hotel, and it was a shame that his people were getting in my way.
    He left grumbling.
    We really got these people nervous. I agree with Mark Edward that we should dog his trail and let them know that someone is onto their con game.

  4. Chip Coffey's Manager says:

    Mr. Edward, I am the “minion” you encountered outside of my client’s program. To clarify, I was taking your picture to include in our archives entitled “Crazy Weirdos Who Have No Lives”. Our security folks like to keep those on file. May I remind you that the photo was taken after your removal from the audience because you attempted to pass off a forged, general admission ticket. After securing your entrance anyway, you then tried to sit in the VIP section. When you were asked to move back to the general admission section, you began to act in a way that could be described as drunk and disoriented. It was at this time you were escorted out into the lobby.

    You might consider yourself fortunate that we have not yet chosen to press charges for falsifying your ticket. That is theft, fraud, and forgery. There is also the matter of tortious interference. I’d venture to say a nice respite in Pershing Square Plaza watching rats walk in and out of an iron grate is far better than staring through one yourself.

    One more thing, you have entirely misquoted my client. He simply asks for three bits of information: name of the person, how many years they have been passed, and their relationship to the person asking.

    You would think someone so solid in his beliefs would not have to resort to embellishment and falsehoods to prove his point. As it stands, you are just another attention seeking “skeptic” looking to attach yourself to the coattails of your target’s success. “Shop Skeptic Blog” anyone?

    Let’s see if you leave this one up. As much as it will pain me to give you the “hits”, I’ll be checking. But, I won’t have any more to say.

    • Mark Edward says:

      Problem is: It’s more than enough for a rational person to spend money on one ticket for your show. I’m sure that it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the money you and your staff have wrangled out of thousands of people under what many consider false pretenses. We see this as fighting fire with fire – and make no mistake: it won’t stop. We are just beginning our plan.

      Like I wrote: Chip’s charade is a show “for entertainmnet purposes” as his website clearly states and we fully realize people are free to spend their money how they please, but we in the IIG have a hard time putting another dime in your coffers when we know what you do is indeed only a show, especially when you are claiming talking to dead people is real and attempting to convert children into the con as well.

      If what Chip says he can do is genuine, we are all for it.

      In fact, we would be really happy to sit down with you and Chip and whoever wants to participate and put together a solid set of clear protocols that all of us would agree upon to test Chip’s “gift.” I have asked Chip in the most cordial way possible to do this before, with no response.

      So I’ll state it again:
      We have $50,000 on the table; that’s a lot of book signings and traveling around putting up with “Crazy Weirdos Who Have No Lives” isn’t it? Chip could take that money, give it to charity or do what he pleased with it, not to mention claiming rights to possibly the greatest scientific achievement in modern history: conclusively showing the world that talking to dead people is a real fact.

      BTW: You yourself would also qualify for IIG’s $5,000 Finder’s Fee for leading us to Chip.

      That’s $55,0000 bucks for an fairly agreed upon-by-all-parties test. That would be a win/win for eveybody once and for all, wouldn’t it?

      Join us. Change history.

      I’m waiting.

    • Artor says:

      That’s pretty rich; the guys who claim to talk to ghosts calling the skeptic a crazy weirdo & accusing him of fraud?

  5. Guerilla surgeon says:

    Sorry silly question ‘do we know’ – you do obviously but for those of us not in the US?

    • Mark Edward says:

      I’m not sure what you mean? Please clarify “do we know.”

      • Mark Edward says:

        If you mean how do we know about Chipper?
        A few choice Coffey Klatches:…/issue-46-psychic-kids-mayhem…/chip-coffey-psychic-or-bully.htm…

      • Tanila says:


  6. Bob says:

    There is a chapter of IIG in his hometown of Atlanta. We’d be delighted to test him. I look forward to hearing from him.


    • Mark Edward says:

      Don’t hold your breath bro. He knows he can’t even put on a good cold reading much less summon a dead soul to chum up with in a controlled test. A courtroom would be ideal….

      I made the same offer in 2009 and never heard a peep from any of his group of angry supporters. No, we have to go to them and broadside them with whatever we can. Right now, I’m calling for specific names: That is, people whose children have been abused by Coffey, or others who have been used on his television exploits such as Paranormal State and vanished shows like the “Message” case (on Paranormal States Wiki pg)which are now famously skewered as pure exploitative made-up crap. It’s amazing to read that the producers of these shows (and Coffey) have often made conditions far worse for the victims of their “investigations” by writing up the drak side of otherwise fairly calm “hauntings.” There’s lots to mine here, but names have either been erased, bought off for their silence, threatened, taken off Youtube or “disappeared” as if by magic – but they are still out there, sitting in lawyer’s offices and court docs

      Of course, there is also the very sleight outside chance that there are no people to step forward or contact because what Coffey has done is real, helpful and full of light, love and good cheer. If that’s the case (and that’s a pretty big if) why doesn’t he take up the challenge and prove us all wrong? Wait, ..I know why: because he can’t. If he can and he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, like I said in my previous blog, I’ll throw down my skepticism forever and start working for him.

  7. Alex says:

    Am I reading this correctly… you are admitting you falsified and forged a ticket to enter? I wouldn’t consider what you did as fighting fire with fire. People who purchase tickets to his events do so willingly and lawfully. You also stated that that was only the beginning of what you are prepared to do. As an outsider, this reads like a threat and the beginnings of terrorism. Westboro Baptist Church member maybe?
    Secondly, your credibility is greatly discounted by the blogs you call attention to. Just a few seconds spent on each site made me laugh. In this day and age it is inexcusable to have misspellings like that.

    Be well.

    • Bob says:

      Oh, terrorism schmerrorism. Think of it as corporate disobedience. :) Terrorism is marked by inciting fear via violence or the threat of violence, and if he considers mere criticism to be terrifying, well, he’s a scam artist.

    • Mark Edward says:

      You can’t please everyone and as usual in this kind of exchange, it’s not Alex’s cup of tea. So be it. Could this person with such high moral stadards perhaps be Alex Tsakiris? Hmmmm. I wonder…

      I will state catagorically that I had absolutely no part in forging or falsifying anything. I thought it was a bad idea when I heard it was happening elsewhere and didn’t want to personally go that route. I was told I would have a ticket – and that’s about as far as I want to go with that.

      Yes, I agree that two wrongs don’t neccessarily make a right and all that, … but in this blatant instance the ends certainly justify the means. If Alex and others have a problem with cheating a nefarious group of scumbags who have exploited thousands of bereaved individuals over the years out of a single ticket, I suggest you move on to a blog where eveyone lives in perfcet harmony. Spelling errors and typos be damned.
      Get the Big Picture please.

      Also, in reponse to Chipper’s manager expressing her ire at mis-quoting Chip; By her own admission on this issue she has opened an even bigger window onto his motives and methods. Thank you!

      I had written here (after hearing this verbally from another person who was there taking notes – so I wasn’t eaxctly right) that Chip says to the audience:

      “…I’m not going to guess, so I want each of you I give a reading to, please tell me the name of the departed person you want to get in touch with, what they died from and what you want to know from them.”

      I was then corrected by his manager:

      “One more thing, you have entirely misquoted my client. He simply asks for three bits of information: name of the person, how many years they have been passed, and their relationship to the person asking.”

      Three bits of gold I’d say. Years passed can be crucial. If it was last month someone dear pased on, youv’e got a live one who will probably break down and cry for you. If it’s been ten or fifteen years, not so much. This gives a lot of free play for the psychic to dance to. The relationship angle makes the emotional pull even more obvious. Complete names can be attached to dialect, inflection and accents to connect all sorts of leaps – if time permits.

      Thanks again to Chip’s manager for this “bit of information.”

      Just for the sake of argument and not likely to be used with today’s crop of lazy-assed mediums:

      Imagine if you knew the sitter’s first name (through a seating chart after selling and sending them their specific ticket(s) and after finding out the specific name of who they want to hear about, within seconds Googled or information from sources such as Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian could be sent via earplug or visually through a monitor built into a podium. Voila, incredible hits! Hey, …I know it’s a big leap, but not far from the tecniques of Popoff and Sally Morgan. Never underestimate a criminal with a little brains, cash on hand and an option to spend it. The big players know you have to spend money to make money. It’s that way in corporate America and it’s always been that way in the spook racket. If you have a big trained staff, like in a radio station to quickly parse out the information and make educated “guesses,” you can potentially come out looking extremely accurate. I know this sort of high-tech stuff has been used. I know people who have used it – and that was twenty or so years ago. Just imagine what can be done now…
      Aren’t you glad I’m on our side?

  8. Brian Hart says:

    Heh heh, you said “spook racket”. I like that!

  9. Alex says:

    A few more questions come to mind.

    1. You didn’t know your ticket was forged? Or, you did and accepted it anyway? The “ends justifying the means” sounds like something my children use… “But mom! He did it first!”

    2. How many tickets were purchased and how many were forged?

    3. Can we assume that your willingness to be dishonest when it serves you has come into play with this article? For me, your integrity is called to question.

    4. Were you shown to a specific seat, i.e aisle 1 seat d, or were attendees allowed to choose their seats? You’ll need to know where the guests are.

    5. Were the guests asked for their full names prior to having their questions? You would need all of that to run the searches you suggest.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Beatrice says:

    “Chip Coffey’s Manager says:
    April 7, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Mr. Edward, I am the “minion” you encountered outside of my client’s program. To clarify, I was taking your picture to include in our archives entitled “Crazy Weirdos Who Have No Lives”. Our security folks like to keep those on file.”

    I believe Chip Coffey’s manager’s name is April as in Michelle Griffin & April Edwards | 678.862.2758

    Michelle Griffin also known as Babs . . . seriously?? Chip and Babs?? Sounds like the evil Georgia counterparts of Malibu Ken and Barbie.

    Chip and Babs, Since I know you will be reading this as sure as I know the sun will rise tomorrow. I was informed that you have a photograph of me on a wall at all of your events. For the record, I can assure you that I would never in a million years show up at one of Chip Coffey’s events.

    I find it amusing that he is so paranoid. It must be tough to carry all that guilt around of betraying a friend and assuming that friend is capable of the kind of reprehensible behavior that is par for the course for a grafter like Chip Coffey.

    So you can take my picture down unless of course you just like to look at my purdy face. lol

  11. Mark Edward says:

    Chip has my picture too – and many others as well. His gallery of protestors will continue to grow and grow as long as he and his crew keep making money from grief vampirism. Is there any lower way to make a living? Oh,yeah. I guess there is: child exploitation. He’s got that covered too.

    I hope he gets to know each and every one of us – and soon the parents of some of those kids who are now waking up from their delusion.

    I can assure you Chip and Babs: There will be more photo ops for you and your goon squad. Better charge up that iPhone and your camera batteries – you are going to need it.

    That is, if you can spot us in your crowd. Because the longer you continue to harass and try to eject us, the more stealthy we will become. Never underestimate a group that represents the truth.

    You are going down sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. You can only fake it so long.

    In that regard; Several groups and individuals have made offers to meet with you to determone just what the truth is in your case and settle this matter once and for all. As expected, only threats have been received here.

    Logically, if a sane person wanted to put a stop to activity that entailed heavy security, monitoring spectators, searching bags and taking photos of people to watch out for, that would show a certain unwillingness to meet half way.

    Whta are you afraid of?

  12. Martin H Salt says:

    If my wife had not asked me to download his book, “Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving–and How Others Like Me Can, Too”, I would not know who Mr. Coffey was. But, I just started to read it and could not stop until I was done. This was not due to the quality of the writing, as it was sub par. Most of the book is filled with bad science, misleading, if not outright false information, and endless self-promotion.

    I decided to publish through Kindle my take on this book. It’s called: “Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving–and How Others Like Me Can, Too by Chip Coffey: A Critical Analysis.” It will be free to all readers until the end of the day (April 17) and this coming Friday and Saturday.

    This man acts as if he has many things to hide. I Googled his name I found many individuals he has issues with. It does appear that he sees things in a certain way, and all he has to do is say it’s the truth and that makes it true. And, if you see things in a different light than he does, it makes you a skeptic, a bigot, or jealous of the little “success” that he had.

    In his recent blog he indicates that he was very upset that anyone raised questions about the supposed great-grandmother in his book. In interviews he says she was well known throughout the Southeast, yet there is no mention of her anyplace online or in print. Additionally, people have raised issues about his educational claims. In his book he states that he has training in both psychology and counseling. Yet when asked for more details, he says “Although I am quite smart and well-educated, my work is primarily based in spirituality, metaphysics and the paranormal (that which cannot be fully understood or explained, but cannot be denied).” So here he goes, sidestepping the issue once again. Also, I have not located any degree for those who claim: “I Am Quite Smart and Well-Educated”.

    And for Chip, a real writer once wrote: “Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay.” Christopher Hitchens

    • Susan Gerbic says:

      Well said Martin. I’m super glad that you read the book and now we don’t have to.

      BTW what did your wife say?

      Love the quote by Hitchens.

  13. Beatrice says:

    Mark, I’m not sure I would say that Chip makes money off of grief vampirism … although I like the expression as he is a vampire in many ways.

    Chip Coffey is just a bold faced liar. He completely fabricates and lies about anything and everything and I know this from unfortunate personal experience. He is the master manipulator of some extremely ignorant hillbillies who worship him and I am the favorite target of these depraved, deranged grannies from hell. I did not believe there was a hell but it may be located in Alpharetta, Georgia or its gatekeeper lives there, an ugly old granny that would scare the devil himself to look at her.

    Chip Coffey registered my legal birth name as two domain sites in 2005, redirected them to his website and demanded I pay him $3000 for my own name. And that was the day after I became the number one psychic on a psychic line we both worked on.

    I can still hear his voice screaming in the phone when I called him and said, “Are you OK Chip?” and he screeched in my ear. “NO, I AM NOT OK! I’ve been number one all these years and I’m gonna stay number one. I am not going to roll over and play dead . . . Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t roll over and play dead.”

    I never said a word about it until I saw him on Psychic Kids and it is his moral character as well as his utter lack of conscience and zero authentic psychic ability that motivated me to write a Rip Off Report about what he did to me.

    Now, I know this is a skeptic blog and I have gotten my ass kicked any and every time I post on a skeptic blog but thanks for showing people what a dubious diviner this dork really is.

    You have yourself a lovely day now ya hear . . .

  14. Beatrice says:

    I have more in common with skeptics than skeptics realize but I cannot get past their doubts over psychic ability and what that means. I have had heated debates with several online as I mentioned but my experience has been disheartening to say the least.

    For many skeptics, they hear the word “Psychic” and it just triggers all kinds of red flags for them and most of them will say immediately, “There is no such thing. It has never been proven etc ” . . and then they describe typical cold readers as psychics and they’re not psychics. They are cold readers. Then of course the million dollar challenge comes up but with all respect, Mr. Randi also does not know what a real seer does. I have seen some of his tests and they are absolutely ridiculous and just games of chance.

    I don’t play guessing games. I’m not all knowing and I don’t predict the future, but when I get a “hit” you can take it to the bank. I told ding dong Chip Coffey he was going to be on Television. The guy will do anything to be famous. Look how he reacted to my taking over the number one spot on a psychic line. That kind of tenacity for power and control to “be number one” will take a person with no conscience very far in life but not for long. When they crash and they always do, they burn and not in hell either.

    I see the truth of a situation and I always focus on what is happening NOW (which is verifiable) and where that energy is going and sometimes I see the outcome of what a person is creating because there is enough energy to read on. Mostly, I am a teacher and I teach people to be more receptive to the higher planes of consciousness so they can trust their own intuition and not depend on mine.

