Notice: FourMatch has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Existing customers will be provided with free updates to the signature database through the end of 2014. For ongoing image authentication needs, we encourage you to check out izitru, a new website, iPhone app, and developer API which incorporates the same forensic test as FourMatch, along with five additional tests.
Need Evidence a Photo Is Real?
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FOURMATCH™Authenticate images instantly.

FourMatch is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that instantly analyzes any open JPEG image to determine whether it is an untouched original from a digital camera. Now, you can quickly identify files that have not previously been edited.

Validate photographic evidence

Silence questions by producing compelling evidence that images remain exactly as they were captured by the camera.

Assess reliability of social media images

Before taking action, gain a deeper understanding of the possible provenance of images found on the web.

Flag suspicious photo submissions

By instituting a controlled workflow that requires the submission of pristine camera originals, you can easily flag images that require closer scrutiny.

Image authentication using JPEG signatures

FourMatch leverages the fact that there is nearly endless variety to exactly how hardware and software products can choose to store a JPEG file. This variety results in a distinctive set of “signatures” from each hardware and software product. Once an image has been edited and resaved from a software product, this signature is changed to match the software rather than the original capture device. Thus, when a file signature correctly matches a known signature from the device that captured the photo, you can be confident that the photo has not been edited.

The power of the FourMatch database

Fourandsix has built a database of more than 77,000 signatures representing more than 2,700 camera models and mobile devices, as well as signatures from a variety of image editing programs and online services. When you purchase a copy of FourMatch, you’re also purchasing access to this valuable database, which is updated frequently as new devices become available. Loaded with this database, FourMatch can quickly assess the authenticity of many images.


Instant Analysis

When the FourMatch panel is open, it automatically displays an analysis of whatever JPEG image you’re viewing inside Photoshop. There’s no need to click a single button.

Visual Results

A green light clearly alerts you when a signature match is found, indicating that the file is an untouched original.

Granular Details

FourMatch tells you exactly which components of the image signature failed to match, while also displaying any other pertinent indications that the photo may have been edited.

Intelligent Insights

When a signature match is not found, FourMatch assesses the available information and suggests a possible editing history for the file. Was the image edited in Photoshop? Touched by an image management application? Cropped on-camera? Though a definitive answer is not possible, this information can point you in the right direction for further investigation.

EXIF Display

The FourMatch panel conveniently displays the EXIF metadata associated with the file, which can be useful for further investigation into file history.

Simple Reporting

Copy critical image analysis details to the clipboard, where they can easily be inserted into other documents for reporting purposes.

Securely Local

All analysis occurs on your local machine, so no sensitive information or images are ever communicated over the web.

Ever-Expanding Database

Your initial purchase provides you with complimentary software and database updates for the first year, ensuring that you always have the most accurate analysis.

[Note: Updates rely on automated, web-based delivery. Specialized users working on secure systems without an internet connection may purchase our non-connected maintenance plan at additional cost. Contact us for more details.]

Photoshop Extension

FourMatch operates as an extension to Photoshop CS5 and CS6, conveniently providing an assessment of image authenticity within an environment that allows for further analysis.