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D.J. Grothe, For Good Reason host, a mind-reader, skeptic, humanist in both senses. All opinions expressed are my own. RTs are not necessarily endorsements.

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    DiCaprio calls for action on climate change in Oscar speech – video

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    Clinton retweets Sanders's attack on Trump for KKK comments

  3. It was smart and biting social commentary, and not at all at the expense of Asians.

  4. Leonardo DiCaprio just won an Oscar and gave a speech every Republican is going to hate

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    Chris Rock's jokes, Spotlight's win, Leo's victory, and more from the Oscars:

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    Sam Smith YES!

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    Amazed by some people’s justifications for censorship. You think some journalists were unfair, so we should weaken the First Amendment? Huh?

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    For the record called the spotlight win back in September.

  9. Now that was fun. Thomas got 14 right on his Oscars ballot, and I only got 5. I guess I'm …

  10. Now that was fun. Thomas got 14 right on his Oscars ballot, and I only got 5. I guess I'm…

  11. Are Latinos white or POCs?

  12. Sexual violence against women at college has been declining dramatically in recent decades. Still, what a moving...

  13. All the Best Jokes from Chris Rock's Historic Oscars Monologue

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    If I had on a $4000 dress that highlighted the hell out of my Hollywood body, I'd definitely want it noticed.

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    jesus! RELEVANT

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    It was starting to feel weird that the show was kind of interesting. Thanks to Sam Smith for making it feel normally awful again.

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    this is not how superman talks.

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