    Now do enjoy this fine day and it has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance. B

  15. Beatrice says:

    As I was writing my last post, I took this part out because I did not want to press my luck.

    “And I happen to have a lot of dead celebrities that guide me to people. In fact, it was Johnny Carson in spirit that guided me to James Randi but I was not able to get Mr. Randi to allow me to give him a reading for free. Johnny Carson guided me to his friend Dick Clark in October of 2008 and Dick Clark actually called me.”

    I posted my last post and went to check my email and I got this . . .

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Ruta
    Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 12:51 PM
    To: bea marot
    Subject: dick clark

    just died

    The message that Johnny Carson gave to Dick Clark that prompted him to call me was this. “Bea, tell Dick that when he crosses over his wrap party is gonna make his New Year’s Rockin Eve party look like an Amish wedding.”

    • tmac57 says:

      Ohhhh…too bad Beatrice…if you had JUST followed your own instincts we could have had a documented prediction.Isn’t that always, always, always, always, always,the way :(

  16. Beatrice says:

    With skeptics . . . you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t and that is always, always, always, always, always,the way :(

    • tmac57 says:

      Well,we’re still waiting on the “…if you do” part before we can damn it.Psychics never seem to be able to ‘do’,when put to the challenge.

  17. Beatrice says:

    Mark, “Common sense and good intuitive skills is psychic ability.”

  18. Beatrice says:

    Anyways, I am not about to get into a debate with anyone cuz it is a losing battle and no fun so I bid you adieu. Thank you for your time.

  19. Brian Hart says:

    Wait, Beatrice, don’t go!

    Part of the money for the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge came from Johnny Carson!

    Carson and Randi were friends. Can you ask Johnny for a single piece of information that only he, Johnny, and Randi knew?

    That would shut us skeptics up real fast, believe me. Why not ask Johnny? Please.

  20. Beatrice says:

    No, I can’t. That would come through for James Randi. I don’t do dog and pony shows. That would be Chip Coffey’s dept.

  21. tmac57 says:

    Skepchick Rebecca Watson has a better ‘psychic’ prediction success rate than any psychic that I know of.She specifically predicted his death 6 months before he died.Beat that Bea ;)

    • Susan Gerbic says:

      You know Beatrice, if you ever need $50K I’m sure we can arrange a test for you.
      Randi’s challenge might look like chance (funny how they can’t pass even that. I remember Anita having a one in five chance and she didn’t even get that right)but all the tests are designed with both person’s consent.

      At the IIG we go back and forth on how a claim can be testable. Both parties have to sign off on it. It can be months of discussion trying to discover how something can be tested with conclusive results. As a consumer we all want the person we are paying to actually have some kind of proof of their abilities. You don’t want a plumber or someone cutting into your body to have only testimonials and maybe a book as proof.

      What looks like chance in these tests is the raw claim being tested. If someone says they can just look at a picture and tell you all about the person (a common claim by psychics) we need to eliminate all the cold/hot reading problems. We ask the claimant “what can you tell by this picture that can be tested?” It might be, is the person in the picture now dead or still alive? Or what month was this person born in? What is the first name of this person?

      We would use pictures randomized that the psychic didn’t know. We would not allow anyone in the room during the testing that knew the answers to the question. And give the psychic all the time they needed to “connect” to the image they were looking at. There would need to be some kind of odds set up in advance just to eliminate chance. And in the end we should have shown if the psychic is able to do what they claim they can do. Its that easy.

      All tests are designed with whatever the claimant is comfortable doing. So the above example is just that, an example of how to design a fair protocol for both parties.

      Why more psychics don’t take our challenge, I can only speculate on that answer.

  22. Beatrice says:

    I love you guys. You are so precious in your seriousness, but it’s really not that complicated and I think that is the problem with both psychics and skeptics. They both think that it is some kind of gift or supernatural power and it’s not.

    Everyone can do what I do. You body is like a television set and your mind is the receiver and you just have to learn how the universe communicates and that is through symbols. My profound understanding of symbolism is the key to my ability to see more than most. I always say,”I don’t know anything about anyone but the Universe knows everything about everyone and I’m just a good channel for that information.”

  23. Beatrice says:

    Here is another example of what I do.

    In October of 2008, Johnny Carson came to me.

    Johnny Carson was a total skeptic.

    Johnny Carson was very fond of James Randi.

    Johnny Carson gave James Randi seed money for his educational foundation.

    A few months later in January of 2009, I did a reading for skeptic Brian Thompson of The Amateur Scientist.

    I told Brian Thompson that with a chart like his he would be famous. I told him to focus more on comedy skits like Saturday Night Live to promote his skepticism.

    The one and only skeptic I have ever read for in 21 years was hired by James Randi in the summer of 2011.

    Brian Thompson is a High School teacher from Louisiana . . . now working for the most famous skeptic in the world and good friend of Johnny Carson, James Randi

    Are you starting to get the picture?

    James Randi is moving his offices to Hollywood.

    Brian Thompson is getting closer to becoming famous with a little help from my dead friends.

    I have dozens and dozens of stories like this involving dead celebrities guiding me to their friends and family.

  24. Brian Hart says:

    Beatrice, we are so close to getting somewhere, much closer than you think.

    Instead of telling us what HAS happened, please tell us what WILL happen. It’s that simple.

    Something clear and concrete and unusual and, importantly, verifiable.

    Unclear: There will be an earthquake in California this year.

    Clear: On June 15, between 3pm and 5pm, there will be a 5.7 earthquake with it’s epicenter 3 miles southwest of Bakersfield. 14 people will die as a result of a hotel collapse.

    Unclear: A famous celebrity will die in 2012.

    Clear: Jack Nicholson will die in a fiery car crash on the North 405 freeway on November 9, 2012 while driving a blue Ferrari and hitting a silver 2010 Prius.

    So you see, what we want from you is something that has not YET happened, but tell us something that WILL happen.

    We will be shouting your praises to all skeptics, yes, even to Randi. You want to be more famous than Coffey, we’ll make you more famous (and richer) than the Chipster ever dreamed.

    • tmac57 says:

      Brian,Brian,Brian…don’t you know by now it doesn’t work that way? You see psychic ability is er…quantumish,in that for example: You can know that Jack Nicholson WILL die,but not when,and conversely you can know that someone (in the multiverse) WILL die on November 9,2012,but not WHO or where.Once it happens though,it becomes obvious that the psychic WOULD have known,if someone had asked the right question (which would violate quantum theory).Hope this clears things up.

  25. Beatrice says:

    Brian . . . at least you are nice and funny. Must be cuz you have a Hart. This is the best I can do since I am a bringer of joy not doom. Look at the date from my Goddess Central page on Facebook.

    In April of 2010, I told Kim Yarbrough she would be famous by May of 2013 based on the fact that she goes into a major Venus (performing arts) in the 11th house (the public, the masses, profits and gains)

    Fast forward . . . two years later and she made it to the top 20 on “The Voice” this season. And this is a 50 year old African American full figured Goddess not your typical cutesy pop singer.

    I told Arnold S he would become our Governor in June of 2000 and he became our Governor 3 1/2 years later.

    That is what I do. I serve Laksmi the Goddess of fame and fortune. You need to find someone who is connected to Kali the Goddess of death and time. (Kal means time like calendar)

    GODDESS CENTRAL shared a link.
    April 27, 2010 Kim is a powerhouse on so many levels . . . but it is her voice that is going to rock the planet with her song . . .
    The Official Website of Kim Yarbrough

    And Brian, if I wanted to be famous myself, I would be. I like to keep it simple and I don’t want Mark Edwards showing up at my apt. (I’m kidding Mark)

  26. Beatrice says:

    No Max, not everybody. Just my clients. lol . . . it depends on your dreams and what you want to create. I help people create the future that they want and I’m very good at it.

    Now, there is no way no matter what I say that I will ever win any vote of confidence with a skeptic so I must end my participation in this thread before it gets ugly (and it always does) . . .

    I am so over arguing with skeptics you have no idea.

    Y’all enjoy your limitations now ya hear . . .

  27. Beatrice says:

    Just to answer a question before you ask it because I do know how skeptics think having tried to explain what a true seer does to many with no success I might add . . .

    I could have the charts of twins born at the same time and they would have two entirely different destinies even though I would be looking at the exact same chart.

  28. Beatrice says:

    Your Karma and your Dharma aka your Life Lessons and your Life Purpose.
    One leads to the other. . .

  29. Beatrice says:

    Please join me on FB and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    This thread is getting off topic so let’s get back on track.

    Chip Coffey sucks giant monkey balls.

    • Mark Edward says:

      It’s always interesting to note that while psychics tout themselves and their “profound” ways of thinking, they miss the whole point because they are so wrapped up in their own ego/Karnma/Dharma/drama.

      You are either doing something superntaural or you aren’t – you can’t have it both ways dear Beatrice.

      Claiming that you have good people skills and can help clients through positive encouragement and by providing concrete direction is certainly a life work worthy of some praise from those who might benefit from it, but claiming that you can see specific events in the future is a whole other ball game.

      You are mixing some pretty big apples and oranges.

      Anyone who has years of watching and observing basic humnan nature coupled with a good awareness of a person’s background, goals and level of skill in a given area can make educated speculations that will likley come true. If you throw enough crap at a wall, eventually something will stick. There’s nothing psychic or even remotely paranormal about that. In the realm of education what Beatrice does is simply called “guidance couseling.”

      In comment #22 Beatrice seemed to momentarily capitulate by writing something cogent and perhaps letting the real truth slip out when she wrote:

      “They both (skeptics and psychics) think that it is some kind of gift or supernatural power and it’s not. Everyone can do what I do.”

      Truer words have never been written by a psychic here at skepticblog before. Thank you!

      But to clarify: Skeptics that I know emphatically DO NOT think what you or any other bottom feeder out ther does is a “gift” or “supernatural.” Quite the contrary; we think what you do is a con.

      Dozens and dozens of stories are just that: stories. Anecdotes, no matter how compelling, don’t represent any scientific proof of anything paranormal or supernatural – other than your own extra-normal ego stroking.

      Again: In science you can’t have it both ways when it suits you – and don’t give me any of that “quantum” crap either. The IIG has a qualified physicist on board who knows his shit about what that word really means, and it has nothing to do with predicting future events or Johnny Carson.

      I know from working on various 900 phone services(probably for more years than both Chip and Beatrice combined)that without conscience and held only to your own ego gratification, once you start to get testimonials and start thinking you are hot stuff, you can begin believing your own bullshit and end up damaged goods like Beatrice. There are thousands of deluded people like her out there right now giving there “profound” insights on phone lines and in store fronts everywhere you look.

      Isn’t it also intersteing to note that when confronted with reality and a chance to make millions (not to mention turning science up-side down forever) by putting their high and mighty anti-skeptic careers on the line, suddenly only they know what a “true seer” is, and it has to do with all the right buzz words: destiny, Karma, Dharma, Goddess, and on and on.

      And of course they back off by attempting to make us feel unworthy of our research and somewhere below them on that grand Karmic scale by professing to never wanting to be famous. That would be just too much for the universe, right?

      And yet Beatrice says she serves Laksmi, the Goddes of fame and fortune.

      What rubbish!

      BTW: That tired old “You body is like a television set and your mind is the receiver” line has been around since way before television hit the streets and was bandied about back in the radio days by no less a trickster mentalist than old Joe Dunninger, who used it frequently.

      Seriously, these crooks need to get some new material.

  30. Beatrice says:

    Thanks Mark … you just proved me right once again.

    • Mark Edward says:


      Proved you right? Right about what exactly?

      Nice dodge. Using the time-honred twisted charlatan’s method of getting out of a tight squeeze by baiting and switching semantically won’t save you. Talk is cheap (unless it’s a 900 line of course).

      You have absolutely no leg to stand on other than thousands of years of superstitious nonsense and deep down – you know it.

      No wonder you were in such a close race with Coffey to be the best psychic. I can see why and so can anyone else who reads this blog. Please keep it up. Twist and shout baby!

      The only point to be proved remains waiting for you at

      So please bring along one of your dead celebrities so we can all decide you are right once and for all with a mutually agreed upon test.

      Simple really.

  31. Beatrice says:

    And Nicola Tesla said the same thing too.

    “My brain is only a receiver . . In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core but I know that it exists.”

    Does it count for something when one of the greatest scientific minds says it.

    Take care Mark . . . I’m outta here cuz the ugly just showed up.

    • Mark Edward says:

      The ugly hasn’t even begun to show up for you and your ilk.

      Like Tesla, you profess to know something exists but also like Tesla, you won’t have a chance in Hell of penetrating it by working as a psychic.

      Tesla was a scientist.

      Come clean.

      Obtain the knowldege, strangth and inspiration from science, not fairy tales.

    • Max says:

      The brain receives signals from the eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue.

  32. Beatrice says:

    Mark, you are a man who professes to have done more time on a psychic line, then Chip and I put together and you mention at first how open you are and as all skeptics always always do . . . within a few posts reveal their true hateful nature.

    “The ugly hasn’t even begun to show up for you and your ilk.”

    That is really creepy . . . not only do you sound like a Fundamentalist Christian but my keen eye having observed human nature my whole life with total wonder and disbelief at how cruel and mean people are has determined the following.

    Based on common sense alone, I would say that you were an utter fraud (not a healer like myself) and you swindled people for years apparently and now you are “repenting” and pointing the finger to show what the fakers do just like “Marjoe” the televangelist child star of the 1950’s did in 1972 when he brilliantly revealed the scam of the Holy Bible Thumpers.

    Do a documentary about it Mark . . . maybe it will win an Academy Award like Marjoe did.

    Here’s a prediction and you can take it the bank!

    The future of the planet lies in the capable hands of women who nurture life and bring life into this world. You men have shown and proven with scientific precision and peer reviewed certainty that you are complete idiots and can no longer be trusted to guide the way of future generations! Real Men are amazing and I love them . . . but there aren’t many left. We have GMO’s instead ;)

    • Max says:

      Twins who have the same chart have the same Karma and Dharma?
      Are you mixing Hinduism with Western astrology?

  33. Beatrice says:

    Max, I said the exact opposite. That is the problem with the limitations of the mind. People see everything differently and make their own interpretations of words and phrases not intended by the writer.

    I’m a Vedic Astrologer. Western Astrology is 23 degrees off. Also Eastern Astrology has what are called “Dasha Periods” which are dated planetary periods that are like an itinerary of your life and incredibly accurate to determine the Karma and Dharma of a person.

    You always have free will. Nothing is set in stone. What I see, you still have to manifest but if I see it, you can be it. I also see what is blocking you from your highest and I do very powerful guided meditations that clear that blockage and that is the healing aspect of my service to humanity and that is what I do. I am here to serve others . . . not myself.

    You do have a destiny and your doubts and fears may delay it but your soul will manifest it eventually.

    Your future is based on a plan before taking birth, free will to change that plan and unplanned fortune for good or ill.

    Now, I like to be polite so I answered your question Max but please contact me on Facebook if you have any further questions.

    • Max says:

      No Facebook account.
      You said twins with the same chart can have different destinies, so I asked what you can tell just from the chart. You answered Karma and Dharma. So twins with the same chart have the same Karma and Dharma, correct?
      If you accidentally looked at the wrong chart, would you notice?

  34. Mark Edward says:

    Just gotta have that last word huh Bea?

    Ask around the rational thinking world and you will find there’s nothing creepier than a person who says they talk to dead people. Others like Chip who make money trying to convince innocent or troubled children that they too can see and talk to dead people rank even lower.

