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Collegiate Inventors Competition

Guiding students on the path from passion to patent.

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees empower young inventors through involvement with the Collegiate Inventors Competition. Since 1990, the mission of the Collegiate Inventors Competition has been to promote exploration in invention, science, engineering, technology and other creative endeavors.

This program is a unique platform for recognizing and rewarding the nation’s most outstanding and innovative undergraduate and graduate students and showcasing the emerging ideas and inventions that will shape our future.

NIHF Inductees serve as judges, evaluating each entry for its originality, inventiveness, scope of use and potential social, environmental or economic value.

Finalists earn a trip to Washington, D.C., to represent their universities and present their work to our illustrious panel of judges. Winners enjoy over $100,000 in cash prizes and the opportunity to patent their inventions.

In addition, the Collegiate Inventors Competition offers students an opportunity that is even more valuable than these prizes — the chance to network with fellow innovators and receive the incomparable advice and encouragement of National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees.
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