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Best moments:
  • Breaking open a crate of supplies in five seconds flat (using his knowledge of physics) after brawnier tribemates couldn't get it open.
  • Beating Stacy at Kung Fu Cannibals (and being the only Ravu member to beat a member of Moto at that challenge)
  • Beating Edguardo at the Hot La Cross Buns Reward Challenge (and being the only Moto member to beat Ravu at this challenge)
  • Finding the HII and planting a fake one.
  • Being a cute old man :)
  • Sounding like a German cartoon scientist :)
  • Dominating the blowgun, spear, and arrow immunity challenge for Moto.
  • Winning the 1st individual immunity challenge
  • Using the HII at the right moment.

Yau Man - SurvivorWorst moments:

- When he was digging for the Immunity idol on episode 5 but maybe he locates it on episode 7.
  • - Whenever he trusted Dreamz.
  • - Any time he stuck his tongue out.

Trait that will help him the most: His brain! Yau is well-educated and incredibly intelligent.
He is also a provider and keeps a low profile if he can keep this up the strong players will be the ones voted off
"AKA Alpha Males "

Trait that will hurt him the most:

- His slight frame. Although he's proved himself to be athletic, he's not as muscular as some of the Ravu men. And he's OLD.
- Being the Super Turbo favorite of everything, anyone likes him, even Dreamz and Cas, and that's exactly why they want to vote him off!

Former contestant he is most like, and why:

- Like Rupert. They are like two sides of the same coin, Rupert was strong physically, weak strategically, while Yau is strong srtat, weak phys, yet they are both fan favorites :)

In high school he would have been voted:
(most likely to ______, homecoming queen, math club, marching band, honor society....)
Honor society, valedictorian

Piece of advice you want to give him:

Try and get the HII from Earl!!!

What he needs to know that he doesn't know :

Nothing, Yau knows everything, and that's not a good thing ):

Biggest surprise when he gets home and watches the show will be...
How many fans of SURVIVOR were wanting him to win the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
That he will go to Survivor: All-Stars 2 (Well, if he doesn't win, which I hope he will)



Survivor: Fan Wikia:
Yau-Man (played by lovetheyauman) placed 8th on Survivor: Fan Wikia 1. He was the third voted out and the third jury member. In the first tribal council he voted for Russell and received no votes. In the second vote he voted Parvati and received no votes. And in the third, he received votes from Amanda, Coach, Danielle, Lydia, Parvati, Sierra and Tom. He voted for Amanda. At the final tribal council, he voted for Danielle, as did Coach, Lydia, and Parvati making her the winner of Survivor: Fan Wikia beating Amanda who received votes from only Russell and Sierra (Tom's vote was unknown and Stephenie wasn't on the jury for her absence)

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