    Read my book PSYCHIC BLUES and your “keen eye” will quickly find there never has been any need for me to repent about anything. That’s a guilt trip reserved especially for people like you and Chip. My work in the 900 biz was an anathema to their entire buisness operation and I prided myself on being totally skeptical the entire time. Amazingly, by simply telling the whole truth without recourse to any Goddesses, occult charts or scatter-shot predictions, I managed to climb to the top of that slagheap. I left it all behind when people like you and Chip began to equivocate, mislead and ring bogus dead people into the mix.

    Like you said, anyone can do what you do. So if anyone can talk to dead people, why do they need your “nurturing” to do it? Oh wait, I know, they are just not spiritually ready or worthy of that “gift” until you tell them, right?

    Again to be clear, nurturing a person’s life choices are one thing, talking to dead celebrities is quite another. Can you see the difference? If youi can, then you are really one of us after all.

    As to men being complete idiots and women becoming a Goddess society, well, … do what thou wilt. But there are plenty of intelligent women out there who don’t buy into your anti-scientific slant. That whole “man and science are our enemy” sentiment went out of favor after the 60’s generation (myself included)realized that Ban the Bomb didn’t necessarily have anything to do with curing cancer or feeding staving people. Thinking otherwise in today’s world is a dated concept akin to believing Dr. Faustus actually sold his soul to the devil.

    Seriously Bea, who would you rather put your faith in to fix your busted heart valve: the “capable hands” of a doctor in a hospital or Lakshmi, the Goddess of fame and fortune? Or would you just heal yourself, being a healer and all?

    Read Seth Shostak’s excellent article here:

    As Seth wrote: “…but the public’s reaction is the same: this stuff could be dangerous, and besides I don’t understand it. Ergo, I’ll bolster my self-esteem by putting you down because you do.”

    BTW: I don’t see any prediction worth taking to the bank anywhere. What kind of vague predcition was that? Can you be more specific? Otherwise it’s just called a swindle, a fraud or just plain bullshit.

  35. Beatrice says:

    I have not been to a Doctor since 1973.

    Mark, the truth of any success you may have had on a psychic line is simple and there is nothing psychic about it. All anyone ever asks about (at least 90% of the time is LOVE) so it is really easy to read on even for a novice and cold reader which is all you are by your own admission. “Yes, he is coming back . . . No, he’s not.” You are right. Anybody can do a psychic line.

    My connection with the other side is for my own personal enjoyment and I have been meditating since I was 13 years old so I know a lot more then you do about spiritual matters and I say that without meaning any disrespect. I don’t do “crossing over” readings and I think people who do are not genuine.

    This is what I do and this happens to me constantly, not once in a while. for example, I call an actor friend of mine and tell him, “Elvis just told me to tell you to play him.” and he says, “That’s funny Bea, I just got a script about Elvis today but I can’t do it.”

    That’s in the morning. On the same afternoon I hear, “Go to Peet’s Coffee on Sunset” where I end up meeting two women. A New York Actress and an Irish Screenwriter and I hear, “Sopranos” so I tell her, “You should be on the Sopranos.” (A show I never watched) And she says, “I am on the Sopranos!” Then she invites me over to her apartment where I meet her friend Luca and I tell him about Elvis and he says, “My friend Peter Dobson just got that role. He is coming over to celebrate right now.”

    That’s my life . . . and it rocks!

  36. Brian Hart says:

    Beatrice, Beatrice, Beatrice:

    Again with the anecdotes about when you have been right in the past.

    What we are plainly asking you to do here is make one, ONE prediction about the future that you make right here on this blog. One lousy, unambiguous prediction.

    Use whatever method suits you best. We don’t care if you meditate, medicate, cross-over, cross-under, cross-around, Vedic Astrology, Dasha Periods, Karma and Dharma, Johnny Carson’s ghost, Elvis’ spirit, UFOs, Extra-terrestrial contacts, whatever. The method is unimportant to us until you can do or show us something here and now.

    Let’s forget about the past, let’s forge forward to new and brighter future, OK?

  37. Susan Gerbic says:

    Wow you all have been busy with this conversation while I’ve been driving and hanging out at SkeptiCal. Oddly one of the speakers tomorrow is Brian Thompson. I just sent him a message to come over and read this blog. Would love to hear his side of the story. I mean if Johnny Carson is really going to be giving advice… I can use some also.

    Also odd is that Mark mentions a certain physics member of the IIG. I’ve just spent the last couple hours sitting next to him. Wonder what the odds are that all these things could come together tonight. Add the fact that we were talking about James Randi and it gets weirder.

    I noticed that Bea hasn’t commented on my post about testing a protocol.

    BTW Chip is still a drip!

  38. Beatrice says:

    Brian Thompson is the reason I cringe when dealing with skeptics. I was very pleased to read for Brian as I had never read for a skeptic before. I read for him and then he interviewed me for his podcast for two hours and reduced it to 30 minutes. He edited it to the point where he actually put wrong answers to his questions. I just love that honest objectivity, fairness and critical thinking that I NEVER find among skeptics.

    I was very nice to him and even that he call “ass kissery” and he soon turned into an “asshole.” He also spun many things I said which is another common trait I have found among skeptics. They spin everything I say and give it their own meaning or take one sentence out of context thereby changing the whole point. It has already happened on this thread.

    Brian said that I predicted he would be on Saturday Night Live and I never said any such thing. What I said was, that he should use humor and do SNL type skits to promote his skeptic beliefs. And he did which is one of the reasons James Randi hired him according to his blog about it.

    I also focused my energy on Tim Farley from “What’s The Harm” and I sent him a few clips of the death and harm caused by Pharmaceuticals and he also was hired by James Randi. I have a golden touch, I tell ya.

    Tim Farley is a blatant example of “Skeptic Double Standards” which is so prevalent among you so called critical thinkers . . Tim Farley’s entire fucking site is one anecdote after another . . . and nothing else. The hypocrisy is baffling.

    Brian also falsely claimed that I was pushing him to do a radio show with me. The truth is I wanted to do a radio show called, “The Skeptic and The Psychic” not necessarily with him but I wanted to partner with a funny skeptic. But after dealing with skeptics for three years, I have come to the conclusion that skeptics are as bad if not worse than any religious fanatics.

    I mean Michael Edward is rallying the “Westboro Baptist Church of Skeptics” right now to protest Chip Coffey’s events which I find incredibly funny.
    I now understand why Chip is so scared. Michael’s on a mission and he ain’t playin.

    I would never do a radio show with any skeptic because so far, I can predict with 100% accuracy what skeptics will do. And that is turn into vicious, cruel, mean, narrow minded, assholes guaranteed. It happens every single time with clockwork precision. The first post is always . . . “We welcome all points of view” and by the fourth post … the insults start flying. Thank you Michael Edward for proving my point.

    Brian Thompson will be famous because I said so. There’s your one prediction Brian Hart. Exactly when, I deleted his chart so I don’t know but he will be and I wish him well.

    Many of my clients will become famous in the next four years and they will all have one thing in common … ME. I already told you of one . . . the amazingly talented and beautiful Kim Yarbrough. That’s two predictions of pending fame for you Mr. Hart . . . and in Kim’s case it will happen by May of 2013. She is on her way and millions of Americans already saw her rock the house on “The Voice.”

    The proof I told her she was going to be famous is on my Goddess Central page on FB if you scroll down to April 2010.

    Have a wonderful and spiritually serendipitous day . . .

    Cheers . . .

  39. Beatrice says:

    And Michael . . .I think I will call myself a Psychic Guidance Counselor. I like that. Thank you.

  40. Martin H. Salt says:

    When my wife finished reading Chip Coffey’s book she felt disappointed and used.

    Disappointed: Due to the fact that he comes across like a flim-flam man or a carnival huckster. Coffey offers all kinds of pop psychology to some very complex mental and emotional issues that troubled juveniles are going through.

    Used: She felt as though he only wrote a few pages of the book and a ghost writer was brought in to do the grunt work. The one chapter title that she felt he did come up with, and possibly the only real contribution he made, was the chapter entitled “TRUE TALES I NEVER TIRE OF TELLING”. That cornpone title sounds like something Coffey would think up.

    But one thing no one has shared here is a recent blog he posted on his infomercial website/blog site. (He never blogs on any topic unless it is about him.)

    Just a few things I would like to point out:

    -Notice how he needs to degrade anyone who happens to question his claims. Either you are closed-minded or you are jealous of his success.

    – If you ask or raise any point that he does not like he says he is being “attacked”.

    – Chip waffles on claims concerning his great-grandmother. Coffey now says people just talked about her while in the past she was widely known and greatly respected. If such a person had the gifts he claims she did, was she also a licensed doctor? Going by Coffey’s disclaimer, he cannot deal with medical issues — you have to visit a doctor for medical advice.

    – Lastly, note how he calls anyone who might post anything he personally does a word that is less than complimentary.

    A snake oil salesman, for sure. A psychic, channeler, and spiritual counselor, doubtful.

  41. Max says:

    Beatrice, my prediction is that your predictions for a client would be no worse if you used a different person’s chart than if you used the client’s chart.

  42. Beatrice says:

    Brian Thompson, if you do read this . . . Congratulations! You’re almost there and actually my prediction in the context of what fame means to me has already occurred. You are now famous among skeptics.

    I always explain fame thusly . . .

    There is worldwide fame, there is fame in your community and there is fame in your field. You are already famous in your field. Although I doubt you will achieve world wide fame . . . I do feel you will be the go to guy to represent the Randi Foundation and the Skeptic Agenda in interviews for radio and television. You will be as famous as say Chip Coffey. Most people have no clue who he is and his fame is limited to those interested in the paranormal. But he is famous among psychics . . . and I told him he would be on television too. (Did I mention my guides are in charge of Hollywood?)

    Good luck!

    Oh and my new idea for a radio show is called,

    “Get In Da Fuckin Light Demon!”

    (and you have to say it with a Brooklyn accent)

  43. Beatrice says:

    Thank you Max and you are right . . .

  44. Phea says:

    Wow… interesting thread. I almost feel like it’s a “cosmic” birthday present… almost.

    I’m a skeptic, but I also try to be a gentleman, (a gentleman is simply a man who behaves in a way that doesn’t make others feel uncomfortable in his presence). Sometimes that can be very difficult, and I must admit there have been times I’ve actually been the opposite of a gentleman.

    I tend to file psychics in the same folder as “people who do gods work”, (as if “god” would actually need hired help). Some, (the self-deluded), actually believe what they are telling others. Some, know it’s a lie, but do it anyway for a wide variety of reasons. The reasons can range from an inability to come to terms with lost faith, to the other end of the spectrum, which is pure greed.

    One of the easiest things in this world to do is justify and rationalize, (at least to ourselves), our actions. Here is a short list of the ones I used when I was a con-man selling encyclopedias door-to-door back in the early ’70’s.

    My pitch only takes advantage of greedy people who will lie to get something for nothing. You can’t cheat an honest man.

    I’d rather be a hammer than a nail, a predator rather then prey.

    If I didn’t do it, someone else would.

    If just one G.I., (yes, I mainly sold to gullible, young G.I. couples), is motivated to go back to school and improve his life, it’s worth ripping off the rest.

    I’m only taking $15.00 a month… money he’d probably piss away on beer or waste in some other way.

    I’m not doing anything different than what the big boys do with TV ads, (lie), I’m just doing it one “customer” at a time.

    I’m only taking his money, and he is at least getting something in return.

    If he realizes later that he’s been conned, it was a cheap affordable lesson that might save him a lot more down the road.

    That’s a short list just off the top of my head. I’m sure you’ve got your own list of why you do what you do. If not, feel free to use or modify some of the ones I’ve listed.

  45. Beatrice says:

    Wow, that’s original for sure Phea and as nonsensical as anything I’ve heard but thank you for being a gentleman about it. Very much appreciated. But come to think of it . . . comparing me to an Encyclopedia has a ring of verite to it, since I am a wealth of knowledge. :)

    Here are some of my clients . . . I have the honor to GUIDE those amazing beings that are here to HEAL THE PLANET . . . THE RAINBOW WARRIORS BABY AND MOST OF THEM ARE WOMEN AND CHILDREN . . . AND A FEW GOOD MEN.

    Oh and I’ve got a new friend battin’ for your team on the other side and he came to me within a week of his “dancin in the light” The illustrious Mr. Christopher Hitchens . . . Lovely chap, I delight in his etymology and wondrous wit and he is helping me write this right now.

    Wooooo Hooooo!!!


  46. Phea says:

    I checked your FB page. I noticed you “only believe in love”. Have you thought much about love, what it is, and isn’t? Actually, I’m sure you have. I’m still working on that one, but wrote down a few thoughts about it here: (the blog is called, “Some truth I’ve learned about love, and myths I no longer believe”).

    I would have just copied it, but it’s a bit long. I’m not sure you’ll agree with what I’ve learned, but it might contain some new ideas for you to consider.

  47. Beatrice says:

    Thank you Phea. I checked out your blog and I feel ya but the LOVE I am talking about is not between two people. It’s an energy, the highest most noble frequency of human expression and when you vibrate from that frequency, your life becomes truly magical. AND YOU CANNOT FAKE IT.

    So many, if not most people vibrate at a very low frequency of fear, anger, anxiety, greed etc . . . what in ancient times we called demonic . . . in modern times we call sociopathic. These types of energies cross all classes, levels of education and degrees of wealth. These energies lie on a dime and all they care about is money, power and control. The world is run by these types of energies. The world is run by sociopaths and most of them are highly educated.

    I am not motivated by money and that is the truth. I read for free all the time when I feel the person needs it or merits it. When I do need something, I ask for it on a spiritual level and somebody will just give it to me within a few days. That’s the “POWER OF LOVE and it moves us all.”
    “Imagine” is my theme song and how I live my life. I don’t need or want to own anything other than my own power.

    And apply this simple truth in your life and see what happens Phea.

    “The Universe does not respond to your anger . . . it responds to your love. The Universe does not respond to your fear . . . it responds to your trust and faith.”

    And when you let that knowledge permeate every cell in your body and proceed in life from that absolute truth, you will see your life change in the most beautiful way very quickly. The truth is the same for everyone and the truth cannot be written in scripture, or controlled in a scientific experiment . . . it must be experienced in life.

    I call The Bible, The Torah and The Koran, “Trouble, Trouble and more Trouble.” Those lame ass books actually teach people how to vibrate low so the “Men in Black” can control the masses with bullshit and promise of everlasting life later if you listen to our bullshit now and give us your money, your life and your power and on that point I agree with skeptics and atheists. There is no such thing as “GOD” in the scriptural sense. You’re God, I’m God, We’re all God. We just need to learn to create from love and not fear.

    Feel free to friend me on Facebook Phea.

  48. Phea says:

    I disabled my FB account, as it was starting to creep me out. Simple truths… thanks for sharing one. Here’s one I figured out. “Give more than you take, and you will receive more than you need.”

    I know from my experience with them that infants are born knowing how to take. I’ve never been very impressed with people who excel at taking. Giving, is something that must be learned because it, (outwardly and in some ways, instinctively), is at odds with our self-preservation and survival instincts. I have no proof guaranteeing the validity of this truth, other than it’s always been something that worked for me, (the Universe seems to respond to giving).

    Oh, and the Universe does indeed respond to fear and anger, just not very often in a positive way.

  49. Beatrice says:

    No Phea, it does not respond to your anger and your fear . . . “the not very positive” is your own anger and fear manifesting itself in a not very positive way.

  50. Beatrice says:

    To Martin H. Salt . . . I just now read what your wrote on the 17th of April and I wanted to share what I posted on FB on March 2.

    Beatrice Marot
    March 2
    “Everyone has a book inside them, which is exactly where I think it should, in most cases, remain.” Christopher Hitchens

    Here’s to you Salt . . . a shot of Johnny Walker Black … The Breakfast of Champions. Accept no substitute.

