Skepticality's 100th

By Phil Plait | April 23, 2009 5:28 pm
Derek and Swoopy

Hey, did you know that Derek and Swoopy have done one hundred episodes of Skepticality?

They were the first skeptical podcast, and in fact one of the very first podcasts there ever was! To celebrate, they reminisce a bit, and have a few familiar voices sending congrats. I just listened to it and it made me smile a lot; D&S rock. They have been tireless supporters of critical thinking, and the modern movement owes them a huge debt. So go give them a listen, subscribe to their ‘cast, and send them your thanks.

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  1. Jeff Fite

    Holy Haleakala!

    I’m listening to it right now!

    Skepticality Synchronicity!

  2. Congratulations you guys! :)

    Don’t forget the other great Skeptic podcasts out there.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Skepticality for a couple of years now. Halfway through the latest episode now.

    Happy 100th episode to John Goodman and Agent Scully… er, I mean Derek and Swoopy :) – and congratulations! “Skepticality” never loses momentum and is as strong as ever. I’m sure I’ll still be listening in when we get to episode 200 as well.

  4. O.Schaefer

    Okay, that’s kinda strange. I just discovered Skepticality two days ago, and I’ve listened to about seven episodes now. And now this! Clearly there is something supernatural at work here. It’s the only possible explanation for the coincidence.

    But seriously, it’s a great show, and one of the few podcasts out there with some real meat on its bones, rather than a five-minute soundbite.

  5. I know Derek pops in here occasionally so let me say as a long long long time listener to Skepticality, Happy 100th Derek and Swoopy.

    I, for one, welcome our new old skeptical overlords.

  6. Grego


    Finding Skepticality was sort of my first revelation that there was an actual Skeptical Movement™ out there, beyond Randi, of course. Turned me on to all sorts of other people, sites, & podcasts which have since thoroughly rocked my world. Not to mention being my first exposure to some bad astronomy guy….what’s his name again…?

  7. Thank YOU Phil for being our first ‘real’ guest on the show too! :)

    Any thank everyone here for the kind words…. We are hoping to make it to 200 in a much shorter amount of time than it took us to get to 100!

    Now I have to figure out a way to make it out for TAM this year…. that starts with me getting ready for work and waiting for my car-pool…. need the money in a bad way this year! :)

  8. «bønez_brigade»

    While I’m more a fan of Skeptoid and The Skeptic Zone, I still send plaudits to Skepticality. Keep up the great work!

  9. dalai_lala

    I’ve just started listening to Skepticality at work within the past few weeks. I’m only up to the 4o’s, but I peeked ahead to have a listen to the 100th show. I’m looking forward to the next 60!


  10. Michael

    And it corresponds with the 100th episode of Lost.

    Happy 100th, Skepticality!

  11. Barry

    Interesting that their page has an advert for United church of God anti-evolution magazine. Any way of blocking these?


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