Ed Clint


Creator of Skeptic Ink Network (), Bioanthropology graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, ex-soldier.

Los Angeles
Joined April 2009

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    My gender choice made me into a pariah. Read how society's betrayal and ignorance almost made me lose hope

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    My paper with is out: The Political Divide Over Same-Sex Marriage: Mating Strategies in Conflict?

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    “A Reason to Believe” – outstanding new documentary on the psychology of belief | Caleb Lack

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    Special thanks to and for the kind words! If you are , check these guys out.

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    Gratitude- for innumerable places, minds and ideas to explore. Awe of enthralling possibilities. Precious sentience.

  6. Breakdown of the Force Awakens: 125 things wrong w SW:TFA. Beat you to it, .

  7. Incredulous: The Force Hits Snooze:125 things wrong with The Force Awakens

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    Teaching stats again this Winter. Lecture 01: / Course:

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  11. Incredulous: Exceptionally meritorious service

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    Brown U. president shocked to discover that appeasement does not work. Witch hunts to continue. via

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    Fox News, twitterdom and social media duped by fake Putin quote via

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    13 Reasons to Doubt – scientific and philosophical skepticism | Jonathan MS Pearce

  15. Incredulous: Fox News, twitterdom and social media duped by fake Putin quote

  16. Incredulous: Redditor's Digest: What bothers you, but you never complain because you'd seem like an asshole?

  17. Incredulous: This week in hysteria: UFOs over LA and the KKK's non-filtration

  18. Incredulous: Do we owe Cecil the Lion's killer an apology?

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    Germaine Greer and the Hatred of Men | Damion Reinhardt

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