  51. Beatrice says:

    what you wrote . . . sorry.

  52. Beatrice says:

    Mark Mark Mark . . . you really need to take a chill pill. Sorry, I just saw this post and I would like to address it if I may.

    April 20, 2012 at 5:02 pm
    Proved you right? Right about what exactly?


    Nice dodge. Using the time-honred twisted charlatan’s method of getting out of a tight squeeze by baiting and switching semantically won’t save you. Talk is cheap (unless it’s a 900 line of course).


    You have absolutely no leg to stand on other than thousands of years of superstitious nonsense and deep down – you know it.


    No wonder you were in such a close race with Coffey to be the best psychic. I can see why and so can anyone else who reads this blog. Please keep it up. Twist and shout baby!




    The only point to be proved remains waiting for you at
    So please bring along one of your dead celebrities so we can all decide you are right once and for all with a mutually agreed upon test.
    Simple really.




    • Max says:

      Re: Making money for being a psychic

      The question is, why do you have no problem with making money for being a psychic in uncontrolled conditions, but decline money for being a psychic in controlled conditions?

      • tmac57 says:

        For some reason,skepticism, and a controlled environment seems to make psychic phenomena vanish into thin air.Very curious.
        I guess that make skepticism more powerful than psi.No wonder they fear us.

      • Max says:

        Even more powerful than a Tantric Guru.

      • Beatrice says:

        You guys just don’t get it . . . you think being a psychic means guessing games and being all knowing and predicting the future and it does not. The only way I could prove my psychic ability is IN REAL TIME, IN A REAL ENVIRONMENT, in a thing called LIFE would be in a long term study of say reading for six people once a month over a year and then you would understand what I do.

        I am going to give you one last example and then I’m going to save my breath.

        LAST TRY TO EXPLAIN WHAT I DO NOT WHAT YOU SKEPTICS THINK BEING PSYCHIC IS ABOUT . . . Years ago, I was reading for an actress and I said, “You’re going to get a script and there’s something dark about it . . . it’s not dark but there’s something dark about it.” And she calls me the same afternoon and says, “Bea, I got a script for a new TV show called Dark Angel.”

        “OK, let me read on it again.” When something I see or hear happens, then I have to look at it again to get more information on it. You do understand I READ ENERGY AND NOW THERE IS MORE ENERGY TO READ ON BECAUSE SHE HAS A SCRIPT CALLED DARK ANGEL IN HER HAND.

        So I tune into it again and I said, “Lisa-Ann, you know, I’m sorry but I’m getting that the lead is going to go to someone that looks a lot like you but she is a little stronger in her physique but you’re going to get a guest spot on the show.”

        And that is exactly what happened. Jessica Alba got the lead and Lisa Ann Cabasa did get a guest spot on the show Dark Angel.


      • Max says:

        How is it different from what fake psychics do? Throw out a lot of vague guesses, count anything that even remotely matches the guess as a hit, provide your rationale after the fact, exaggerate how specific you were with every retelling of the story, and forget the many misses.

      • Beatrice says:

        Fear YOU???? Puhlease . . . If I had a chance to debate you in a live environment, you would be cryin home to yo mama in less than an hour . . .

      • Beatrice says:

        I wrote this on facebook when it happened . . . AGAIN REAL LIFE IN REAL TIME . . .

        Beatrice Marot
        March 26
        How is this for instant confirmation. I read for a dear friend regarding a break-up she is going through for 45 minutes and I was still on the phone when she got an email from her boyfriend in which he wrote the same exact same things I said to her, in some cases word for word. lol

        It’s like “OK, NOW do you believe me??” :)

      • Max says:

        If your correct word-for-word guess was, “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts,” I’ll believe you. If it was, “It’s not you, it’s me,” then I’m not impressed.

      • tmac57 says:

        Bea,if your were truly psychic,you would have known that my ‘mama’ passed away in 2008,and would probably not have made such a crass remark.But since I don’t believe you can have such knowledge,I will pass it off as a silly remark instead.

  53. Beatrice says:

    Mark . . . I really want you to think about the things you have written about me. This is what in the New Age world they call “PROJECTION” You are projecting falsehoods about me based on the truth about yourself. You “were” the con, the charlatan, the clever manipulator, the predator.

    I am a healer and a friend . . .

  54. Beatrice says:

    My dear skeptic friends . . . I promised myself the last time that I tried to have an intelligent exchange with your “ilk” that I would never ever participate in a skeptic blog again because it is a lesson in futility. Skeptics think they are very intelligent but I have found them to be narrow minded, unoriginal and tedious in their idiotic responses and clearly clueless comebacks. They are mean, petty and always remind me of evangelicals touting science instead of scripture and non believers be damned.

    But, I tried once again and once again, I have failed to get you guys to understand that your idea of what a real psychic is . . . is not a real psychic.

    What is it about men (and some women) that really believe that medical science which involves, “poisoning, drugging, cutting, radiation, electroshock therapy, insulin induced comas, lobotomies” which all are now or were at one time touted under the name of “Science” (and all have proved fatally wrong) as somehow beneficial to our health . WOW WHAT A FUCKED UP WORLD YOU LIVE IN.

    What kind of moron would inject poison into a child because some medical-industrial demons “made a huge marketing campaign about how vaccines cured polio” when the truth is better sanitation and hygiene cured polio but let’s not credit that. Science has tortured and murdered millions of monkeys, dogs, cats, rats in the name of your health and well being. But animal sacrifice has always been par for the course of demonic activity. Sociopaths have no empathy and love to torture living beings.

    But you know the Bible and the Clergy isn’t working anymore to CONTROL the minds of the masses so the NEW RELIGION OF MEDICAL SCIENCE has stepped in to take over the fine job of attending to the deplorable task of destroying the human spirit forcing people into believing bullshit and lies. I see the truth and I always will . . .

    Here’s to your health!

  55. Beatrice says:

    Let me leave you all by getting back on topic.

    Chip Coffey . . . here is a lesson in Karma which you know nothing about or you would have had the foresight not to betray my friendship. You rallied a bunch of ignorant hicks to cyber stalk me, lie about me and cyber bully me for years. And when Kimberly Glasnapped because I found out she uses animal rescue to scam people through “CHIP INS” no less . . . you called her to encourage her like the hypocrite that you are. Here is your Karmic boomerang in the form of highly determined Mr. Mark Edward and there are a couple of others such as Kirby and Ron.

    And although Mark puts me in the same category as your sorry ass . . . I hope he gives me a chance some day and we can get together and have a nice chat.

    Now Mark, thank you for your time and I do mean it, if you would ever like to get together for a spot of tea and a tete a tete, please do get in touch with me. I would be happy to do so. No need to bash each other. We are all doing the best we can with what we know. The knowledge I have and hope to share some day on a bigger scale is to help human consciousness to evolve to a higher state.

    All the best!

    • tmac57 says:

      Fascinating!!! Iv’e heard of ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop’ before,but this is the first ‘Good Psychic-Bad Psychic’ show that I have seen (all within the same person mind you).Reminds me of ‘Sybil’.

  56. Brian Hart says:

    . . . If I had a chance to debate you in a live environment, you would be cryin home to yo mama in less than an hour . . .

    Beatrice, I would love to set up a live environment for you and Mark Edward to have a reasonable and moderated debate in public here in Los Angeles. We can take as much time as you like to schedule it, and work out all the ground rules. I assure you that there will be no surprises and no “gotchas”.

    What do you say?


  57. Beatrice says:

    Wow, I really hit the skeptic jackpot here. I had no idea who Mark Edward was but he’s “The Dude” isn’t he? Chip Coffey is wiping his skid marks right now!! Chip, you would need balls to handle Mark here and your set of peas won’t do the job that’s for sure.

    Whereas me, it’s like I said to Bobby De Niro once, “You know Bob, it takes a lot of balls to do what I’m here to do on this planet and if I was a man, my balls would be so big, I’d be sittin on ‘em like a couple of bean bags.”

    Cheers Brian, but no thank you. After what Brian Thompson did to me, there is no way I will ever trust another skeptic. I came to him in good faith that he would be fair and honest and he was anything but. He lied, twisted my words, put wrong answers to my questions. Never ever again.

    • Mark Edward says:

      Nice try Brian, but I guess Bea’s balls are not that big after all. When people start using ALL CAPS, I’d say they have made their point and should probably do as they have written they would do twenty or so comments ago and just go away.

      To get back to the real thread and away from another psychic piggy-backing on Chip’s coat-tails, BTW: This kind of hijacking happened before during the Bonnie Vent fiasco (see the threads from Jan. 2010) with Bonnie and another rival medium named “Cherokee Billy” going at it over who was the real Michael Jackson medium. Ridiculous.

      To Chip Coffey:

      One more time; My offer still goes out to you to meet on a neutral ground somewhere, sometime and work together to do what both you and your nemesis Beatrice say you both want to do:
      “…help human consciousness to evolve to a higher state.”

      Right! I’m all for it!

      In lieu of actually meeting face to face on “The View” or “Anderson” or in a real testing situation, I offer this easy way to prove to me and me alone; mano e mano that you can commune with the dead. If your higher state involves talking to dead people and sharing that “consciouness” with children by encouraging them to do so, I will believe your claims, but if and only if you can tell me a few simple childhood facts from my decesaed parents:

      1)The name of my first pet dog.

      2) What this dog used to do that I have the one and only photograph of in my possession.

      3) What my mother wished to be in a future re-incarnation.

      If you can get one of these right, I will call off the hounds of skepticism from closing in on your worthless act, which I assure you they will do sooner or later.

      So, any one of those three questions should be good to go, right? I’d settle for two out of three, which is better odds than the IIG or Randi would give you.

      Let’s have it.

      Beatrice: Feel free to contact any of your spirit guides on the other side for the answers as well – no tea necessary thanks.

      I’m waiting.
      Hi Mom!

      • Beatrice says:

        It’s funny Mark but I said to myself, I should not have used ALL CAPS because it’s going to annoy him. And as usual I was right. ;)

        You just don’t have the balls to meet me.

        See ya when I see ya . . . and I will leave that up to the other side.

        Keep going after the hoodlums and take care of that heart condition . . .

      • Beatrice says:

        Mark you wrote, to do what both you and your nemesis Beatrice say you both want to do:
        “…help human consciousness to evolve to a higher state.”

        The only thing Chip Coffey wants to do is to help his bank account evolve to a higher state.

        Do not compare me with another charlatan like yourself Mark. The only difference is you came clean and he keeps on lying . . .

  58. Brian Hart says:

    I am neither Brian Thompson or Mark Edward. I would set up a fair debate with the rules agreed upon by you.

    I will remind you of your own words:

    . . . If I had a chance to debate you in a live environment, you would be cryin home to yo mama in less than an hour . . .


    …The only way I could prove my psychic ability is IN REAL TIME, IN A REAL ENVIRONMENT

    Beatrice, I will give you that opportunity. Fairly. You will not be shut down, you will not be blindsided, you will both be moderated to keep within the rules that you yourself set in advance.

  59. Beatrice says:

    As I said Brian, I’m sorry but no can do. However there is a reason that I was guided here beyond what is evident and when the time comes I will let you know what that reason is. It has to do with your friend James Randi. Let him know that Johnny Carson awaits him with bended spoon! ;)

    Please trust me and let’s let spirit play it out the way that actually might help you change your mind about the truth of life after this life. It should not be too long now. Much love and light to you Mr. Hart and I’m certain you do have a heart . . and I look forward to connecting with it one day. I will just let my guides handle the details.

  60. JanBrady says:

    Think what you like about Beatrice, she is vastly more entertaining than Chip could ever hope to be LOL

    It seems the fans of “Psychic Kids” love to tout the credentials of “Dr Lisa Miller” and “Edie Nathan” whenever challenged. Apparently the inclusion of these “professionals” have completely eliminated the possibility of emotional, psychological or physiological maladies that may have been troubling some of the kids featured on that atrocious show that claimed to “see dead people”.

    I have to assume it would be in the financial best interest of these “professionals” to make any diagnosis necessary to fit with the presumption of the implied psychic abilities “these poor kids are struggling to cope with”. Even the most dedicated of professionals may abandon their hypocritical oath for a big enough paycheck from a major cable network.

    I personally would love to get some post symptomatic opinions from staff members at John Hopkins or perhaps Mayo Brothers after viewing a few episodes of “Psychic Kids”. The youngsters that weren’t just acting out for attention or just to get on TV (like many normal children would) may have been in dire need of real medical attention not the reprehensible exploitation of charlatans, quacks and greedy network executives.

    • Beatrice says:

      Dear JanBrady . . . I just saw what you wrote just now.

      This is too funny. At first I thought you may be one of Chip’s friends because you used the name Jan Brady. And here is why.

      This is what I wrote on a blog on Myspace in November of 2008 that started this insane cyber bullying by Chip Coffey and his hillbilly friends. A woman named Kelly was on Paranormal State and she wrote a blog where she denounced Chip Coffey and the show as being fake.

      I went to that blog to lend her support and this is the first thing I wrote.

      Bea Real

      Please sing to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song. lol

      Here’s the story of a lovely lady

      Who had a ghost and called Paranormal State

      And she soon realized that they were phony

      But it was just too late

      And now she and Chip Coffey are going at it

      And who knows how long it’s gonna take

      And I hope she can prove beyond a doubt

      That Paranormal State is fake!

      Posted by Bea Real on Nov 14, 2008 9:42 AM

      This is what I mean . . . you can’t make this stuff up. May I ask you what prompted you to use the name Jan Brady? :)

  61. Beatrice says:

    I was rereading this thread and I have to say it gets confusing with these offshoots of replies and that’s why I did not see what Mark wrote on the 17th of April but he accused me of something that was false and he just did it again.

    “To get back to the real thread and away from another psychic piggy-backing on Chip’s coat-tails”


    Mark, by your own admission you swindled people for YEARS and now you’ve done the bait and switch you accused me and you’re playing for the other team. Mark, I would have more respect for you and your sincerity in walking away from being a liar and cheat . . . if you just gave your knowledge about the tricks of your fake psychic trade for free. You are asking $45 FOR A BOOK on your website. Don’t you think that’s a little steep? I could not live with myself if I thought for a minute that I was swindling people . . . and yet you did it with no remorse for years and years.

    And now you’re bashing Chip Coffey. You are both the same exact energy even though you’re playing opposite ends of the field.

    And then you have me . . . no book, no TV show, no desire for fame, just healing hearts one at a time and walking in the light with a foot in both worlds and I get what I need daily, which is love and appreciation. Love is all I need.

    Brian my comment about a debate was directed at tmac57 and was more of a joke as a response to the silly assertion that I am in fear of skeptics.

    Mark Edward is not someone I would ever trust to be fair and honest. He has too big of a CHIP on his shoulder. Oooooh I just had to say it. I know it’s a chip I mean cheap shot, but I like to laugh a lot and I crack myself up.

    Now, Mark please be a gentleman and quit baiting me which is another trait you have in common with Chip Coffey. You call it guerrilla skepticism. I call it bullying.

    I see a lot more into you Mark now that I have read some of your other blogs. You got shafted because apparently you betrayed the Magician’s Oath of Omertà and you were the left out in the cold for awhile and now you have found warmth in the arms of skeptics and I am so glad you did.

    Love is all you need too. . .

  62. Mark Edward says:

    The original “PSYCHIC BLUES” referred to as a “swindle” from my website might be worth a whole lot more than $45 to someone who cares to peel back the psycho-onion on cunning twisters like Beatrice Marot. But if that’s too much for her (or anyone else) to find advantageous in order to learn some revealing facts about people like herself and her elaborate, well rehearsed 900 phone spiels, I totally understand. Been there, done that. The truth is not always cheap.

