Where the everyday meets the extraordinary! Coincidences seem crazy and almost divine, but they're happening constantly. Let's check them out!

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  1. It's A Small World After All - two stories in one!...

  2. This is John Rael and Wendy Hughes in a video explaining a coincidence submitted by Vandy Beth Glenn, analysis by...

  3. The Man in the Arena submitted by Daniel Loxton, featuring Anna Maltese, with analysis by Barbara Drescher....

  4. Mother gives birth to baby on same day as Kate TWICE

  5. This old episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage has Tim Minchin and more than you ever wanted to know about...

  6. From site contributor Ross Blocher: one of those moments that make you say, "The Odds Must Be Crazy!" I was...

  7. A great book recommendation for all us coincidence lovers.

  8. Checking the Check

  9. Checking the Check

  10. The Scientific Study vs. The Dream

  11. The Scientific Study vs. The Dream

  12. Coincidence Twins

  13. Coincidence Twins

  14. Reconnecting in Rio

  15. Reconnecting in Rio

  16. Exhausting Coincidence

  17. Exhausting Coincidence

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