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    the meme is dead long live the meme

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    "Bear Story won?" Leonardo rises. "No," Iñárritu stops him. "Ours is called something different."

  3. The World of Tomorrow is on Netflix, btw. Check it.

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    Arbys is the symphony in your arteries, playing you off the perverse stage that is sentience. Twist: you didn't even win Eat arbys

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    why would they ban the coolest dog ever

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    Humans were installed as lighthouses throughout the galaxy, their flaring emotions serving to warn ships away from pockets of linear time.

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    My favorite bit of advice yet from 's "Writing Tools"

  8. Haha. I just got my first death threat. On this post, of all things:

  9. Oh boy, the podcast network is back in full effect. Check it:

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      I am East and West, citizen and refugee. The melting pot is a failed paradigm-maybe more like a tossed salad. I am an international crouton.

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      Audience Dev & Social Media | creator | online video/theatre/storytelling/pub media dork | Simon Cowell of YouTube

  11. New Uncharted trailer made me tear up w/pride, for and for games overall. The medium has come so far.

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    You Are Not So Smart is consistently good just fyi

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    This is the defining photo of virtual reality (so far)

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