    As mentioned in a previous blog, inquiring minds will soon be able to get the mass market version from Amazon after it is published by Feral House Books on May 15th. Inside the secrets of some of the great contemporary psychic cons are laid bare and folks like Bea are skewered like the bottom-feeding fish wives we who have toiled long in that psychic sweat-shop world know they are. In fact, I suggest that Bea get a copy. There is a section called “The Big Secret” that she is destined to relate to and likely make good use of.

    For people with the sort of all encompassing-deep-cosmic compassion Bea spews, it’s truly a “pick and choose” world of “occult science.” She’s all over the map. Whether it’s her nastily mis-placed mafia reference to “Omerta” magic betrayal or psychically speculating that I was “out in the cold” because I saw through so many scams like hers over the years – it’s just too much, isn’t it?

    Cold? Nothing could be farther from the truth. I sat as close to the burning bush of psychic fraud for as long as I could stand it until I had enough inside information to tank a hundred charlatans like Beatrice Marot.

    When a person with a little knowledge (and I use the word “knowledge” with reservations here)like Bea uses the prattle she has endlessly regurgitated on this blog as her version of a “higher consciousness” consisting of a harried hodge-podge of mind control paranoia, anti-religion, anti-vaccine,anti-science, anti- medicine rants including “poisoning, drugging, cutting, radiation, electroshock therapy, insulin induced comas, lobotomies” and on and on, one must conclude that she’s doing her best to cover all the bases here, – or nuts – or both.

    As if all that wasn’t enough, she then attempts to distance her own brand of pop ethos from her rival Chip Coffey,(or whatever latest psi-fad of the moment she may not have had time to assimulate) but still ends up falling back on some personal variant of shaky self-help 80’s multi-universe woo. It’s a confusing stew of this and that which ultinmately leaves my head spinning, but is just the ticket to keep an unwary seeker of truth on the line for hours in the 900 phone business.

    So which is the part of all that universal cosmic all-you-need-is lovely hippy-shit that talks to dead people again?

    As a person who managed to live through the 60’s with the most open mind you could imagine, reading or listening to this kind of blatant equivocation is just time badly spent. I was never a believer in woo, but through it all (and I’m not done by a long shot)I prided myself on having nonetheless lived life looking at magical thinking with a wary – but very open eye. Third eye too. Bea’s rap is not Bucky Fuller, Carlos Castaneda or John Lilly – this is just the worst form of condescending Sylvia Browne style crap so sadly popular in our society today.

    So Beatrice, please don’t waste any more words trying to pity me and my poor plight as a skeptic.

    I got your drift and I for one have had enough of it.

    So get your last words in, which I predict you will…

    • Phea says:

      In case you haven’t figured it out, a part of Beatrice is always in “psychic mode”. While not having been directly involved in any type of 900 con, I can’t help believing one of the ways you could get rated #1, (actually, the only rating worth anything), is revenue you personally generated.

      One thing you would NEVER do is let the mooch, (a “mooch” is what we called a “receptive individual”, in other words, a gullible idiot), get the last word in… any psychic worth his/her salt will ALWAYS respond to keep the clock ticking. I’m sure that like doing anything else repetitively, habits are formed and a good one to have would be to always respond.

      The only question I as an interested, skeptical, and for the most part, observer of this thread, is: Is Bea delusional and pretty much harmless, or deceptive, devious, and dangerous? Someone to feel sorry for, or someone to be careful of? I vote for the former. I truly wish for her to be well and happy.

      Beatrice, bless her heart, is a #1 psychic, she believes in reincarnation, vedic astrology, spirit guides, dead celebrity guides, ancient goddesses, men in black, and oh yeah, she believes, “common sense and good intuitive skills is psychic ability”, but that she, herself is a modern day psychic “priestess”. There is a great deal more she believes that she spells out on her website:

      Oh, and she’s not a bad looking woman.

      • Beatrice says:

        I don’t believe anything. I know what I’m talking about. Goddess Central was a gift for my birthday in 1996 so the photos are from when I was 36. I am now 51 and still not bad looking.

        You forgot to mention my partner in True Magic . . . Merlin who is my main spirit guide. I always say, “The only reason I’m here and Merlin isn’t is because I lost the coin toss.”

  63. Beatrice says:

    You need a big hug . . .

  64. Beatrice says:

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    • tmac57 says:

      Skeptics think they are very intelligent but I have found them to be narrow minded, unoriginal and tedious in their idiotic responses and clearly clueless comebacks. They are mean, petty and always remind me of evangelicals touting science instead of scripture and non believers be damned.

      -Beatrice Marot

  65. JanBrady says:

    I guess this is you and bea’s little private bitch fight huh? not approving anyone else comments?

  66. Beatrice says:

    Tmac57 I’m not sure why you put that particular quote up but thank you.

    Mark has proven he’s as clueless as any skeptic I’ve dealt with. He thinks I use a script, which is absurd. Real seers do not use scripts . . . maybe fake ones do, but I wouldn’t know.

    Mark knows all about that kind of chicanery and you can read all about it for a price. If you want to know what a con artist does then please read the “redeemed” fake psychic’s book.

    If you want to learn what a real psychic and healer does, give me a call. I will give you a reading free of charge.

    Now, I am going to respect Mark’s wishes and end posting here.

    I bid you adieu . . .

  67. Mark Edward says:

    What are the chances this is the last we will hear from Marot
    the real psychic healer? Bets?

  68. Beatrice says:

    Mark, I’m so sorry. I’m not going to post anymore but I just have to clarify one thing for you. I do not work on any psychic lines anymore. I only worked on Keen from 2003 to 2005 and that’s it. (I am listed on one obscure line but rarely get a call.)

    I do about five or six readings A WEEK and my sessions are one to two hours. It takes a lot of energy to tune into someone and really really channel.

    Like you, I think John Edwards, James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne and you know who are all full of it.

    My fortune borders on poverty not wealth. It’s the wealth of knowledge that I have and amazing experiences that I share and the joy of helping others that is the reason why I do what I do. I HAVE to connect with spirit and feel the love from above within me. That’s where my heart is.
    I am the real deal, not the movie and television version so many people are duped by.

    Thanks for your time and sorry that I upset you but if you ever want to be mainstream you need to relax and take the edge off dude. Get rid of the manic, crazy, I’m gonna get you and showing up at events where you’re not welcome. Instead, do a comedy act. Take your experiences and be a comedian about it and you will be way happier and more successful too. (not that you are not now,) but I guarantee you will get more TV gigs if you change your approach.


  69. Beatrice says:

    Brian . . . you will find eight ripoff reports about me and all kinds of horrible shit all written by Chip Coffey and his nutcase friends Tammy Allenduff and Tanila Price who have been cyber bullying me and stalking me since 2008. . . and most recently a crazy lady named Kimberly Glasnapp that I fostered two dogs for who chronicled all this bullying and Chip Coffey called her and encouraged her to continue. . . but thanks for the memories.

    And thanks for showing your true colors as well. . . .

    • Max says:

      Yeah, if women ruled the world, we’d have peace in no time.

      • Beatrice says:

        Yeah, I know how you feel Max. You men are doing such a good job . . .

        There has not been a decade that has gone by in the centuries since the white man came and stole the land of and murdered the extraordinary native people of their rightful land where they have lived for thousands of years, that we have not waged war and enslaved the masses to a cause that is the biggest con of western civilization . . . waging war for peace and democracy. What a fucking joke.

        We honor genocidal maniacs like Christopher Columbus and George Washington. We say the “Founding Fathers” when we should say the “Thieving Murderers.”

        We have a three strikes law that puts a man in jail for life for stealing a pack of cigarettes yet, the men who steal billions of dollars get nothing other then an occasional patsy like Charles Keating or Bernie Madoff. We have a death sentence for a murderer unless the murder is sanction by the Government and then we have a Medal of Honor.

        And I could go on and on and on . . .

      • tmac57 says:

        Beatrice,you have opened my eyes,I now realize that there are so many more things in this world to worry about than a phony psychic trying to con someone out of their hard earned money,and give them false hope.
        I now also realize that as a white male,that I should be totally ashamed of myself for being a white male,and apparently being responsible for all of the evils in the world.What was I thinking!!!?
        Now if you’ll excuse me,I need to schedule a sex change,and try to get outside and get a good sunburn,or maybe just flay the nasty white flesh from my bones.That’s the least that I can do for all of my circumstantial sins.Right?

      • Beatrice says:

        Flay on!

        Sin is another man made delusion designed to enslave the masses …

  70. Beatrice says:

    You know Brian, I was trying to leave on a positive note and you do what all skeptics do that prove once again how stupid and mean they all are and I mean every single last one of them. You post a blog of a woman who does not know me at all and was under the direction of Chip Coffey to bully me to no end and here she the ugly hick with her equally deranged hillbilly husband . . .

    This is what her husband has on his profile about himself on myspace and she is the lucky woman who caught this man’s heart . .

    “I have been working the same job over 4 years.I have a pontoon boat.I love to camp and fish.Like every where work is slow so I stay home a lot.I sing kariokee on Saturday nights.I live alone.I have dogs and chickens.I like to tell jokes and have fun.I hate to be lied too.I don’t tell lies.I have travel a lot in the past.I like where I live.I also have no bank account.for you gold diggers and web sluts i am not interested NO thank you.I am not laundrying money for your dumb asses either.”

    And here is hell’s gatekeeper Tanila Price who makes it

    Brian, I can admit when I am wrong and I was wrong about you.

  71. tmac57 says:

    “When you find yourself in a hole,stop digging.”

    Will Rodgers

  72. Beatrice says:

    Good one tmac57! Thanks!

  73. Beatrice says:

    “It does not require many words to speak the truth.”
    Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

  74. Brian Hart says:

    Hey, I seem to remember someone else leaving ripoff reports about a certain “psychic” that she herself didn’t like.

    Since I do not know either you or Chip Coffey, Beatrice, how am I supposed to paint an accurate picture of the both of you, when you are both using public web sites to air your complaints.

    I bring up one such site and now I am on your shit list. I dare you to find any complaints about me anywhere on the web. I’m sorry I can’t say the same for you.

    Yes, I am a skeptic, and as such I rely on the facts. The fact is, you have not proven a thing to me or anyone on this site despite the numerous times we have asked you politely to do so.

  75. Beatrice says:

    Yes, I now the skeptic drill quite well. It is consistent and never fails. Politeness for a few posts and then search and destroy.

    Brian, I wrote one ripoff report about Chip Coffey when I saw him on Psychic Kids and that was three years after he ripped off my name. He and his friends wrote five about that are all totally false.

    Skeptics always put the links to these lies and treat them as fact. Skeptics believe anything they read online.

    I’m very glad no one has tried to destroy your reputation online and I hope you never go through what I went through. It is incredibly painful. I almost killed myself over it.

    The people who know me love me and that’s all that matters. My friend Uyen even created this for me to help me get through it.

  76. Beatrice says:

    Dear skeptics . . .I am literally getting physically ill reading this blog now so I really have to stop.

    People have been conditioned to believe that psychics are supposed to be all knowing and can predict the future because people got their idea of what a psychic is from old movies and bad television.

    People ask the typical questions such as “What is the name of my dog?””What was my mother’s favorite color or “When am I going to get married” etc . . . AND THOSE TYPES OF QUESTIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING PSYCHIC but that is what people believe because that is all they know. Just like millions of people believe that there is a guy named GOD running around because they have been taught and conditioned to believe this for a very long time. If they saw God as a place instead of a person, they would be a lot closer to the truth.

    When I read, I see what is going on RIGHT NOW.

    I did readings at a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. I read for 25 women and one after another . . within the first two minutes they were in tears. I had to apologize to the Bride that I was making all her girlfriends cry. Why? Because it touches people to the core that a person they have never met knows exactly how they are FEELING and what they have been thinking about etc … and that is where we START … and after ten minutes, they are all laughing and ready to make positive steps to change their lives.

    I also guide people into the depths of their soul and into the higher planes of consciousness where they SEE THEIR LOVED ONES WHO HAVE CROSSED OVER and because I have been meditating for so long, I have a very powerful connection with the spiritual realms.

    I don’t predict anyone’s future. I help them create the very best one.

    Because you as skeptics have not yet enlightened yourself to the truth of who you are . . . and you live in your CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT which will ensure that you NEVER know the truth of who you are and that is your choice. You will get to where I am sooner or later, in this life or the next.

    Please believe what you want but stop saying that cold readers are psychics because they are not. They are entertainers and good at reading people and they have a shtick that Mark Edward knows all too well but they have no clue what a real seer does BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REAL SEERS!!

    • Max says:

      “I don’t predict anyone’s future.”

      You said you predicted that Lisa Ann Cabasa will get a script with “something dark about it.” You said you predicted what your dear friend’s boyfriend would say to her. Sounds like predicting the future to me.

      “I help them create the very best one.”

      To create the best future, you have to predict the consequences of decisions. We all do it, but we don’t pretend to be psychics.

      “When I read, I see what is going on RIGHT NOW.”

      Great. What can you see NOW that would be impossible to see without psychic powers? Why can’t you see the name of a person’s dog?

  77. Beatrice says:

    God you guys are dumb. Deaf, Blind and Dumb . . .

    • Max says:

      Now I’m convinced that you’re the real deal.

      • Beatrice says:

        Because you are blind, deaf and dumb . . . at least you are honest. Thank you Max.

      • Max says:

        That must be it. So, why can you predict what someone far away will write in an email word-for-word, but you can’t tell what number a person is thinking of? I’d think it would be easier to guess the number because the choices are limited and the person will even concentrate on that number for you.

      • Max says:

        I mean, if you have psychic powers, I’d think it would be easier to guess the number that’s telepathically transmitted to you. If you don’t have psychic powers, it would be easier to guess parts of the email, especially cliches like, “I hope we can stay friends.”

      • Beatrice says:

        Max. Max, Max . . . because guessing a number is lame. Channeling and telepathy and what I do is profound. And you crack me up with the “I hope we can stay friends” line. lol If you must know, part of what I said that he wrote word for word was, “The only reason he lies to you is because he is afraid of telling you the truth. He loves you but he doesn’t know what to do!” Just replace the he with I. There was a lot more but that is what I can remember. That is the other thing. I channel, I repeat what I am hearing from my guides. I don’t remember half of what comes through. It is very fast and stream of consciousness.

        I already said, I do not do “crossing over” readings. I would never ask people to pay me to connect with their loved ones. That is obscene and just plain wrong. People like Chip Coffey make me sick too.


        Latest example. I go to the bank and I decided to take a stroll down the street and I go into a thrift shop, I have never been to. I end up chatting with the owner and when people find out what I do, they are curious and I am happy to share my knowledge and then he tells me, “You know, I have wondering about a lot of things and it’s like you have answered every question that I’ve had on my mind and I didn’t even ask you. I keep getting chills cuz you keep doing it.”

        At one point he started to cry and he told me, that he never ever cries. He said, he did not cry at his own father’s funeral and I told him. “Well, fathers in spirit are always guiding me to their children on Earth. So now you know that your father is aware of you and all the questions you had and he used me to answer them.”

        He friended me on Facebook and he wrote on his Facebook page. . . “I just met an amazing woman who happened to wander into the store. She has a special gift that she shared with me that has lifted my spirits for today and I hope all my days to come. I am so thankful Bee came to the store, my new friend.”

        And that’s it . . . I cannot do what I do in a controlled setting. What Mark Edward does is by his own admission fake . . . what I do is real.

  78. Beatrice says:

    Why I waste my time with you skeptics, I don’t know. At least, if I am ever in a position to debate a skeptic, I will know exactly what to say.

