The Passing of a Planet-X Researcher: Rob Solàrion

rob solarion 2011 DiesEarlier this year I learned of the passing of Planet-X researcher Rob Solàrion.

I had met Rob back in 2006 over dinner, along with local science fiction writer Wendy Wheeler and local Fortean writer Bruce Lanier-Wright as well as Stewart Smith (Editor of the newsletter for the Charles Fort Institute at That’s a blurry pic of Rob with all of us at the dinner table (in the photo at the  bottom of this post); Rob’s the one in the bright red shirt on the right side of the table.

After dinner that night, Rob, Bruce, Stewart and I all went back to my place and stayed up late into the next morning talking about all things anomalous. I recall Rob taking great offense at the skepticism expressed by myself, Bruce and Stewart. We tried to reassure him that it was nothing personal and that we weren’t discounting outright his theories and ideas.

Beyond our skepticism there were plenty of folk who appreciated his work…

Rob’s work in the field of Velikovskian studies is well known, and most of these essays are orientated in that direction.  His chronologies have been meticulously researched, and are clearly a labour of love.  I will admit to struggling with Velikovsky, instead preferring more mainstream writers like the maverick British academic David Rohl. I can see the need for reviewing ancient chronologies, but I have not the wit or wish to be pulled into such a morass of arcane learning.  I can only sit in my armchair and gawp at the intensity of this work, and how much is involved in its creation.  Not only that, but Rob Solarion also presents a comprehensive comparison between the deities of various ancient pantheons.  Remarkable work, Rob!

I have come away with a heightened respect for Rob Solarion’s chronological re-workings, that’s for sure.  “Osiris, Isis and Planet X” is the culmination of a great deal of study, and is presented by Rob with his characteristic wit and charm.  The book is worthy of study by any serious reader of Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Temple or Dr Velikovsky.

Osiris, Isis and Planet X by Rob Solarion Book Review

Here are 44 minutes from a talk he gave to the Ark-La-Tex Theosophical Society in Avery, Texas on the subject of Planet-X Nibiru back in January 2008.

His book and website are still available at

Checkout this great collection of photos of Rob at his website: Robertino Solàrion Photographs.

Solarion-aswan-egypt-1965Aswan, Egypt, August 1965

Farewell Seeker Solarion!

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