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  1. I just saw Elizabeth Lotus lecture on memory...or did she plant that memory in me?

  2. If Comet Iron really was destroyed by flying too close to the Sun, shouldn't we rename it Comet Icarus?

  3. My favorite part was when the alien burst out of The War Doctor's chest.

  4. Bad News Everyone! My account was hacked! I wasn't hit on the head with a safe, so I DID NOT recommend a Dr.Oz link. Brrrr, scary...

  5. Jamy Ian "The Sorting Hat" Swiss can tell you whether you're a skeptic or a Skeptic.

  6. I'm not just tired, I'm TAM-tired.

  7. Dear Jamy Ian Swiss, please try harder NOT to be a dick.

  8. Shutting down in a minute or so (live at )

  9. wrapping up now (live at )

  10. No plans as yet, Susan (live at )

  11. He was by himself (live at )

  12. Wendy thinks he is really shy (live at )

  13. We all think he is pretty lucid and stable, generally. He will most likely put today into his "failure days" (live at )

  14. A discussion of his emotional and mental state following this test (live at )

  15. I am storing the chat, yes. (live at )

  16. sgerbic: I am Voice recording this for internal use (live at )

  17. Debriefing is deliberatly muted. Not everything we discuss is for public consumption (live at )

  18. Stapler telepathically telling Bobby that he jammed his powers (live at )

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