    Please get back to your completely immature stalking of Chip Coffey. Yes, I have been stalked and maligned online by this pathetic excuse for a man and he rallied his friends to lie and bully me and destroy my life even . . . but I would never show up at his events or rally people to harass him or or his sponsors and venues or start any kind of campaign against him even though that is exactly what he has done to me.

    I’m glad to say, I’m a better person than he is.

    I mean seriously, with all the war, genocide, starvation, pollution, destruction of natural habitat, poverty, government criminal insanity, rape of women and murder for conflict minerals, blood diamonds, child soldiers, child labor, factory farming, animal abuse, drug abuse and the endless horrendous activities that permeate this planet . . . this is what you choose to make your cause célèbre . . .

    You call yourselves men, but I have not seen ANY EVIDENCE of that!

  79. Beatrice says:

    This is just for you Max . . . enjoy.

    This just in . . . courtesy of John Lennon.

    I decided to go to the Farmer’s Market this morning. I usually go to a different one tomorrow, but I went today.

    I got the directions from MapQuest that requires a right turn on Olive but I turned right on Alameda by accident. I see a Garage Sale and decide to stop. There is a mother with a double baby stroller and I love kids and I always like to acknowledge new additions so I said hello. I was introduced to Ethan, age four and Lennon who had to be about 18 months. I asked the mother, “Did you name him after John Lennon?”

    “Yes, we did.”

    I said, “You know you should get him a piano.” And she says, “Why?”

    “Well, I’m a psychic and it just so happens that John Lennon is one of my spirit guides and that you and your husband love John that much to name your son after him, well that makes John very happy and I feel your son is a musician and came here to be a musician.”

    “Well, my husband is a musician and he’s the one that loves John Lennon. He has tattoos of The Beatles all over his arms.”

    I said, “Please don’t be afraid OK, but I really want you to trust what I’m saying and get your son a piano. I was doing readings at a party once and I told the woman I was reading for, “I’m getting that you’ve been singing Beatles songs lately.” And she looked surprised and said, “Yes, I’ve been singing “Yesterday” and “The Long and Winding Road.” She was trippin and said, “Wow, you can see that in my chart???”

    And I said, “No, John Lennon has been around me lately and he just whispered it in my ear.” And the lady was so moved by that she started to cry.

    I make people cry a lot . . . :)

    I said to the mother Caroline, “Please trust me. Your son is a musician and he will rock the piano in a few years and then I looked at her little boy Lennon and said, “And you’re going to write songs about your mommy aren’t you . . . and how sweet she is and you’re going to make people sing and dance right?” And with a pacifier fully in his mouth, he starts smiling really big and shaking his little head up and down, YES.”

    And then I offered to read for her . . . for free of course . . .

    • Max says:

      How is it different from cold reading again?
      Tell you what. I’ve had a Beatles song stuck in my head recently. Can John Lennon tell you which one?

      • Max says:

        Here’s the encrypted answer:

        To decrypt it, go to, paste the above encrypted answer into the big text field, enter the capitalized plaintext song title into the password field, and click Decrypt. If you guessed the song title correctly, the decrypted message is the song title, same as the password. Otherwise, it’ll be gibberish.

      • tmac57 says:

        I don’t know which song it is Max,but an appropriate one for Bea would be ‘Instant Karma!’

      • Susan Gerbic says:

        Max. I can’t figure this out, is the song case sensitive? What about spaces?

      • Max says:

        Yes to both. For example, Instant Karma would be exactly how I just wrote it.
        Of course, Beatrice could sit there and enter every Beatles song until she finds the answer, but then she’d realize that she’s just guessing.
        I could make it impossible to guess by making the password a combination of the answer and some random string.

      • tmac57 says:

        Great!!! For some reason,I now have ‘Maxwell’s Sliver Hammer’ stuck in my head!Thanks a lot Max.

      • Max says:

        And I have Perfect Karma stuck in my head, but I don’t mind as long as it makes John Lennon happy.

      • Max says:

        I mean Instant Karma! Sorry John.

    • tmac57 says:

      I can honestly say that story could be described as unbelievable.

      • Max says:

        Why? All she did was ask if Lennon was named after John Lennon. After the mother said yes, Beatrice guessed that the parents must be fans of John Lennon. Turns out it was just the husband, so it was a hit and miss. Then, she guessed that the son of a musician will be a musician. If the prophecy fulfills itself, the mother may tell Beatrice about it, but if it doesn’t, she won’t.
        It’s ordinary cold reading that we all do to some extent. I wonder if “intuitive” people are more prone to stereotyping.

      • tmac57 says:

        I don’t mean unbelievable in the ‘hard to believe’ sense.
        You know, when you watch a movie,TV show,or read a novel,and the dialog and plot do not ring true.
        ‘That’ kind of unbelievable.

      • Beatrice says:

        Max, you are so clueless but thank you for sharing.

        What is unbelievable is the fact that I stopped and talked to her in the first place.

        Max, it is safe to say that you will never ever understand a thing about spirit until you drop dead . . . may you live a long and happy life being closed and clueless.

      • Max says:

        Beatrice, if I pick two random numbers between 1 and 10, what’s the probability that they’re equal?

  80. Beatrice says:

    Max . . I told you “This one is for you Max” so if you had a John Lennon song on your mind, John knows about it, I don’t . . . and I really could care less what it is. I told you once and I will tell you for the last time …

    Here’s is what John is singing right now . . .

    You’re so lame . . . . you probably think this song is about you . . .

    • tmac57 says:

      So you admit that you would have to “guess” then,and wouldn’t have any way of ‘seeing’ it.Hey, here’s and idea,get John to guess,and then guide you to it! That should work right?

    • Max says:

      You do a lot of guessing: what kind of script your client will receive, what kind of songs she’s been singing, as long as the guesses are high probability by being vague or based on background information. You just refuse to make low probability guesses that are easy to verify.

      • Beatrice says:

        Max, sorry hon but you just don’t have the brain capacity to understand me. I just got this on Facebook and my guides asked me to post it here … I love that synchronicity of spirit guidance. It is always so magical and that is the problem Max … you’re just logical so no magic for you.

        This is Max

        “I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.”

        This is Bea

        “I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feat. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.”

      • Max says:

        Can you tell a person’s astrological sign or birthday from his or her profile?

      • Beatrice says:

        Max, do you ask dumb questions on purpose?

      • Max says:

        Do you evade simple questions on purpose?

      • Beatrice says:


        You are like a child so allow me to speak to you like one.

        A sweet little girl of three years old asked me, “What’s Astrology?”

        I said, “Astrology helps people to understand their destiny.”

        “What’s destiny?”

        “Destiny are things that happen that influence your life.”

        “What’s influence?”

        “Something that has an effect on you. Like when the sun is shining, the effect is that you feel warm. So when something happens that influences your life, it effects your destiny. It’s something that is meant to happen. That’s destiny.”

        The little girl was playing in the pool where leaves had fallen and she said to me, “Beatrice, I tried to save this leaf from drowning but I couldn’t. I guess it must be it’s destiny!”

        And no, I cannot determine signs from profiles.

        Do you have trouble with the statement I DON’T DO GUESSING GAMES.

        Now, fait accompli, I was guided here ultimately to suggest to author, magician, mentalist and most importantly musician Mark Edward to polish up his act and hit the road with a comedy/musical book signing routine.

        And when the second half of why I was guided here manifests, I will pop by and let y’all know.

        Ciao for now . . .

      • Max says:

        I have trouble with your statement that you don’t do guessing games because in your stories you do guess things like the fact that your client has been singing Beatles songs. That means you can use your psychic powers to guess things. So if I sing a song right now, can you guess whether it’s by the Beatles, by Elvis, or by Tupac Shakur? What’s the difference between guessing what your client was singing and what I’m singing?

      • Beatrice says:

        Max, you did not read it correctly. I did not guess anything. I told her point blank. “I’m getting you’ve been singing Beatles songs lately.”

        I told the mother to get a piano and that her son was a musician before she told me anything about her husband being a musician with tattoos of the Beatles all over his arms.


        I’M SINGING, “LET IT BE!”

      • Beatrice says:

        Here Max . . . this is what REAL SEER does. On my way home from Malibu today, John Lennon asked me to ask a friend of mine, I have not spoken to in a year . . . if she is pregnant … I wrote to her the following and this is what she wrote back . . . I will not include her name without her permission but she is from England.

        This is a very personal question and you don’t have to answer it but are you trying to get with child . . . :)preggers, knocked up . . . ya know . . . ;)

        28 minutes ago


        just found out todAY

        holy shit

        27 minutes ago
        Beatrice Marot


        27 minutes ago

        what happened

        how did you know that

        i did a test this morning

        and have to go tomorrow morning for confirmation

        27 minutes ago

        John Lennon told me . . .


        27 minutes ago

        can we call you

        im in shock

        i can’t believe you just did that

        holy moly beatrice marot

        26 minutes ago
        Beatrice Marot


        Well, read my note John Lennon guiding children

        21 minutes ago

        i love you

        7 minutes ago
        Beatrice Marot

        I love you too . . .




      • Max says:

        All right, so John Lennon knows all kinds of things about people, not just which songs they’re singing. Does he know which song I’m singing or the name of Mark Edwards’ first pet dog?

      • Beatrice says:


        We’re done.

      • noen says:

        Someone’s not taking her clozapine.

      • Beatrice says:

        Noen, You’re a very sad person. I hope you find some happiness.

      • Beatrice says:

        What kind of psychopath would administer a drug like this. And you think I’m crazy. You medical science slaves are so fucked up, it’s ridiculous. Fucking murderers . .





      • noen says:

        Beatrice…. it’s pretty clear to everyone that you are struggling and are perhaps a bit mentally unstable. I just hope that you are seeing a psychiatrist and are taking the meds that he/she prescribes to you. They really work. If not you really ought to see someone.

        You are not able to talk to the dead spirit of John Lennon or anyone else. This is a delusion that you have and is most likely an attempt on your part to manage your anxiety or perhaps a previous trauma of some kind.

        I am sure that you feel very reassured and comforted by these illusions you have but they are not real and by continuing to indulge in your delusions they are bound to only get worse. Eventually they will dominate your life and make it unmanageable and recovering from that eventuality will only be harder.

        I hope you take this advice in the spirit it is given.

      • Beatrice says:

        Noen, I am an extremely intelligent, lucid, articulate, educated human being. I have some of the most powerful people on the planet coming to me for guidance.

        But thanks for showing me ONCE AGAIN how “Lost In Space” you, Max and all skeptics are with your “Does not compute, Does not compute” condescending little rant . . . it reminds me of another little sketpic runt I know who is a Goth, bi-sexual, in love with a transgender, and has 153 videos on Youtube of himself and his pet rats . . . and he wrote almost identically the same thing you just wrote.

        I am telling the truth and to quote Jack Nicholson’s character in a A Few Lame Men … “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”

        If you had one session with me . . . you would understand the truth. I have even offered to read for skeptics for free and never has one taken me up on it. That offer is no longer on the table because skeptics are so dogmatic and so attached to their beliefs like all fanatics that it might cause cardiac arrest or a aneurysm.

        Live and learn . . . Life is meant to be lived in the real world not in a the controlled laboratory and torture chambers you shrinks use drugging, incarcerating, restraining, electroshocking people just because you are clueless to the attributes of the eternal soul.

        And schizophrenics for your information usually hear extremely dark things that tell them to commit atrocities against other human beings … such as what I just described . . . The Lunatics are running the Asylum.

        I bring people joy and happiness and most importantly answers they can count on.

      • noen says:

        Beatrice… your homophobia, transphobia and general bigotry and intolerance do not help your case very well. The fact that you are intelligent does not mean you cannot be mistaken. The fact that someone else gave you similar advice to mine does not invalidate what I said.

        People who shout that others cannot handle the truth are usually the ones who cannot handle the truth about themselves. Their anger and rage are walls they erect to protect themselves. They then project that rage onto others so that they can then deny it. This “works” for a while to manage the trauma of abuse but in the long run it does not.

        Having been homeless twice I understand schizophrenics quite well and they did not frighten me. They are not the danger to others you seem to think they are. (It’s the white boys from the suburbs I’d worry about.) It is simply not true that all the auditory hallucinations schizophrenics experience tell them to do harmful things. Most schizophrenics are decent caring people who happen to have experiences that greatly frighten them.

        Auditory hallucinations are very scary. One way to lessen that fear would be to believe they real, not imaginary, and that they are helpful. That might work for a while but they will eventually turn on you. A better way to think about it is that it is the disease that is talking and that if you treat the disease you can lessen those symptoms.

        I”m sorry that someone hurt you and left you to deal with it all alone. You don’t have to do that. There is help out there is you want it. Please consider that.

      • Beatrice says:

        Beatrice… “your homophobia, transphobia and general bigotry” Excuse me. . .

        I am none of the above but that is exactly what skeptics say when I explain to them that homosexuality was once considered a mental illness and to many people it still is.

        I guess all my gay friends are an illusion as well. I am doing readings for an AIDS services L.A. fundraiser this month.

        Sorry about your homelessness. Hope your life is better now.

  81. Beatrice says:

    tmac57 How does “I DON’T do guessing games” get translated in your mind to “so you admit you would have to guess then.”

    John has been busy today. My good friend Ruta called as soon as I got home. She asked me to speak to her new friend Jenna who would like a reading from me. I felt like telling her what had just happened and she surprised me when she said, “I have two boys, a four year old and a two year old. My husband and I are both musicians and my husband did a Beatles cover band for years and we were going to name our son Lennon … but because of my mom we ended up naming them Daniel and Noah!”

    And the beat goes on . . .

  82. Beatrice says:

    Yes, Instant Karma is the perfect song for me . . . to sing to you . . especially this part . . .

    Well we all shine on
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    Well we all shine on
    Every one, come on

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you off your feet
    Better recognize your brothers
    Every one you meet
    Why in the world are we here?
    Surely not to live in pain and fear
    Why on earth are you there?
    When you’re everywhere
    Come and get your share

    But we all shine on
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    And we all shine on
    Come on and on and on on on

    • Beatrice says:

      I want to thank Mark Edward, Max, tmac57 and all of you skeptics for this most excellent thread. It proves without question that trying to help a skeptic understand the art of telepathy and true psychic ability is an exercise in futility. Telepathy is not mind reading. Telepathy is a language of the heart.

      But mostly, I’m proud of myself because I usually end up getting so annoyed that I become quite rude and insulting like you guys do but in my case that’s when, I start channeling me some Lenny Bruce with classic lines like, “Don’t let your anal probes also known as your fingers get overworked.” Lenny had some good ones for you Max but, I am trying to be diplomatic with the help of Christopher Hitchens.

      Now I can walk away without feeling bad. :)

      And I really really want to walk away. I know I’ve said it several times but you guys keep goading me and posting things that I feel obliged to address.

      It’s be great fun getting nowhere with y’all!!

      • Max says:

        “God you guys are dumb. Deaf, Blind and Dumb . . ”
        That’s some diplomacy.

      • Beatrice says:

        I said, “trying to be” diplomatic. You don’t make it easy Max but it’s all good. You’re cool.

  83. Beatrice says:

    I think you guys might understand it a little better if you heard me explain it . . .

    On this show, I share yet another one of my “sounds crazy but it’s true real stories of the heavenly patrol” This one is about how Johnny Carson and Tupac Shakur in Spirit used me to put the kibosh on a show about Suge Knight for Dick Clark Productions back in October of 2008. I had a message from Johnny for Dick Clark that inspired the Television Icon to call me!

    The show titled “Unfinished Business” stayed . . . unfinished. :)

  84. Beatrice says:


    Mark you need to get back into music . . . fuck all this skeptic shit.



