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  1. In reply to

    You are not helping, !

  2. It should be . A little respect for basic sentence structure might be a step in the white direction. RIGHT! I meant right.

  3. Finally, Morgan, an actual FREE man is on the stage.

  4. Of course the film about a BLACKlisted writer didn't win the for best Actor!

  5. The last time I saw a ceremony with this many presenters of color, I was watching the NBA Hall of Fame Inductions, not the .

  6. Wait, can't possibly be the first person to've won an who speaks openly with that accent!

  7. When I watch an actor clumsily stumble through an introduction during the , I think, "Why doesn't he just ACT like a good presenter?"

  8. Hey , a black guy accidentally appearing in frame on the jib push into 's window does not make up for 88 years of oppression

  9. Booking on the tonight was a savvy move after all he's done to benefit Black-Ops!

  10. I am SO glad I recorded the tonight. Fast-forwarding through Best Foreign Language Film gave me enough time to tweet this update!

  11. Why was there only one song sung on the with the word "black". Too little too late .

  12. All I can say about the President of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is, give that woman an !

  13. What? Steven Speilberg got a 6th row seat at the ? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  14. I love satire but satire aimed , often times, seems all too probable to be satire.

  15. When speaks, this is how I see him.

  16. I heard adults say "By the year 2000 we will not be able to sustain our population", y...

  17. We care that you have anxiety. We are empathetic to your plight. But we cannot allow you to wield your frailty in order to control others.

  18. When I saw 's victory speech tonight, the crowd was chanting, "Hell Are We! Hell Are We! Hell Are We! Hell Are We!"

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