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    This Girl Standing Up To A Neo-Nazi Shows Just How Badass Girl Scouts Can Be

  3. May 9
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    May 1

    Trump is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" ed program but he's willing to tell the girls where they could stand to lose a few lbs.

  5. Apr 10
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    Apr 6

    Science Is Society's Best Insurance Policy - Bloomberg

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    Mar 31

    April Fools Day really is totally redundant this year isn't it

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    Mar 31

    Tom DeLonge won an award UFO researcher of the year. Yes, that is how pathetic ufology is.

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    Someone drew a swastika on Trump's star on the Walk of Fame & there's no way to know if it was done by someone who hates him or supports him

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    Mar 17

    Alcohol: 75,000 US deaths per year. Cannabis: Zero. Maybe next more people need to go green.

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    Mar 18

    Carl Sagan's letter to (circa 1986).

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    Mar 19
  13. Mar 14
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    Mar 5

    When BLOTUS goes full on Alex Jones lizard people batshit will you believe Breitbart/Infowars Nazi News Network is using him as a megaphone?

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    Feb 18
    Replying to

    Trump at his campaign rally: "We did very well with women."

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    Feb 15

    Just remember that Pence is all the evil, half the narcissism & none of the entertainment value.

  17. Jan 24
  18. Jan 2
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  20. Was getting gas, sign said not to use a mobile phone. Then, allowed me to pay using Apple Pay at the pump. WTH? 😀

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