  85. Beatrice says:

    And the comedy too Mark. If you are going to do skeptic shit then make it funny . . . I bet you have a ton of material.

    And here is another SIGN FROM JOHN CUZ JOHN LOVE CLOWNS!

    I have a client who is a comedian on Facebook and for some reason he just added his middle name to his Facebook page and here it is.

    Mark Edward Schreiber


    Come on Mark … it’s got to give you a warm fuzzy feeling that John Lennon digs you and wants to help you rock out.


  86. Beatrice says:

    IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER . . . My friend Mark did not change his name himself!

    Beatrice Marot When did you add Edward to your name on Facebook. I have not seen it before . . .
    about an hour ago · Like
    Mark Edward Schreiber FB took it upon itself to do that…big brother
    50 minutes ago · Like


  87. Beatrice says:

    Oh and one more thing . . . I am a REAL MAGICIAN . . .

    I just haven’t mastered the disappearing act yet . . .


  88. Beatrice says:

    Oh and one more thing . . . I am a REAL MAGICIAN . . .

    I just haven’t mastered the disappearing act yet . . .


    • Beatrice says:

      Here’s the whole episode, all in one place for you skeptics to ponder. You can read how John Lennon first came to me 12 years ago on my website, The story is called, “John Lennon’s Cosmic Circus!”

      In a matter of 48 hours, three separate events all pointing to very concrete evidence that John Lennon and I are having a very good laugh. So tell me . . . how would skeptics explain . . . the flesh and blood people, perfect strangers even such as Carolina and Jenna. Are they a figment of my imagination?

      John Lennon went to a lot of trouble . . . just to inspire Mark Edward to do what he loves and stop wasting time chasing that Carnival Act Douchebag Chip Coffey.

      I included the comments from people who know me and Vive La Difference.

      Skeptics have the most annoying “blind” spot. What they cannot comprehend, they label “Mental Illness” May we all be as crazy as I am. We would be in a much happier world.


      I decided to go to the Farmer’s Market this morning. I got the directions from MapQuest that requires a right turn on Olive but I turned right on Alameda by accident. I see a Garage Sale and decide to stop. There is a mother with a double baby stroller and I love kids and I always like to acknowledge new additions so I said hello. I was introduced to Ethan, age four and Lennon who had to be about 18 months. I asked the mother, “Did you name him after John Lennon?”

      “Yes, we did.”

      I said, “You know you should get him a piano.” And she asks, “Why?”

      “Well, I’m a psychic and it just so happens that John Lennon is one of my spirit guides and the fact that you and your husband love John that much to name your son after him, well that makes John very happy and I feel your son is a musician and came here to be a musician.”

      “Well, my husband is a musician and he’s the one that loves John Lennon. He has tattoos of The Beatles all over his arms.”

      I said, “Please don’t be afraid OK, but I really want you to trust what I’m saying and get your son a piano. I was doing readings at a party once and I told the woman I was reading for, “I’m getting that you’ve been singing Beatles songs lately.” And she looked surprised and said, “Yes, I’ve been singing “Yesterday” and “The Long and Winding Road.” She was trippin and said, “Wow, you can see that in my chart???”

      And I said, “No, John Lennon has been around me lately and he just whispered it in my ear.” And the lady was so moved by that she started to cry.

      I make people cry a lot . . . :)

      I said to the mother Carolina, “Please trust me. Your son is a musician and he will rock the piano in a few years and then I looked at her little boy Lennon and said, “And you’re going to write songs about your mommy aren’t you . . . and how sweet she is and you’re going to make people sing and dance right?” And with a pacifier fully in his mouth, he starts smiling really big and shaking his little head up and down, “YES.”

      As soon as I got home, my good friend Ruta called. She asked if I would speak to her friend Jenna. I felt like telling Jenna what had just happened and I could not believe it when she said, “My husband and I are both musicians and my husband was in a Beatles cover band for years, We have two sons. A four year old and a 2 year old and we were going to name one of our son’s Lennon … but because of my mom we ended up naming them Daniel and Noah!”

      Love love me do . . . you know I love you!


      On my way home from Malibu today, Monday April 20th, 2012 John Lennon asked me to ask a friend of mine, I have not spoken to in a year . . . if she is pregnant … I wrote to her the following and this is what she wrote back . . . I will not include her name without her permission.

      This is a very personal question and you don’t have to answer it but are you trying to get with child . . . :)

      preggers, knocked up . . . ya know . . . ;)

      28 minutes ago


      just found out todAY

      holy shit

      27 minutes ago

      Beatrice Marot


      27 minutes ago

      what happened

      how did you know that

      i did a test this morning

      and have to go tomorrow morning for confirmation

      27 minutes ago

      John Lennon told me . . .


      27 minutes ago

      can we call you

      im in shock

      i can’t believe you just did that

      holy moly beatrice marot

      26 minutes ago

      Beatrice Marot


      Well, read my note John Lennon guiding children

      21 minutes ago

      i love you

      7 minutes ago

      Beatrice Marot

      I love you too . . .

      Lilian Avak Wow!!! That’s such an amazing story!!! I got goosebumps all over!!!

      Sunday at 7:45pm · Like · 1
      Lilian Avak It is unbelievable!!!

      Sunday at 7:51pm · Unlike · 1
      Beatrice Marot But it’s true and so beautiful . . .

      Sunday at 7:52pm · Like · 1
      Armineh Havan amazing!

      Sunday at 7:56pm · Unlike · 1
      Ruta Fox Just one of a thousand stories that are always incredible and always true!!!

      16 hours ago · Like

      Beatrice Marot Ruta has been witness to my crazy cosmic circus since the beginning right Roots!

      12 hours ago · Like

      Uyen Nguyen Fantastically magical. That’s our Bea! Thank you for sharing. :)

      12 hours ago · Unlike · 1
      Joan Baker See I told you … you are magic!

      Indhushree Rajan whoa!!!! That is AweSome!!! :)))

      Lady Lark Bea that’s touching and brings tears to my eyes! It’s truly comforting to know these kind people are looking after us from the beyond. Thank you this made my morning extra special! Like wow…this might be one of your best yet Bea! xo

      And now I must bid you adieu . . .

      Sorry Mark Edward for stealing the show . . . but someone had to guide you back to your true path . . . music, magic and comedy. Who better than John Lennon . . . he loved all three! And three’s the charm!


      • Max says:

        So John Lennon tells you various things about various people, but he doesn’t answer specific questions? Is that it?

      • Beatrice says:

        Lol, that’s it in a nutshell Max. Crack that brain of yours open and he’ll be happy to talk to you too. All you have to do is ask and receive . . . that is the feminine aspect of your being Max. Get in touch with your inner Goddess Max and you’ll be good to go.
        I can show you how.

        It’s sooooooo easy which is why men can’t figure it out.

  89. Brian Hart says:


    Please look up the term “anecdote”, particularly when it comes to science and collecting data.

  90. Beatrice says:

    Please tell Tim Farley the same thing Brian . . . Anecdotes are fine when skeptics do it, they even get the blessing and a job from James Randi.

    Skeptics prove over and over that they are not open to anything that does not fit their conditioning and programming. They are the most brainwashed people I have ever dealt with. They are not open to anything other then what fits the skeptic dogma just like any religion. There is so much to experience in the human spirit but most skeptics are content being cold, cynical and devoid of spirituality.

    Psychiatry has got to be the most evil of all the crap spewed from Big Pharma. I cannot tell you how many clients of mine that have spent years in therapy who have told me, “You did more for me in one session then all the therapy I’ve had for years.”

    I am very very powerful and true power is very gentle. It is when we feel powerless that we lash out and I have done that as well. I prefer gentleness. I prefer real power.

    My advice is to stay away from Men in Black dresses or White Lab Coats . . . all they want to do is control your mind by any means necessary.

    Some psychiatric studies have recently come to the conclusion that mental illness starts at birth and want to drug children right out of the womb.

    Now seriously, just end the thread OK. I have nothing more to say.

    Mark, I hope you listen to what came through for you . . . you will be so happy you did and so will Susan.

    Beatrice means . . . She brings happiness to others. . . and I do.

  91. Brian Hart says:

    I’m having the Last word!

  92. Beatrice says:

    Sorry Brian . . . I really don’t want to have the last word but John Lennon wanted me to tell you guys something.

    John first came to me twelve years ago when I moved in with my musician boyfriend. I called the Lou who is now pregnant and told her, “John Lennon has been around me lately and he wanted me to tell you that he watches over you.” She was truly astonished and said, “I can’t believe you just said that!” I said, “Why not? You know how it is with me” to which she replied, “Bea, I saw another psychic about six months ago and she told me my mother hangs out with John Lennon!” That is what I call a confirmation.

    I have not heard from John in years and then this whole little scene unfolds with these kids and out of the blue I see John’s face and I hear that Liverpool accent say, “Ask Lou if she’s preggers.” I have never used the word preggers in my life but Lou said that’s what they say in Liverpool.

    So twelve years later John Lennon asks me to ask that same woman a very specific question The last time I talked to her was over a year ago and I wrote her that message and she had just found out the same day that she is “preggers.” She had not told one single person.

    THAT IS WHAT SKEPTICS NEED TO UNDERSTAND! IT JUST HAPPENS WHEN IT HAPPENS. I do not hear voices all day in my head. I am not delusional.
    It is on occasion and a very specific request that leads to a very clear confirmation on the physical plane. And sometime’s it really funny like this whole episode.


  93. Brian Hart says:

    John Lennon also once said, “Imagine there’s no heaven”.
    Ask him what he has to say about that now. The world is waiting…

  94. Beatrice says:

    Heaven is just a word . . .

    I’m sorry, it’s so bizarre to me what a block you guys have. It is really really weird to me just as I am to you. What just happened with John is amazing and incredible to people who have a sense of spirit, of light, of serendipity, the wonder of life.

    Imagine Love . . . that is where you go when you die.

  95. Beatrice says:

    You know Brian and this is just an observation not an insult but what every single skeptic does that I find strange is . . . you all write these cursory one liners or ask really dumb questions (sorry Max) and you don’t read or hear or feel one iota of the entire picture. The whole picture . . . it is like you all compartmentalize everything and only recognize what fits in that compartment. . .

    You are convinced that a psychic does guessing games and a psychic should know your mother is dead and what song you are singing or predict disaster, the lottery numbers, the next president, when someone is going to die etc . .

    I just showed you what this psychic does and you still don’t see it. And I find that really really bizarre. I can’t help it. It is sad to me that skeptics think that you just fizzle into thin air like you never existed.

    Fortunately, you’re wrong and I’m right and my version is a lot nicer. :)

    • Max says:

      I ask really simple questions because I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I want to get your answers and see if they’re consistent and make sense.

      From your stories, I see that most of what you do is just talk to people, and whenever someone finds a personal connection with something you say, you think it’s psychic. Like, you tell a woman your story about Lennon, and she says she wanted to name her son Lennon but didn’t. Ok, I’m sure if you talk enough, anyone can find some personal connection with something you say. It’s called relating to someone.

      • Beatrice says:

        You are a silly man . . . and sadly narrow minded. Take care Max.

      • Max says:

        Salespeople are trained to bond with you. It’s really annoying.
        “Hi Beatrice. How are you Beatrice? You talk to John Lennon? I LOVE John Lennon! I wanted to name my son Lennon and my daughter Beatrice. Isn’t that amazing? I’ll make you a special offer because I like you Beatrice.”

  96. Beatrice says:

    Except for one little thing Max. That’s not at all what happened. Anyone here actually have a brain cuz Max needs to borrow one.

    Max, wake up . . . you just made up a version that is not even close to what happened. I talked to the mother for about one or two minutes and went home, told Jenna and she told me what she told me also within one or two minutes.

    Max, just let it go, move on. You don’t get it and you never will. None of you skeptics ever do. But I am very very happy to have made all of your acquaintance. I have yet another great “Real Story of the Heavenly Patrol.” That is just one example . . I have hundreds of examples and I will have hundreds . . . more cuz I iz one cool bitch for shizzle!

    I would love to know what John Lennon means to Mark Edward . . . that’s the guy he wants to inspire. Just talk to him yourself Mark and see what happens . . .

    The Woo will turn to Wooooooo Hoooooo in no time.

    I see Mark creating a fun and entertaining act and when he does, I want a free ticket.

  97. tmac57 says:

    Beatrice,I can honestly say that your stories are fabulous.

    • Beatrice says:

      Really tmac? If you are being sincere . . . thank you so much. That means a lot to me.

  98. Brian Hart says:

    You know, Beatrice, if all of MY friends and acquaintances told me I was not making much sense, there are really only two ways to think about this:

    1. All of them have got it wrong, or
    2. I have got it wrong.

    Beatrice, everyone on this blog thinks you are not making much sense. We ask you to clarify you claims, you call us names. We ask you to ask John Lennon something, you tell us it’s a dumb question. We ask you to predict the future, you tell us anecdotes about the past.

    Can you see why we have a hard time taking you seriously? We are trying really hard to work with you, but you are not working fairly with us. This causes us much frustration and it seems to cause you frustration. Work with us, and we will shout your name to the world. Or, at the very least respect what you are claiming.

  99. Beatrice says:

    Brian, Brian, Brian,

    What happened with John Lennon happened while I was writing on this blog in real time, in a real environment called my life just like I told you!!! You guys are really something else. lmao . . . You just can’t see the beauty and serendipity of the spirit realm. I wish you could.

    And I have not been insulting you . . . believe me you would know if I was insulting you. That is when I get banned. I’m just frustrated with how clueless skeptics are and what a blind spot they have.

    I told you from the get go. . . I DON’T PREDICT THE FUTURE. I see what you are creating right now</P)and that is verifiable to the person I am reading for and if there is enough energy to read on. . . I SEE THE OUTCOME OF WHAT YOU ARE CREATING NOW!!!! That is not predicting the future.

    It's like you are asking a baker to make bread with a piece of meat.

    I don't do and will never do what you are asking. Period! So quit asking.

    I am not reading anyone of you do you understand? A reading means we are on the phone or in person and I am actually talking to you and tuning into your energy with your permission.

    I just shared a typical episode in the life of Bea who happens to have a cool connection to the spirit realm that she does not exploit for money of fame.

    I don't care about anything but healing the planet. Mother Earth is in pain and I'm here for her and nothing else. I'm a very old soul and believe me I would rather be up in my crystal crib on the other side but whaddyagonnado.

    I'm here to help lift the veil between worlds. Apocalypse is my middle name . . . since Apocalypse literally means "Lifting the veil" and that is what I'm doing on Earth. It's not the end of the world. It's the end of the world as we know it.

    And that's the truth and nothing but!

    And here's a joke from Lenny Bruce . . .

    "When the Rapture comes . . . Armageddonouttahere!"

  100. Beatrice says:

    Here’s another typical moment in my life for a laugh . . .

    Bea is watching a documentary on television about Moses with Charlton Heston narrating.

    Charlton- “The story of Moses parting the Red Sea was written 1000 years after it supposedly happened.”

    Lenny Bruce and John Belushi from the other side,

    “Yea Right . . . Moses couldn’t even part his hair!”

  101. Brian Hart says:

    It’s amazing how dull our greatest minds become when they are dead.

  102. Beatrice says:

    And some are dull when they are living . . . poor Brian.

  103. Beatrice says:

    I’m sure John and Lenny are quite pleased you consider them two of “our greatest minds!” lmao

  104. Beatrice says:

    And Brian . . . If you have nothing intelligent, or thoughtful to add, then just end this thread please. You don’t need to goad me with your lame passive aggressive remarks.

    I did my best with the help of my guides to show you what I do . . . not what you think I should do.

