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February 29, 2016

Why Netflix and Sleep Don't Mix

Studies have begun to examine the use of Netflix as a procrastination method, even as a form of sleep procrastination.

7 Psychological Equations To Empower Your Life And Mind

Weight Loss Clothes
Gail Shotlander via Getty Images

4 Tips for Avoiding Bad Breath When You're On the Go

Drinking Water
Creatas Images via Getty Images

10 Tiny Gestures That'll Make You Feel Enormously Loved

Athena Image
Tom And Steve via Getty Images

We're Teaching People How To Treat Us

KristinaJovanovic via Getty Images

11 Things People With PTSD Want You To Know

Athena Image
Nikolay Titov via Getty Images

8 Ways To Make Yourself Happy Forever

Happy Friend
monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

Are You Eating Too Much Soy?

Amarita via Getty Images

12 Ways You Can Save A Life Today

Athena Image
Eric Audras via Getty Images

7 Simple Life Lessons to Help Us Grow

New Year Resolution
swissmediavision via Getty Images

Stop Making Fun Of Gluten-Free Eaters

Nick Ansell/PA Archive

31 Practical Ways To Love Grieving Families In The First Few Days

Grief via Getty Images

These 5 Illustrated Gifs Capture The Reality Of Sleep Struggles

It's Not All Hand Washing And Light Switches

Energy Conservation

48 Ways To Transform Your Life

Michael Rowe via Getty Images

Things To Never Do When Someone Tells You They Have Epilepsy

Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

9 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Athena Image
David Papazian/Fuse via Getty Images

Should You Check Your Phone Before Bed? Here's A Flowchart

Athena Image
Artur Debat via Getty Images

Foods Personal Trainers Would Never Ever Eat

fuzzbones0 via Getty Images

10 Ways A Life Coach Will Make Your Life Awesome

Happy Couples via Getty Images

You May Be Shocked To Learn How Much Sugar Is In Your Starbucks

Bloomberg via Getty Images

6 Surprising Sleep Habits From Around The World

Athena Image
Alexey Ivanov via Getty Images

HPV Rates Are Going Way Down For Young Women, Study Says

Athena Image
BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

Charlie Sheen's Announcement Set An HIV Awareness Record

Athena Image
NBC via Getty Images

The Sleep Habits Of These College Students Will Surprise You

Damon Dahlenhuffington Post
Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

7 Tiny Changes In Mindset To Dramatically Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Desire Recognition
VladSt via Getty Images

Simply Surrendering to Slumber

Uncomfortable Sleep
Tetra Images via Getty Images

The 10 Best Songs to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Sleeping Dog
Kohei Hara via Getty Images

7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Business Dream
BananaStock via Getty Images

15 Science-Backed Ways To Make Any Workout Feel Easier

Athena Image
Idea Images via Getty Images

ICYMI: Explaining Ted Cruz's Face And A Zika Conspiracy Theory

Athena Image

10 Useful Ways To Choose The Right Direction In Life

Baggage Pick Up
shutter_m via Getty Images

Is Sleep Worth The Price?

Sleeping Teen
Catherine Delahaye via Getty Images

Drinking Coffee Linked To Lower Rates Of Liver Cirrhosis

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

Are You Too Hard On Yourself? Here Are 10 Ways To Fix That

Athena Image
Atsushi Yamada via Getty Images

More Than A Third Of Americans Don't Get Enough Sleep

Athena Image
SIphotography via Getty Images

Dear Newly Bereaved Parent: With Every Morsel Of Unspeakable Pain, There Is Love

andipantz via Getty Images

3 Ways To Push Past Procrastination

marekuliasz via Getty Images

You Don't Necessarily Have To Give Up Carbs To Lose Weight

Athena Image
Maren Caruso via Getty Images

Looking To Reduce Stress? Try Floating

Athena Image
picturegarden via Getty Images

A Humans Of New York Photo Just Summed Up Anxiety Perfectly

Athena Image
Lasse Kristensen via Getty Images
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