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Help us celebrate the life of Martin Gardner by attending or hosting a G4G Celebration of Mind party on or about this Oct. 21!

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  1. The Spellbinding Mathematical GIFs Of Dublin's Dave Whyte

  2. Escher cookies using 3d printed cookie roller (thanks George Hart). For of Mind about to start!

  3. Tonight's of Mind was excellent! Over 5 hours of great puzzles and chat. Here's stumped

  4. We are enjoying ’s collection at his :

  5. Martin Gardner's Impromptu

  6. 'Alice in Wonderland' still beloved on 150th anniversary - Chicago Tribune

  7. Why Geeks, Gamers And Makers Make The Best Customers - Forbes (Congrats )

  8. Martin Gardner and Math Fun - Open Mind -

  9. Interviews with Martin Gardner

  10. UCSB Honors Students Decipher the Impossible in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’

  11. Thrilled to be working alongside Brady Haran & Tadashi Tokieda today at MSRI Berkeley

  12. Got your Alice on? Wonderland costumes, , , Tadashi Tokieda, 10-31 Berkeley

  13. Magic with a deck of cards! Welcoming at to Berkeley Saturday! Hands-on Ages 8+

  14. 2015 Celebration of Mind: Bottle Blastoff, Magic & Alice In Wonderland Costumes | Berkeley

  15. The Mathematical Surprises of Triangles, Squares and Pentagons

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