  105. Beatrice says:

    Mark, you are a grown man getting on in years and suffice to say, you are also very immature and rude.

    Think of people visiting your blog as guests in your home . . . you insult them and then you expect people to listen to you and show you respect.

    You are just as much of a bully as Chip Coffey.

    You did not need to say that . . . you have not contributed anything of value. You, like Chip Coffey want to rally people to hate on him and try and sell your “How To Be A Scam Artist Like Me.”

    You have not changed a bit . . . just spinning the same old yarn.

  106. Beatrice says:

    Mark, since you are reading this . . . I just want to let you in on a little secret.

    In January of 2012, I posted on a skeptic site that I was going to start communicating with the soul of James Randi and I have. I started asking him to guide me to a particular person whom I have named in the skeptic blog. Now it is May of 2012 you have brought me closer to having my request fulfilled. Funny how spirit works . . . always lookin’ for an angle to inject some much needed humor into the world.

    The other half of my request being fulfilled may mean having to wait for the Dearly Beloved James Randi to get his “We have gathered here today” speech. But to me it shows what I have always known to be true which is . . . you’re already on the other side and you’ve created this reality and body and when you die . . . you simply wake up in spirit and go . . . “Damn, that sucked.” or “Damn that was fuckin awesome.”

    So, with that in mind, it stands to reason that if I am communicating with James Randi’s soul . . . when the request comes to fruition, there will be the evidence you so desperately want but refuse to accept. We shall “see” . .

    Cheers for now!

    • Max says:

      Can you communicate with my soul and tell what Beatles song I had stuck in my head? The answer is right here on this page.

    • tmac57 says:

      What makes you think that Randi will go first Bea? He seems to be a pretty resilient man.

      • Beatrice says:

        You are absolutely right about that tmac. In fact, it is his indomitable spirit that has kept him alive this long! He gets a lot of love too and that will keep a person’s heart pumpin for sure! He genuinely loves his life on Earth!

  107. Mark Edward says:

    To be as “mad as a March hare” is an English idiomatic phrase derived from the observed antics, said to occur (some say incorrectly)[1] only in the March breeding season of the Hare, genus Lepus. The phrase is an allusion that can be used to refer to any other animal or human who behaves in the excitable and unpredictable manner of a “March hare”.[2]

    A long-held view is that the hare will behave strangely and excitedly throughout its breeding season, which in Europe is the month of March (but which in fact extends over several months beyond March).

    This odd behaviour includes boxing at other hares, jumping vertically for seemingly no reason and generally displaying abnormal behaviour.[3] An early verbal record of this animal’s strange behaviour occurred in about 1500, in the poem Blowbol’s Test[4] where the original poet said:

    Thanne þey begyn to swere and to stare, And be as braynles as a Marshe hare
    (Then they begin to swerve and to stare, And be as brainless as a March hare)

    Similar phrases are attested in the sixteenth century in the works of John Skelton (Replycacion, 1528: “Aiii, I saye, thou madde Marche Hare”; Magnyfycence, 1529: “As mery as a marche hare”). A later recorded use of the phrase occurs in the writings of Sir Thomas More (The supplycacyon of soulys made by syr Thomas More knyght councellour to our souerayn lorde the Kynge and chauncellour of hys Duchy of Lancaster. Agaynst the supplycacyon of beggars:[5] “As mad not as a March hare, but as a madde dogge.”[3]

    Although the phrase in general has been in continuous use since the 16th century,[3] it was popularised in more recent times by Lewis Carroll in his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which has the March Hare as one of its main characters.

  108. Beatrice says:

    You better be good in bed Mark . . . or you’re really fucked!

  109. Beatrice says:

    And that was a joke Mark . . . lighten up . . . literally

  110. Beatrice says:

    My dear skeptics . . . you never cease to amaze me. You ridicule, goad, bait and continue to ask the same dumb questions (sorry Max).
    When will you ever learn?

    You call me crazy but I’m not the one sneaking into a venue to gather intelligence on a 57 year old clown who is nothing more then an entertainer and ghost chaser catering to grownups and if they want to waste their money seeing him, what the fuck do you care? Even if he is a scumbag and a traitor, I am happy for his success because I saw it happening and that is the most important thing.

    If I see it . . . you can be it.

    Mark, you did a show called “The Skeptologists” but Lenny and I think you should do one called, “The Proctologists” and go after assholes.

    There’s a lot more to choose from then merely psychic clowns. Start with Ted Nugent . .

  111. Beatrice says:

    I don’t open links from crazy skeptics ;) . . . sorry Max!

    • Beatrice says:

      You are a strange bird Max . . . I think your IQ is either really low bordering on mental retardation . . . to possible Genius bordering on mental retardation. You go off on tangents in your own mind that are completely without basis, merit or remotely close to what I’m talking about. In other words . . . you make absolutely no sense!

    • Mark Edward says:

      That figures. You might learn soemthing that would change your outlook. How very un-cosmic of you. Incredible. And BTW: I’m as light as a feather and hardly “getting on in yaers” I’ll dance on your grave sweetheart.

  112. Beatrice says:

    lol … you’re so silly. How old are you Max? Is the dementia starting to settle in or what?

  113. Mark Edward says:

    Hey, what say we all keep this up until we pass the 400 comment marker?

    • tmac57 says:

      That’s easy,just don’t let Bea have the last word,and the sky is the limit.
      Shall I bring her her cape once again?

  114. Beatrice says:

    I basically respond to comments addressed to me and then my guides start talkin and they always crack me up. You can all stop commenting if you like and I will stop as well, but I’m having a blast with John Lennon who hooked me up big time and I have not heard from him in years and his buddy Christopher Hitchens whose my new editor. Christopher is looking mighty fine in Spirit. He is supasexy . . I have a crush on him. Hitch also gave me a brilliant idea for a book thanks to this thread.

    Life is good on Earth and even betta in Spirit.

    We all shine on . .

  115. Beatrice says:

    No I didn’t. I crossed over when I was 13 years old. I died and went to the spirit realm and was told what I was here to do and I am doing it.

    • tmac57 says:

      Are you a ghost Beatrice,or did you have a resurrection perhaps?
      Either way,that puts this whole conversation into a new light.

      • Phea says:

        This has been very entertaining. Obviously, (since the only “spirits” that seem to chat it up with Bea are MALE), it would appear she has some very serious “daddy issues”.

        This thread has been very funny, and as always, if you give someone enough rope… By all means, carry on Bea, the hole is getting deeper, and it was so thoughtful of you to bring the shovel.

  116. Beatrice says:

    I am a Goddess … my soul is a tear from the heart of Laksmi.

    Is there anything else you’d like to know but will have a hard time believing.

    • tmac57 says:

      Are you speaking metaphorically,or do you actually believe that you are a Goddess,and a lacrimal soul (great band name by the way)?
      (And you are correct in assuming that I would not believe that you literally are one)

  117. Beatrice says:

    I am on a soul level in the hereafter. Here and now, I am a human being . . .

    • tmac57 says:

      So,how does the communication work? Is it your soul in the hereafter that talks to the celebrities,or you as the here and now Bea? (Or some combination of the two?)

      • Beatrice says:

        You could say I have a foot in both worlds.

      • Beatrice says:

        tmac57 . . When I hear people in spirit, I hear it on the right side of my brain always. It literally feels like someone whispering in my right ear but on the inner planes and they will also project an image of their face into my mind’s eye and they sound exactly the same as they did on Earth.

        So for example, I’m sitting at home and all of a sudden I see the face of Don La Fontaine who was a Voice Over actor and he had died a couple of months before.

        I knew his agent had my business card for a month because a friend of mine gave it to her and one fine day, I hear Don’s beautiful voice say something he wants me to tell his agent and I tell him telepathically, “Well, I’m not going to call her” and the phone rings and it’s her.

        And when I told her what he said she was blown away.

        And that is how it works. All these celebrity psychics as far as I am concerned are scum who could care less about people and care mostly about fame and fortune like Chip Coffey. He is a true sociopath and pathological liar and sociopaths can come across like the nicest most charming people and he does but he is only out for himself and could care less about anything or anyone who cannot get him further up the ladder of success of which one day he will fall and crush himself under the weight of his own lies.

        Lenny Bruce said to me once, “On Paranormal State, the only time a demon leaves the house is when Chip flies back to Georgia.”

  118. Beatrice says:

    Actually Phea, the whole planet has Daddy issues. We live in a tired old patriarchal paradigm that no longer serves us and part of my mission is to help change that by teaching about the Goddess.

    For the last 22 years, it has been fathers primarily that guide their children to me and it’s usually fathers that were not very paternal. The dead celebs only showed up in 1996 when I started reading for Robert De Niro because they are all of his dead friends.

    And yes, they are all male.

    And Phea . . . I will take that rope and tie it into a big bow and give you a present.

  119. Mark Edward says:

    I think De Niro might have been using Beatrice to research his character role for the up-coming “Red Lights,” an event I’m looking forward to. De Niro as a super-psychic:

    “Are you talkin’ to ME?”

    In the meantime, to get back to actually DOING SOMETHING about Coffey, please go to this website a spread it around, The Streisand Effect will do a lot to take this blow-hard down…


  120. Beatrice says:

    Robert De Niro asked me out on a date. The reason he got a reading is the following.

    As I was leaving to go to his hotel, I heard my spirit guide Merlin say, “Bea, bring the soundtrack of the movie Cinema Paradiso” and when I showed up, I said, “Bob, you know what I do for a living and my guides asked me to bring you this . . . it is my favorite soundtrack of my favorite Italian movie, “Cinema Paradiso” and he said, “That’s really weird.”


    “Because I just wrapped that movie today?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “They’re re-releasing it in English and I’m the voice of Phillipe Noiret.”

    And that my skeptic friends is why De Niro got a reading from me and then one by one his dead friends starting coming around starting with John Belushi.

    But thanks for the heads up Mark about this new movie. I will check it out for sure and I will let you know if he used any of my lines. lol

  121. Beatrice says:

    Hahaha this is too funny. Bobby D playing a psychic. I can’t wait.

    • Max says:

      I predict that his character will do really impressive stuff instead of whining that psychic powers don’t work in a controlled environment.

  122. Beatrice says:

    Now this is how loved ones in spirit communicate for real . . . not at Chip Coffey’s gallery readings but like this .. .

    This is not a coincidence, this kid’s uncle guided him to this particular garage sale . . . the only difference between this kid and myself is this happens to me all the time. Why? Because I am a teacher and I teach people how to get dialed in like me. Why? Because it is going to save humanity and the Earth, that’s why!!

    Lifting The Veil aka Apocalypse . . .

    You’re evolving alright . . . evolving into a body of light. Doesn’t that sound kinda cool and groovy.

  123. Beatrice says:

    What a morbid thought Max. Why are you so cynical all the time.

    When loved ones guide you from spirit, it is always to something wonderful like this experience which is precious and brings joy to all concerned . . . or to protect you.

    The only people controlling minds are very much among the living.

  124. Beatrice says:

    Max, I am not answering your questions anymore OK . . . take care.

  125. Beatrice says:

    Mark and my skeptic friends, I think this will make your day in your quest for justice against frauds . . .

  126. Beatrice says:

    Timing is everything when you really connect with spirit and not a carnival sideshow like Chip.

    I was sent this information as I was getting ready to go and read for my friend Louise . . . the one that John Lennon watches over who is preggers. Now, she told me she was actually taking a pregnancy test when I called to ask her if she was preggers. See, that is divine timing and so is this. lmao

    When I got this I laughed so hard and John asked me to tell you . . . this is how you need to take this guy down. With COMEDY AND MUSIC.

    John Lennon sends his love . . . and so do I!

    Cheers mate!!

  127. Beatrice says:

    Jesus told me to post this here. Tony is a hardcore skeptic in England who suffers from debilitating depression and I’ve been going at it with him and a few others for some time now. Here’s a post that may help y’all understand where I’m coming from cuz baby Jesus and I go way back . . . like I always say, “I was at the last supper, I was dessert and to me the Second Coming means the night is young”

    Now Tony . . . you be a good boy . . . and just lighten up for Christ’s sake!

    I have posted a novel here . . . for the purpose of entertaining you as well as any readers who may read it. And since the loon squad Kim and Barbara aka Ugly and Buttugly have put the link to your blog all over the net . . . . at least if you get some traffic as a result . . . your readers will be entertained and enlightened at the same time . . . cuz I am hilarious as you pointed out. . .

    And I wasn’t kidding . . . this is all for a comedy I’m writing . . . about me and skeptics and other psychos that I have dealt with and seriously . . . I could not have cast it more perfectly . . .

    All courtesy of Jesus Christ Casting . . .

    Jesus is an atheist too . . . it’s true . . . Like me . . he only believes in himself . . .

    As should you . . . this is your prescription from Dr. Bea . . . upon awakening sing twice and swallow

    I’m looking at the God in the mirror . . . I’m asking him to change his ways
    Depression sucks and I don’t need to go there
    If I want to make my world a better place, I just look at myself and change

  128. Beatrice says:

    Well Mark, John Lennon asked me to share the following … here again is how spirit guides work in reality, not in a laboratory or in a staged performance. :)

    Here is the latest twist regarding the story with John Lennon that unfolded as I have been writing on your blog.

    I had mentioned to Lou the woman whom John Lennon watches over that I wanted to turn my guided meditations into animated movies and she told me one of her dearest friends is the top animator in the biz and she texted him ten days or so ago and had not heard back.

    Last night, I went out to dinner at the Tennis Club I joined for a month with a groupon coupon. I was seated with the owner of the club and five other people and a lovely chap shows up and sits next to me and I was talking about my connection with spirit and I said, “Here is a good one about my friend Lou and John Lennon and the handsome bloke says, “I know Lou really well and she has been texting me lately. I have to call her back.”

    I said, “What do you do?”

    He said, “I’m an animator.”

    And I said, “Oh my god, Lou has been texting you to tell you about me.”

    What are the chances . . .

  129. Beatrice says:

    Mark, I know you think I am coo coo and I don’t blame you but I just realized that John Lennon showed up while I was writing on a skeptic blog and Christopher Hitchens came to me also while I was writing on a different skeptic blog . . .

    What I said on that blog that I did not want to share until it happened but this is too good to wait on . . . I said that I was going to start connecting with James Randi’s soul and ask him to guide me to Michael Shermer and it turns out he is one of your good friends and I never would have known about you if you had not written this blog about Chip Coffey . . . six degrees baby.

    And Hitch and John are hanging out having a blast. Hitch looks amazing . . . he looks young and totally sexy.

    I am going to write two funny intercepting comedies about my experiences. John gave me the title for the one about Chip Coffey and his coven of crones that have been stalking me for years. It will be called, “Four Bitches and A Raging Queen.” and Hitch gave me the title for the second one and it’s called,

    “Sociopaths, Stalkers and Skeptics! What’s the Difference? Not Much!”

    So, if I trip over Michael Shermer’s shoe and land on his lap, will you believe me then?

    Cheers love!

  130. Beatrice says:

    Wow . . . I just reread this whole blog and you know what?

    I love myself.


  131. Beatrice says:

    I hope this gives you a laugh Mr. Edward and brightens your Saturday Morning. . .

    After four years of enduring Chip Coffey and his deranged senior cyber bully posse who just cannot stop bullying me, I decided to do make a funny blog about it.

    May it inspire you to your comedic roots Mr. Edward and please do have a nice day.

    Chip sure got upset that I posted on your blog.

  132. Bianca says:

    Mark Edwards, you are a pure asshole. Why do you go after psychics? Why can’t you just get over it and move on doing something productive with your life instead of writing these lame ass complaints you call “blogs”? Get a life.