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Eve Siebert has a Ph.D. in English literature, specializing in Old and Middle English with secondary concentrations in Old Norse and Shakespeare.

Joined March 2011

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  1. Sorghum, sorghum, sorghum, sorghum, baked beans, zombies, and sorghum.

  2. Cable and Internet out. Forced to read a book made of paper.

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    . Might as well catch up with last week's Time Capsule ep., if you haven't already.

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  5. Scandinavian loot from and ! Thank you!

  6. Sandworms?!

  7. I don't think they understand what "thane" means. Are a thane's followers called "kings"?

  8. Heorot seems to boast a panel from the Urnes Stave Church.

  9. Is that Heorot or the building site of Ark Encounter?

  10. Oh no, Ecgtheow just got killed by a CGI monster!

  11. Started watching series. 5 seconds in to first episode, and I need to take a break.

  12. So, 's Amazon Echo is giving him the silent treatment.

  13. Start tweeting your conspiracy theories now. Go!

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    But also liked the part where Ark Encounter got sacked & "museum" razed by Viking garden gnomes.

  15. For unknown reasons, Google is not broadcasting, but is recording. Tweet randomly.

  16. Tonight on : my brain's special!

  17. Tonight's --now with extra echo! We call her "Alexa."

  18. Trivia question: Which Scientology front group turns 50 on Friday?

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