Ian Harris


Comedian, Director, Voice over artist, actor and MMA trainer... the question is which am I best at? Impossible to discerned really.

Los Angeles
Joined September 2011

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  1. Still need a 135 for March 4th. Any leads let me know please.

  2. I teach BJJ, noGi tonight at Stc Hawthorne 7pm. Get yo' guard game up suckas!

  3. Are there no 135s in So Cal that are ready to fight Saturday? Big opportunity for one willing to step up!

  4. Apparently Michigan has no lead in their pipes just in their water.

  5. Comedians... we have all seen comedians repeat jokes on various TV appearances, but has anyone ever seen a...

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  7. Happy Birthday to my awesome, incredible wife Jeaninne Hardy!

  8. As an atheist I am scared to death that our first atheist president might be Donald Trump.

  9. Feel the muthatfuckin Bern Iowa!

  10. Ok, so my dvr stopped with 1 minute left in Rd 4. First off please UFC I taped an extra 30 minutes and still went...

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    yo hopefully Luke Sanders victory performance will open the eyes of Sean Shelby to get into the

  12. Happy 11th Birthday to my incredibly smart, awesome, beautiful daughter!

  13. 30 years later and Tim Burton's best movie still holds up as one of the greatest, most brilliant comedy ever... I...

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    Had a blast today on the Podcast w/ Alan Jouban, Bubba Jenkins Ian Harris and Buster the Dog

    , , and 2 others
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    • @SomeFuckinGuy11

      I'm atheist because I have no belief in security blankets or supernatural tyrants. I'm antitheist because I think religion is positively erosive to progress.

    • @LaughPurgatory

      I run the atheist/comedy blog Laughing in Disbelief on Patheos. I co-host the Naked Diner podcast. I can talk publicly and probably make you laugh.

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