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Grassroots skeptic, volunteer For a good time, visit The Odds Must Be Crazy

Studio City, CA
Joined April 2010

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    Undeplatforming Dawkins another sign the tide is turning against the SJWs. NECSS shows conviction...finally. Good.

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    The 's insecurity mandate on will hurt ordinary citizens, not criminal masterminds. Here's why:

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    . joins in the League of Modern-Day Superheroes with the as Public Enemy #1.

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    Letter from Richard- Feb 17th

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  8. Wendy Hughes followed and
    • @ShelleySegal

      Spirited Singer-Songwriter. Explicit Storyteller. Using music not only to express the way I see the world but to create the world I want to see

    • @D4M10N

      Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab

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    Statement from the Executive Committee - NECSS

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    Good on NECSS for apologizing for their ridiculous disinvitation of Dawkins. It's sometimes hard to admit when...

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    Casting a lady for a new series, must have a PhD in any science, located in So Cal. DM or email brian@skeptoid.com, and please RT. 😃

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    Stonehenge, United Kingdom.

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    Happy to hear Dawkins is doing better. (And surprised to find out NECSS apologized for disinviting him over the...

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    Meryl Streep’s response to a question about an all-white panel: ‘We’re all Africans, really’

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    I love everything , says. I sure hope he never tweets something awful and destroys our relationship.!

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    Lunch after estate sales with my sweetheart and . (at in West Hollywood, CA)

  18. The history of the Sunset Strip - totally enjoyable. Sunset Strip (2012)

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    Not every Muslim is an Islamist. Not every Leftist is . Not every Right-winger is a Far-Right bigot.

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