By all accounts, Allen Iverson isn't the nicest guy to be around when he's sitting at the three-card poker table in Atlantic City (word to the trash can that he pissed in at Bally's!). But ESPN fantasy football, baseball, and college basketball analyst/former Atlantic City card dealer AJ Mass offers up an even worse account than we ever could've imagined in an excerpt from his new book, How Fantasy Sports Explains The World.

From the drunken stupor that AI drank himself into at the table when he sat across from Mass back in December 2003 to the ridiculous question that he posed to his mother during his marathon gambling session ("How on earth did you get so lucky to have given birth to a man such as me?"), the former dealer details a much different side of AI than we're used to for the sake of trying to make a point about fantasy sports. Definitely worth a read. [via ESPN]